Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #28 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Luke Ross and Fabio Laguna

The eyeball stealing / Corps family killing murder mystery gets wrapped up pretty quickly and with little to no fanfare. I was expecting some big thing to come out of this attack on the Corps' families, but it ends up being a group of five identical siblings, calling themselves the Quintet and all members of the Sinestro Corps, who perpetrated the deed.

With the aid of plot device Lantern "I speak to the dead" Saarek, who was introduced last issue (technically, he first showed up in the GL/SC Secret Files), Kyle, Guy, Kilowog and Salaak track down and capture four of the Quintet, with the last member killing himself in lieu of being captured.

All this seemed to be a way to show off Saarek's 'talk to the dead' ability and the story felt like filler or an after thought - a mean's to an end, if you will. The only major developments to come out of this involved Kyle Rayner and the scarred, female Guardian.

Like last issue, Kyle continues with his morbid drawings. Last issue had a picture of a dead Green Lantern and this issue has him drawing a bleeding eyeball in the center of a the Green Lantern symbol. Still not sure what's going on here. Parallax influence from his battery?

On the Guardian side of things, the scarred Guardian continues to act on her own by recruiting Saarek to track down and speak with the Anti-Monitor's corpse. Is she trying to get rid of him, seeing him as a threat with his ability, or is there another reason for this? She's been shown with the Black Lantern Corps symbol in her eyes and has been acting quite insidious since being scarred by the Anti-Monitor, so I assume this is going to be some kind of act to further the Black Lantern agenda.

Verdict - Check It. Main story is rather uninspired work, but the subplots and foundation being layed for the Blackest Night are interesting.

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