Saturday, September 27, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/24/08

Things are starting to get back on track here at Crisis central, but still having difficulty making my usual deadlines for these columns. The worst is over for these delays, so please bare with me a little longer.

I had some difficulty, even when I was looking in my regular spots, finding moments this week. I still put together a nice selection of moments, but there were a few I just missed out on and couldn't find scans of. If you find anything I missed, feel free to post a link to a scan in the comments below.

Hit the jump for mint flavoured momenty goodness!


So, uh, I don't know, but is Mutant Zero is Starfire from DC? I don't recall any orange skinned, red haired, overly sexualized (in this issue at least) mutants. Sure, there's plenty of overly sexualized ones, but not many orange skinned and red haired. Any guesses people? Ant-Man, of all people, recognized who she was later in the issue. So, she must be popular or well known enough for him to know her.


Don't mess with Wakanda!


Prior to this, the Red Skull took off his mask and started cackling like a madman. Then, Sharon shoots him, as shown above. Not sure what prompted the bout of insanity, but looks like Lukin is out of the picture, but the Skull gets a new body (see the following moments) by the issue's end.

We all know Arnim Zola has dozens of alternate bodies, but, damn, that was awesome. Is this a redemption of the Director or is it just getting back at Zola and the Skull?

Now this was completely unexpected, despite the Red Skull having gone through more alternate bodies than Spider-Man had clones. I wonder if Lukin is still in there with his consciousness or if Zola split them when Lukin's body died.


Well done Loeb. This is trolling the readers at an entirely new level. This leaves absolutely no possible suspects for the current Red Hulk, makes Doc Samson, who was operating at a whole new level of awesome over in Thunderbolts, a joke and rick rolls the entire Hulk fanbase. Bravo.


How can anyone not enjoy this comic?

Ahaha, that's comedy gold right there.

*sniff* That's just dust in my eyes. I swear!


What a shock! Who would have ever suspected? Glad they didn't explain why he was masquerading as Black Panther nor any of the plot holes surrounding it.

He did not just have Ultron monologue about how "the butler did it", did he? How the hell did this crap make it through editing?

And here we have the Loeb ending we all expected. A character that didn't appear in the story until the very end is revealed as the "mystery" villain, making absolutely no sense in the process, just like every other Loeb story.


Just a funny scene with Laura and Elixir that I thought I'd share.

Okay, this isn't a huge scene, but I just hope this signals that Yost and Kyle will be tackling the New X-Men in the future. Hopefully it's not a teaser for an upcoming Young X-Men (ugh) cross-over.

This was a funny little scene. Just liked how she couldn't grasp the Stone Age technology of Earth and it also led to a nice scene showing how all the killing has been affecting Warpath.

Here we have Vanisher stealing the Legacy Virus to end this week's X-Force. Not sure how this is supposed to be the big shock ending to set up the next arc because I thought Colossus died (he got better) to find a cure for it. What's the big deal here? US health insurance doesn't cover mutants and the Legacy Virus?

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Andrenn said...

I didn't mind the ending to Ultimates 3, I personally enjoyed issue #5 (Yes, yes, incomprehensible, inconceivable, third long word meaning not possible)

I also hated the ending to Hulk #6...seriously...Loeb promised that by 6 we know who he is and he backs out in favor of keeping us guessing...

Pause...Drum roll...3...2...1..

*head explodes*

chandler said...

that's either tigra, or x-man. im leaning towards tigra.

Russel David said...

And maybe the mutant part is more a thing to cover up something... or she's actually found out that she's a mutant. This would be her comeback post-Hood beating.

Eric said...

I've heard a lot of people guessing Typhoid Mary as Mutant X.

I'm guessing the orange skin is just bad coloring.

Russel David said...

Yeah looking at the 'greatest fear' section it, it looks to just be bad coloring.

Madalyne Prior and Jean Grey? The dark side of her that she's so afraid of being the Phoenix? Oh red-headed mutants...

Randallw said...

Poor lil'Hush and lil'brainiac. I will definitely be picking up Batman/Superman for awhile. I still saw the last issue at the shop the other day.

mugiwara said...

The scene with Pierce in X-Force is a nice time indication offered by Kyle and Yost. Now we know that the first arc of Young X-Men where Pierce messed up with Rockslide, Dust and Wolf Cub happened after the first arc of X-Force.

Yes, almost everything we know about Mutant Zero points Typhoid. Fighting skills, ability to go undetected, low level telekinesy, dark side. The only odd thing is Ant Man recognizing her. But after all, he was an agent of SHIELD and I guess he read the files of all the super powered hot women.
Anyway, I doubt it could be Jean or Maddie. The X-office wouldn't let Slott bring them back as a background character.

Booksof Bob said...

not sure if you've read it this week, but IMHO thought Deadpool had some absolutely killer moments...
and agreed with mugiwara, can't picture the X-people letting any of their precious mutants being used in The Initiative

Keith Gammage said...

I have to go with Mutant Zero being Jean because Dan Slott said:

"She's a mutant chick who's been cover-worthy many times... When that mask comes off, there will be a 'whoa' among those reading it. People who don't even follow comics regularly will know who it is."

Remember, Thor and MVP were cloned by the Initiative. I also found Brian Bendis' comment about Jean on Word Balloon interesting. He said Jean needed to step out of the shadow of the X-Men books because they were stifling any possible growth she could have.

IslandLiberal said...

"Prior to this, the Red Skull took off his mask and started cackling like a madman. Then, Sharon shoots him, as shown above. Not sure what prompted the bout of insanity, but looks like Lukin is out of the picture, but the Skull gets a new body (see the following moments) by the issue's end."

Lukin started laughing because Zola had just transferred the Skull's mind out of his head into the machine.

First said...

Arnim Skulla? It's Kirbytech gone crazy!

andrewsaltz said...

Great use of rick-rolled.

I know it's not your bag, but did you notice the coloring of Spiderwoman's eyes in NA? Check the first and last pages.

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