Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Secret Invasion: Thor #2 Review

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Doug Braithwaite

The second issue of Thor wasn't bad, but it definitely treads familiar ground, as the Secret Invasion tie-ins are wont to do. While Fraction does a nice job with the action and hyping up of the battle and even with the characterizations, it's just hard to feel any attachment or involvement with this story when it's the same basic premise and hits all the same notes as every other Secret Invasion tie-in.

For instance, like the X-Men or Inhuman or Runaways / Young Avengers tie-ins, this one deals primarily with a major Skrull attack on a specific area, it has tailor made Super Skrulls, there's the talk about trusting each other and dealing with the overwhelming odds and it goes through the same pace with the setup first issue, "defeat" of the second issue and the "comeback" in the third.

While this shouldn't be a reason to dock points from an otherwise fine story, it's just hard for someone, like myself, who reads a lot of these books to not notice these glaring similarities in every single tie-in so far. Some manage to rise above the others by mixing it up a bit or with some stellar characterization, but this Thor series just feels like it's going through the motions and it really hurts my enjoyment of this second issue.

In fact, nothing major really happens. At least, nothing you wouldn't expect. As the title is Thor, it was obvious that he'd be coming back in after they let Beta Ray Bill have the spotlight for this issue and that's just what happens as we have the Skrulls destroying Asgard and the Asgardians all banding together to fight back against insurmountable odds. This leads to the releasing of a Super Skrull that manages to take down any and all challengers, even tossing Bill aside like a ragdoll (poor Bill, you just haven't been the same since Simonson left all those years ago). This all culminates with the return of Donald Blake, fresh from delivering the baby he left to tend to last issue, and with him, the return of Thor to set up our next issue.

Verdict - Check It. It's just more of the same from the SI tie-ins. It's better than most, but not much original or noteworthy to see here. Mostly narrative of battle scenes, to be honest.

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