Monday, September 15, 2008

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 09/17/08

Pretty light week for me, but I'm really looking forward to just about every book coming out, so the light haul won't bother me too much. Hit the jump for an idea of what I'll be picking up this week.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Gary Frank and Jon Sibal

"Brainiac" part 4 of 5! Krypton's greatest adversary has set his sights on Superman and his homeworld as his endless quest for absolute knowledge continues. But the horrors within Brainiac's ship are nothing compared to the alien behind it. Superman's world is about to change as the build-up to the Superman event of 2008 races towards its conclusion!

Kirk Says: Big things are happening in the Super-titles and it all starts with this crossover, which I've been rather enjoying, to be honest.

Based on what we know, it looks like Superman will wrap up his fight with Brainiac and, somehow during the battle, everyone in Kandor will be freed and resettle on Earth to kick off the big Superman event. This issue should give us an idea of how things will arrive at that point.

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant

The Man of Steel has faced twelve super-challenges. Now, as Lex Luthor's brilliant, criminal machinations come together, what fate awaits the doomed Superman? This is the final, dramatic chapter of the incredible, award-winning 12-issue run of ALL STAR SUPERMAN by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant – don't miss it!

Kirk Says: This will be one bittersweet issue. On one hand, it'll probably be the greatest All Star Superman issue yet. On the other, it'll also be the last All Star Superman issue. I don't know whether to be happy it's out or sad it's ending...

Written by Dan Slott
Art by John Romita Jr


Bullseye and the Thunderbolts target a way he's never been targeted before! Also: Oscorp's secret scandal, but who's behind it? Harry or Norman? And a classic Spider-Man foe returns to the fold! Spider-Man's Brand New Day is over, and now all that's left for him are NEW WAYS TO DIE!

Kirk Says: If this was written by Warren Ellis, Bullseye'd end up crippled again. My guess is they'll simply use the 'powers on the fritz' cliche after the Anti-Venom fight in order to have the barely Daredevil level villain stand a chance with Spider-Man.

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Leonard Kirk

Blade is back. And what is Lady Jacqueline Falsworth to him, except another dead vampire? Plus: Excalibur in the suburbs, the tears of a Skrull and tea with Union Jack. Pick up the hottest book to come out of SECRET INVASION, by Paul Cornell (Dr. Who, WISDOM) and Leonard Kirk (HULK: WARBOUND, Batman).

Kirk Says: I absolutely loved the Secret Invasion tie-in / opening arc of this book and look forward to seeing how it does now that it gets a chance to stand on its own. I also heard a lot of good things about the most recent Blade series, which I didn't read, and it should be interesting to see what he's been up to lately.

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Paul Pelletier

Secret Invasion tie-in!

On Knowhere, the Guardian's transdimensional HQ, fear and mistrust boil to the surface as the mismatched team attempts to uncover the Skrull agents in their midst! Who can they trust? And if the answer is "no one", what does that say about the future of the Galaxy's toughest protectors? Intrigue, suspense and Skrull-duggery await in the series that says “With a rip-roaringly good cast, trippy visuals, and a great cliffhanger to cap it all off, this has all but cemented its place in my pull list permanently.”

Kirk Says: As some commenters pointed out for the last issue, Mantis was speaking in the first person throughout most of the last issue, making it highly likely she could be a Skrull. Can't think of any other reason she'd suddenly revert to normal speech patterns.

Written by Frad Van Lente & Greg Pak
Art by Clayton Henry

"LOVE AND WAR," Part 1

The Greek Goliath is looking for some R&R after the events of "Sacred Invasion," and hopes to find it in the arms of ex-Renegade NAMORA. But there's no rest for warriors when the AMAZONS declare war on Atlantis! And these ain't your mama's Amazons-- is that why Amadeus Cho sides with them instead of Herc? Plus: ARES returns!

Kirk Says: Namora? What about Snowbird?

Unfortunately, I have no clue, whatsoever, about the Marvel versions of the Amazons, so I don't even know what kind of threat they would pose to Atlantis or Hercules if and when they fight. Also, didn't Namor close shop on Atlantis? Who are they declaring war on if no one's living there anymore?

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Khoi Pham


INTRODUCING NICK FURY'S SECRET WARRIORS! Do you have what it takes to be trained by the greatest agent in the world? Well, do you? Well, you probably don't, but thankfully he has gathered new heroes who just might!

