Monday, September 22, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/17/08

Let's kick this week off right with a hold over from last week - the Comic Book Moments of the Week! Some interesting stuff happened this week and I'm sure I missed some, but I'll let you decide after taking a look. Hit the jump for the momenty goodness.


This Scorpion-Venom is a very 90's style plot twist, but I still enjoyed it. Not sure how a little armour is going to make a difference with Anti-Venom, but we'll see.


Superman needs to use a gravity gun all the time.

This one scene boils down exactly what is wrong with Lex Luthor's line of reasoning for hating Superman - if he really cared about the world, he would have helped save it years ago.

It's a nice touch having the Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Superman memorial statue in this scene. Also, Jimmy on a jetpack is awesome.

We need a poster of this. Very cool piece of imagery. Make it happen DC.

Don't tease me with the idea of a sequel that will probably never happen!


This is classic Atomic Robo here folks.


As I'm not much of a Birds of Prey reader, I was shocked to see that Joker, dressed as a cop, came a knocking on Oracle's door (they used a tracking device on one of the other Birds to find the hideout if I've understood correctly). Is this the first face to face the two have had since he crippled her or am I forgetting another meeting? Seems like this would be a big deal, but very little hype or fanfare around it...




Cliched drill instructor bit, but still great. Loved the "But my powers. I can lift a car." bit.


This issue didn't blow me away, but I was still left wanting more after this final splashpage.

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IslandLiberal said...

No moments from Incredible Herc strike your fancy this week?

The "crab hold" and the "eromenos" conversation seem obvious candidates to me.

Ethereal said...

Like the rest of All-Star Superman series, the book was full of awesome moments. The teaser has me rolling my eyes.

That's definitely the WORST Mac Gargan ever. Ever.

Salieri said...

That ScorpiVenom is seriously awesome. Thanks for posting it.

Still not buyind NWtD in the trade, though.

Seth Brower said...

The first "Official" confrontation between Barbara and the Joker post shooting, was I believe in.. Birds of Prey #15-17 where he had gotten appointed as the UN Ambassador from Qurac (gee slightly obvious reference there) and fired nuclear missiles at NY. Barbara makes him think he is safe in Arkham, and get him to tell her what he had planned, then revealed that he was in fact in NY, and would die with everyone else, this was what brought him to the "Big Leagues" and sent off to the Slab.
Decent story, and had a good resolve character wise I had thought.

Daniel Woburn said...

isn't the fact that Barbara Gordon is Oracle a secret? does Joker know the connection? does he even REMEMBER shooting her?

Anonymous said...

Technically, the sequel to everything "All Star Superman" set up was written by Grant Morrison already. It's called DC One Million

Salieri said...

But then again, the ambiguous nature of the Venom suit kind of makes me feel a little worried about the implications behind that tail...oh, my mind is in the gutter and being stamped on by tramps.

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