Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Walking Dead #52 Review

Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard

It's always a pleasure to see a new The Walking Dead at the shop. It's not always on time and the online shipping times are never accurate, but walking into the shop every other Wednesday and finding a new issue of this book is one of life's great joys.

After a couple of slow issues to help us catch our breath after the shocking conclusion to the No One is Safe storyline, issue 52 heralds the next big push for this series. While still more of the same transitonal pacing of the last few issues, this one re-introduces an old character to the mix, which, as you can see by the sword on the cover, ends up being Michonne, and this is a welcome addition to duo of Rick and Carl.

While it has been great seeing Rick and Carl's relationship progress in new and interesting directions since his wife and Carl's mother died, the interactions, all at once, were starting to become stale and lacked the meaning after two or three issues of it.

With the return of Michonne, we see a new side of Rick and the way Carl reacts was perfect. This young boy, forced to live through these unimaginable hardships and not even given a moment to mourn his own mother, crumbles at the first sign of a mother figure and it's heart warming to see how he interacts with Michonne.

After some catching up on what happened at the prison (Michonne was busy with the Governor and not present at the time), Rick and Michonne are confronted by two strangers on horseback in the middle of the night and the cliffhanger reveals they are Glenn and Maggie, both who got married and left the group prior to the prison massacre. It looks as if the series will be coming full circle with a return to the Hershel farmstead.

Verdict - Must Read. Another stellar issue that introduced some much needed supporting cast members to the now culled group and they end up being some familiar faces to boot. Lots of great character moments, specifically with Carl, too.

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