Monday, October 20, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/15/08

I feel like I should be calling this post the Final Crisis Moments of the Week based on how many come from the two FC tie-ins from this week. That's not to say the other books are under represented, but this edition of the Moments of the Week is definitely dominated by those tie-ins.


Fascinating. Now go buy a copy.


Blade and Spitfire has some very playful dialogue throughout their encounter which culminated with Blade politely requesting Spitfire to allow him to stake her.

Captain Britain was tempted with the return of his wife, Meggan, at the end of this issue. I'm not sure if Plokta has the ability to return her to him or not, as he is currently inducing dreams of the perfect lives to the neighbourhood inhabitants, but it would be an interesting way to bring her back.


I'm a sucker for the huge group shot splash pages and this one reminded me of the Frank Legion spread from a recent Action Comics, which is always a good thing.

Going with the splash page theme, here's one depicting the other two Legions as they are 'summoned' by the Johns version.

Who dares write dialogue so absurd, yet awesome at the same time?!

Finally, someone else points out that that hippy Brainiac should trim those sideburns.

For those wondering about the Mogo line or don't read Green Lantern, Mogo is responsible for guiding the rings towards their new hosts. From the sounds of it, Mogo, who is a sentient planet, was destroyed and the rings are forced to return to Oa, where it is an elephant graveyard for GL rings now.

I wonder if Sodam Yat actually became a Guardian of the Universe or if it's just him taking liberties with the naming convention. I'm also a little confused on the whole Sodam being alive 1000 years in the future. Do Daxamites typically live that long or is this due to his newfound "Guardian of the Universe"-ness? And what happened to the actual Guardians? Something to do with the Black Lanterns or Final Crisis (it'd be weird if this series actually, you know, tied into FC)?


Okay, blowing up babies is probably Johns way of making Inertia completely irredeemable and give him all the reason for the next scene...

Looking back, this has been one f***'d up year for the Rogues, and DC, in general.


I wonder what it is, exactly, he has to do that is so terrible. Black Adam seems to be the next big storyline based on the future solicits, but I doubt Starman is back to stop him. He doesn't seem to be here to stop Gog or Magog in the current story either.

One of the funnier moments this week was this explanation as to why Magog couldn't be evil - he fed a monkey and bad guys don't feed monkeys.


I found this little one off panel interesting. With the whole Ultimates 3 Black Panther / Captain America debacle, it's interesting to see the real T'Challa show up in a lab in a flashback to Nick Fury liberating a lab full of early mutants. Fury ordered the lab destroyed and killed the 'creator' of mutants, but, for some reason, opts to save T'Challa from the purge. I assume he'll be showing up in Ultimatum, so this will more than likely be an important moment in the future.

Here is the herald of the Watchers, Rick Jones. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the first time we've seen Rick in the Ultimate Universe, isn't it? The golden hue gives me a Warlock feeling, but we'll have to wait until Ultimatum to see what kind of role he'll play.

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Randallw said...

You want to talk Hippy Brainiac?

I've been following the current version of LOSH since issue 1 but I never gave much thought to the whole younger generation thing. Then the version of Brainiac I've been following turns into some petulant child that automatically distrusts anything an adult says. A bit out of character I thought. He's supposed to ba smart, but that gets thrown out the window so he can look like an arrogant teenager.

Salieri said...

Rick as 'Golden Man' could have the calming effect on Ultimate Hulk that the Sentry does on 616 Hulk...

DJ Cheshire Cat said...

"Who dares my dare?" reminds me of the Robot Chicken sketch in which Jedi George W. Bush disturbs the slumber of Darth Lincoln.

Lincoln: Who dares disturb my slumber?
Bush: Who dares question my...daring...of...his dare?...Jerk!

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