Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/10/08

Seeing as I'm getting to these moments a little later than usual, I found it hard to find as many images or maybe there just weren't as many great moments this week, despite a rather solid week of comic book goodness.

Hit the jump for the Comic Book Moments of the Week.


Peter Parker is the front man and they are splitting the profits? Really? That's the best solution you could come up with? Tell me Mephisto had something to do with this...


Starting to creep me out here, Kyle...


I guess we won't be arguing over who's the clone anymore?
Or the original... Kid Omni-Man has some 'splainin' to do.


Do the Skrulls call "He" God? I thought he had a name, namely Kly'bn, as in the guy that got killed in Incredible Hercules. Do they have another god they pray to? Wouldn't they just say "Kly'bn"?

Just semantics here as the whole, "my god has a hammer", line was one of my favourite lines in recent memory.


Poor Speed is screwed when Molly gets back.


Hank Pym written by Bendis? We just know he's gonna mess something up...

Well, that didn't take long. Thanks to Pym's goading, Bruce Banner ends up Hulk-ing out and killing Richard and Mary Parker, leaving Peter to be picked up by Fury in this moment. Oh, and Banner gets a Captain America-like kick to the face again (or is that before since this takes place int he past?).

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Andrenn said...

The way I figure it is that, somehow, the Skrulls think the God of most faiths is their god too. While Thats a bit of a stretch, that seems to be how Bendis his hinting at it.

Kid Omni-Man kicks so much ass. Lets hope for a spin off mini.

Anonymous said...

no batman confidential this week?

mugiwara said...

I agree with andrenn about the Skrull. Calling your god "God" like if he was the only one is a way to force him to the people you want to conquer.

Anonymous said...

Love your reviews, hate that ^%#*ing CircuitCity ad on top.

Good job there, you CC advertising/PR dolts... Why don't you piss off the public by creating a roll-over ad (a stupid idea in the first place), that ^%#*ing refuses to close and reappears as soon as you try to move your mouse off it? The number of times I've hit the damn thing is just...

I'm sorry dude, but I tried my best. I don't know what measly ad revenue those jerks are feeding you, but it's sweet AdBlock time for me. Up yours, CC!

IslandLiberal said...

So, Kirk, since you're Canadian, have you seen the first two episodes of "Wolverine and the X-Men"? Hugely enjoyable so far, I think.

mrpeepants said...

"Wolverine and the X-Men" started showing in Canada?!?
Ah, just checked the wiki. Damn lucky. Good to hear it was enjoyable. The "your sons a mutant, deal with it" line from the trailer was awesome.

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