By Secret Invasion's Brian Bendis and Mighty Avengers new artist Khoi Pham!

Kirk Says: I guess this will be training camp for the Secret Warriors? Not sure if want...

ROBIN #178
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art and cover by Freddie E. Williams II

The repercussions from "Batman R.I.P." have shaken Robin to the core. With all his relationships fracturing and his place as both sidekick and son, boyfriend and best friend thrown into turmoil, how will Tim Drake determine the best course of action for his future? "Search for a Hero" begins an epic tale that could very well turn the Boy Wonder into a man!

Kirk Says: I've got a softspot for the Robin series and the Tim Drake and Spoiler characters, so I'm happy to see the book seeing a bit of a revival since Dixon, and now Fabian, revitalized it after years of less than stellar work on the book. It's been very much like Nightwing in that regard.

This issue should follow up on the Jason Todd shooting and delve more into the mystery of who Red Robin is, which actually has me intrigued. Only person I can think of is Jean Paul Valley / Azrael, but even that doesn't make much sense...

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Doug Braithwaite

The Secret Invasion hits Asgard…and Broxton, Oklahoma, isn't spared! As the Skrulls arrive and begin their massive assault on the Norse gods, Dr. Donald Blake has his hands full in a middle-school basement delivering a baby. Can Balder the Brave and Beta Ray Bill marshal Asgard's forces long enough, and fight back hard enough, to hold the line until the God of Thunder joins them? And can anybody survive the Skrull's secret weapon…?

Kirk Says: Matt Fraction can take over for JMS on Thor at any time and I'll be happy. That's no slight to JMS, as I love his current Thor, but after the Ages of Thunder one shots and last issue of this mini, Fraction has done nothing but wow me on a level that makes me forget just how much I've enjoyed JMS's current run and I can't wait to get my hands on this issue.

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Chris said...

Is the post potty-mouth All Star Batman and Robin #10 coming out this week? I was not able to get a copy of the one last Wednesday and I actually want to read it.

IslandLiberal said...

The Incredible Herc can't be tied down by just one woman.

Lots of good stuff coming out this week.

Ethereal said...

I'm looking forward to the last issue of All-Star Supes. Due to the bi-monthly stuff, I'm kind of happy to see it end, and knowing it's probably going to be the best issue out of the bunch is even better. More awards please.

I'm going to start reading Action Comics, Superman and Supergirl once they start all tieing into eachother. I might read this arc of Action Comics beforehand though once it's all over, just for a kind of introduction.

Captain Britain is going to be great, I can't get enough of this book and despite my reservations about starting the series with a SI tie-in, I'm even more excited now that it's going to be it's own book.

Guardians of the Galaxy is great too, I'm not sure what the whole Skrull thing is about, especially with them stranded at HQ. Wait and see I guess.

I'm really up in the air about Robin. I dropped it after Dixon left and I'm thinking I should maybe jump back on. Hmm.

Randallw said...

I don't actually read Guardians of the Galaxy but if you're interested here's my opinion.

I've got an old copy of Hulk where Rocket Racoon was introduced. I was surprised when he appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy and I did a bit of the old research into what had been happening. The article I read, and it was msot likely just wikipedia, said his appearance was strange as the last time he was seen was as a pelt over a fireplace. Well I'm guessing he's a Skrull.

Matthew said...

Clearly you were simply forgetting about The Age of the Sentry! I am so excited for this and yet at the same time so fearful that it will be terrible.

Also, did anyone else read the rumour that Action Comics had been recalled? Is there any truth to this?

Ampersand said...

The Blade series you mentioned, was it the one that came out back in 2006, that tied in with Civil War? It was written by Marc Guggenheim and penciled by Howard Chaykin. It wasn't very good.

And i agree with you about Fraction working on Thor. He seems to have a really great handle on the character.

mugiwara said...

There is a mistake in Mighty Avengers' solicit. The art will be by Stefano Caselli.
I have mixed feeling about this. It's great to see him on an issue of MA and it will give him more visibility, but I'd rather have him on ATI 17 or 18.

Anonymous said...

I actually have liked Robin more without Dixon and love the post RIP stuff that is happening to the bat family

Anonymous said...

Kirk you damn tease. We don't see you for a week, you pop back up and post twice then leave again. That's harsh man!!!

Come back soon. Missing your regular previews, reviews and MOTW.


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