Saturday, October 11, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/08/08

Really enjoyed this week in comics. Lots of great moments and some great books to choose from. Hit the jump for the momenty goodness.


I'm not sure what it was about this cover, as it's very similar to the other 'hero covers' for Final Crisis titles, but I just fell in love with this one when I saw it and that nets it my Cover of the Week award.


Superman doesn't get to be awesome that often, so I really enjoyed this scene.

And the follow up from Brainiac was made all the better by Frank's artwork.

While there were a few buildup scenes showing Jonathan taking a stroke or heart attack and Martha screaming for Clark, I decided to just show the textless and more dramatic fadeaway panel for his death scene.


I can't believe I forgot to mention this in the review, but Hush has taken his obsession for Batman a little too far with this plastic surgery job he's done. He explains how he won't be able to completely fool Alfred or any other lost boys he has floating around in the cave, but it should buy him the time to put a bullet in their head, as he described it. He'd then ruin Wayne Industries and Bruce's entire life. Now that's a revenge plan if I ever saw one.


I actually picked this title up and I couldn't help but get the feeling they were making the whole badguy of Final Crisis out to be Cain / Vandal Savage and that really annoys me for some reason. Not sure why.

Concerning this panel, however, I don't understand the whole magic mumbo jumbo of this, so I can't see Spectre really taking any damage from this Spear of Destiny, regardless of how bad this looks.


One of my favourite scenes from this final issue of Secret Origin. The Guardians need more screen time. They are seriously under represented concidering they have two Green Lantern titles.


Is everyone going to get a giant glowing Lantern? I was hoping they'd all form unique identities, but looks like we are going with the lantern motif for everyone. Looks cool, though.

The first Star Sapphire ring bearer we've seen, to my knowledge. Interesting that the ring doesn't possess the user like the previous Star Sapphires did. Wonder how this whole love thing will work out.


As Deadshot said, this whole page is all kinds of messed up, but in a good way.

Good to know.

Not the ornament-things!


Never believe a man that starts a conversation by stating he's a scientist and you should believe him because of that. While I don't believe Kirkman will be revealing how the zombie apocalypse started, as I thought he said in interviews he'd never try and explain it, but I'm definitely curious about what these three have to say about it.

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Andrenn said...

Great moments Kirk

My personal favorite moment was the Hush reveal. We all know it's not going to work, but still...freaky stuff.

Randallw said...

As both a Catholic and a comic reader I have trouble understanding to what extent exactly people mean when they say they don't know about the Spear of Destiny. I have no desire to sound preachy though so I'll stick with the comic stuff. Also, of course I haven't read the comics in question so I may not be aware of the situation.

Anyway, During WW2 Hitler used the Spear of Destiny to keep allied heroes out of Europe. That's why Superman couldn't just fly to Berlin and end the war. So I would have no trouble accepting that it could be used on the Spectre.

Anonymous said...

Kirk, Why didn't you pick up Wonder Woman #25. You usually pick up wonder woman.

Kirk Warren said...

@randallw - I know what the Spear of Destiny is. I just don't see what the purpose of it is in relation to Final Crisis and how they are making it out like the mob / Anti-Life people are being controlled by Cain and the Spear instead of Darkseid.

@anonymous - I actually picked it up, but this fake movie storyline isn't doing anything for me. I liked the parts that had nothing to do with the magic / fake movie thing, like the visit at the executives home and meeting her kids, but didn't care for any of the other stuff and just didn't have anything to say about it this month for a review.

HellsColdDay said...

I liked that Final Crisis cover a lot too. Nice, blog by the way, first visit.

Also, was that really a Hush reveal? He looks like Bruce, but did we ever confirm he was Elliot? I lost track/interest.

Kirk Warren said...

@hellscoldday - It's Tommy Elliott still. All he did was perform some plastic surgery to make himself look more like Bruce Wayne so he could mess with Batman some more.

jwcraw said...

When I read Secret Six and saw "Not the ornament-things!" I had a feeling it would be in your moments of the week.

pat said...

Kirk, Darksied is taking control of EVERYTHING...he is using Cain to take down God's greatest weapon, the Spectre...Revelations has been great so really shows the extent that there is nothing the heroes can do against Darksied...imagine how bad its gonna be when he actually shows up?

Kiko said...

i hate batwoman but i got to agree that that cover looks good!

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