Saturday, October 25, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/22/08

Here's the Comic Book Moments of the Week for the week of 10/22/08. I don't much else to say to fill up any space here, so I'll just let you have it.


I don't speak 'zat French' either, but I'm pretty sure foot to the face is universal to everyone.


Does anyone care who wins? No one? Okay. Moving on.


We need more Flash Facts. Make a list. Bonus points if it doesn't include, "A Flash always dies during a Crisis.".

But does it have a boxing glove on the end?

Pages like this justify my Must Read verdict for this week's Final Crisis.


This is probably the most painful looking moment for the week and comes courtesy of a Year One-style origin flashback for Ms Marvel.


Here we have the identity of the demon possessing the Hood's cloak revealed and it's none other than Dr Strange's long time nemesis, Dormammu.


My fabulousness will not be diminished by posting this either.

I'll just leave this one here for you.


While it's great to see Clint picking up the bow and being Hawkeye again, it's pretty disappointing to see heroes, in general, killing without any remorse. Call this a war if you want, but it's still a bunch of grown men and women in tights with super powers and that makes it still about super heroes to me and I just don't think this is how super heroes should be acting. Kill when there are no other options, but to just kill without batting an eye is something the Punisher or villains do, not Hawkeye or any other hero.


Think Superman never gets mad or thinks about letting loose on his enemies? Think again. This dream sequence post-funeral shows just what Superman wants to do to Brainiac and it ain't pretty.
There were a few pages of Superman and Lois dealing with their grief, but I think this final page for that particular part of the issue sums up just how much this affected Superman.

General Lane, Lois' supposedly dead father, was revealed here as the mystery badguy that's been plaguing Superman recently. It's interesting that he is now recruiting Lex Luthor. I wonder if they'll touch on the whole President Luthor storyline where, I think, these two were last together.


Yeah, I think this would probably rate up pretty high on the crazy meter, even for someone like Peter. Does the Gwen clone have control of the Carnage symbiote or is it starting to take control here?


In the word's of the immortal Austin Powers, "That's not a woman, baby, that's a man!". Creepiness factor for Wolverine's son, Daken, and Mr/Mrs Sinister just went through the roof.

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pat said...

Darksied being silent all issue then giving the thumbs down on the final page sent chills down my spine and was one of my favorite moments in recent memory

Andrenn said...

I am starting to really like the Dormammu reveal in NA. Also, I can only figure this is a part of Dark Reign as involving something with Hood and Dormammu.

I've been hearing about that final page on USM for these last couple of days...not as impressive as everyone hyped it to be. Still a good scene, but otherwise, meh. I for one am much more excited about the Annual this week.

Oh, Daken! Poor guy. This is gonna hit hard in the "WTF?!" department.

great moments Kirk, glad to see you back on track with your schedule.

Salieri said...

Like how that grieved Clark Kent moment mirrors the grieved Superman moment in "Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?", in terms of position and perspective.

Anonymous said...

How could you not put darkseid giving the thumbs down. That was a really good moment. Did you read DC universe Halloween 08?

Kirk Warren said...

I was tempted to put the Darkseid thumbs down splashpage, but I think it lacks any real impact without the build up,w hich I couldn't post. The people that already read it would be like, ya, that's great, but everyone else would be wondering what was so special about it whereas other moments are fairly self contained.

@anonymous - No, I did not read the Halloween special. I saw an image of two kids dressed as Batman and Superman I thought was funny, but forgot to save it.

Anonymous said...

I hear what you are saying kirk about the people not gettin the Darksied thumbs down...I thought it was great how it really seems like the heroes have lost and when you think it cant get worse Darksied shows up and says finish them all off...really dark stuff

Dr. Chuck said...

I always know Sinister was very sinister, jajaja, I hope Logan tells Daken the truth, would be cool to see his face!

Kelson said...

I actually preferred the Barry/Iris reunion to the Barry/Wally reunion.

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