Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Secret Invasion: Runaways / Young Avengers #3 Review

Written by Chris Yost
Art by Takeshi Miyazawa

With this final issue of the SI: Runaways / Young Avengers team-up, I think it's safe to say that it has been a resounding success.

While not an essential tie-in, by any means, this was a perfect team-up between two of my favourite teams and I think Yost did an excellent job with all of the characters, even if the story skewed more towards the Runaways than the Young Avengers.

The basic story for this mini-series is that a small Skrull platoon has discovered Hulkling, who is the prophesied uniter of their race and rightful ruler of the Skrull Empire, was alive and if the rest of the Skrull race found out about this, it could put the invasion, which is built on religious crusade-like fanaticisim, into jeopard if Hulkling claimed leadership and ordered them to stop.

As such, they've set out to do the sensible thing to stop - kill Hulkling - despite his not wanting to claim that roll as leader. This leads to the current predicament where Xavin, a Skrull on the Runaways team, is forced to fight his former teacher and mentor, who has come to kill Hulkling.

The final issue of this mini finishes up this fight, spotlights most members of both squads and is a must read for fans of either team. My favourite part of the issue has to be the continuation of Speed and Molly's relationship (no, not that kind of relationship sickos). They have a nice brother-sister dynamic and Molly's reaction to being dropped off at Mount Rushmore at the end of the issue was priceless.

However, this series was pretty much Xavin's story and they did a great job shedding light on the character. He was mostly just sort of there and I considered him mostly "Karolina's Skrull boy/girlfriend", since he was more like a setpiece than a character in the Runaways book, but this series made me appreciate the character a lot more.

Verdict - Must Read. Great fun for any Runaways or Young Avengers fan. No required knowledge of Secret Invasion, other than knowing Skrulls have invaded, is required.

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