Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #29 Review

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art and Cover by Pat Gleason and Drew Geraci

I'm a bit conflicted with this issue of Green Lantern Corps. The sum of its parts are greater than the whole in that the issue is made up of several solid subplots and storylines, but none really mesh well together to form a cohesive narrative.

For instance, the bulk of the issue dealt with Guy and Ice's relationship and, while I like these characters and wanted to see more of them, these scenes ended up just going in circles with each expressing the desire for the other to do something they didn't want - Guy wanting Ice to move in with him and Ice just wanting to establish her life again on Earth. We saw this conflict in previous issues and to spend another entire issue on it just felt like a waste to me.

From here, we had a scene with Mongul, severed arm in tow, smashing into a random spaceship, occupied by newly weds, and stealing all their food. When the husband tells him to just take whatever he wants and leave them alone, Mongul just taps him, which, for Mongul, ends with the man's helmet busted open and him dying of oxygen deprivation.

This little segue lead to the first on-panel Star Sapphire member. I'm not sure if there have been others recruited or not, but she is the first we've seen and she doesn't look as possessed as the cover makes it out to be. She seemed to have a lot of freewill compared to previous Star Sapphires and their desire to wipe out entire planets after having sex with Green Lanterns, but it's still early and we don't know how these new versions will act.

Meanwhile, the Guardians have been monitoring the Sapphire's homeworld and are deciding on what to do about the bursts of energy coming from their new lantern-based Sapphires and, after deliberating with the other Guardians, the scarred, "evil" Guardian ends up recruiting Guy, Arisa and Ion to lead a diplomatic mission to the Sapphire planet.

Verdict - Check It. It's hard to describe, but the subplots just don't mesh very well and the narrative is jarring. The Guy and Ice parts never go anywhere either. However, the good parts definitely outweigh the bad and it was still worth checking out.

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