Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Green Lantern #35 Review

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert

While this was another great issue for the Secret Origin storyline, it felt like they left me hanging in terms of story. Where's the trip to Sinestro's home planet? Where's the continuation of Hal and Sinestro's relationship? Where's the big 'secret' part of this 'Secret Origin'? Sure, they added some new things that helped retcon / flesh out the things in his current stories and everything with the colour spectrums, but, honestly, I feel like we were just getting to the good part of the story and, apparently, it's over with this issue.

Picking up where we left off last month, the Guardians have forcibly recalled both Sinestro and Hal to Oa to reprimend for their actions on Earth. During these early days of his career, interactions with other Green Lanterns outside your sector is restricted everywhere except on Oa and the Guardians don't take to kindly to Sinestro's interactions with Hal.

This leads to the "introduction" of the Guardians to Hal in his rookie days and they are a much different breed of little blue men than the present day. They just felt much more distant and cold compared to the current day versions and it is revealed that they did not know that Ganthet had taken a name for himself and dispatched Sinestro to Earth. They also don't take kindly to Hal's insinuations that they, themselves, fear the colour impurity in the rings more than the actual Green Lanterns and that they even fear the GL's will revolt against them like the Manhunters did before them, as evidenced by their all yellow buildings and chambers, as if they don't want the GL's to be able to assault Oa.

It was a great little re-introduction for the Guardians in this origin story, but, as a concluding chapter to a secret origin, it lacked closure, as if there should have been more to the story. In fact, we end the issue with Sinestro telling Hal he's coming to his planet next time and he'll see him in a few months for evaluation. We even get a new prophecy of Sinestro's planet revolting against him due to his being off world, which is what happened in the original origin, and I was hoping to see the new reactions to these prophecies coming true. Sadly, we're all done here just as it was getting good.

Verdict - Check It. I want to give it a Must Read, but, unlike the last couple of issues, there's almost no new content related to the present day story. We see some foreshadowing of the Red Lanterns, but only for a panel or two and the rest is just some entertaining dialogue with the Guardians.

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