Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/01/08

Quick update with the Comic Book Moments of the Week from last week. I've added a new feature to the MotW that rolls in part of the now defunct Cover to Cover column I tried running several months back and that is the Cover of the Week. This is basically the cover I think was the best from last week with a brief reason why. Nothing fancy, but something that seems like an obvious no-brainer addition to the column in hindsight. Not sure why it took so long to add it.


This cover really stood out to me as the best cover I saw this week. I just loved the colouring and subtle, water colour-like feel to it.


They're right! Batman is cool! But I don't think it's because he wears black... I get the feeling this is supposed to be some kind of jab at comic book readers, but I found it too funny a panel to overthink it.

I vote Joker keeps the creepy forked tongue for all future appearances, but I think that's been retconned away already in other comics he's appearing in.

Well, at least Jezebel "the love of his life" Jet has been proven to be working with the Black Glove. This could have been a much more effective cliffhanger / reveal if Morrison had done a better job with the character or if it was coordinated with other writers to have her be a part of Bruce's life, but the one or two random cameos prior to her becoming such an major part of his life really hurt any kind of progression this subplot could have had.

I did, however, still like this ending and thought it worked quite well with the rest of the issue, but mostly for the Joker aspect.


I loved this scene. Just the whole yelling at the villain to get back in his cell and the villain actually listening is something you don't see happen that often.

No! Say it isn't so, Kid Omni-Man!


This was a great ending to this month's issue and it saved what was an otherwise forgettable issue. I really enjoyed the conflict between the Harvey Dent and Two Face personas and the sudden realization that Nightwing failed to stop his other half from killing the woman.


I'm not sure how important this is, as no one really cares about Supergirl, but she got a new identity in this "important new direction" issue. Ya, I didn't care either. Moving on...


I'm not really following Trinity anymore, but I take it this is some kind of alternate dimension or shifting of reality with the whole trinity mumbo jumbo or maybe even another Earth (ya, DC isn't confusing AT ALL). I only posted it because I enjoyed the whole small footprints equal woman and not Atom commentary that pokes fun at the plotholes from Identity Crisis.

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SC Spartan said...

Kirk, I picked up Supergirl this week and was quite impressed with the new direction that Gates is taking with Kara. I would recommend giving it at least a look.

Stig said...

See, those pages make Lois sound just as stupid as anyone else who's taken issue with the 'feet are too small' thing.

No matter how much he can shrink, Palmer would probably not be able to alter the relative size and shape of his feet - and, on average, women will quite often have a smaller-shaped foot than a man.

Anonymous said...

in defense of trinity it has actually been pretty awesome lately

Andrenn said...

I'm pretty sure that Jet IS the black glove, not the one working for it.

Though I may be wrong on that one.

Also, I've yet to get last week's Invcincible, but those moments are great.

Anonymous said...

Bwa ha ha ha, ARG I'm laughing at you not with you. Prick. Good to see you back Kirk.


Dave said...

What?! You're not following Trinity? Blasphemy!! Yes, it had a very slow start, but it has picked up.

Okay the current reality has been altered because the Trinity has been wiped out of existence.

The whole footprints gag was pretty funny; but, the story improved. Konvict is a better character and last week's backup was actually pretty good.

Of course, if Trinity is like fingernails on a chalkboard to you - never mind.

Cat said...

I wonder if arg is the same anonymous who left the comment under the reviews....can you believe some of these people?

mrpeepants said...

your blog is appreciated and enjoyed, feel free to screen and block trolls and idiots like arg and anon on the other reviews thread.

LikaLaruku said...

All the other comics the Joker has appeared in since RIP have been flashbacks or set in the past.

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