Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Incredible Hercules #122 Review

Written by Greg Pak & Fred van Lente
Art by Clayton Henry

I think everyone has to buy this issue simply to see the image of Hercules smiling and giving Cho the thumbs up after he sees Cho in the bedchambers of one of the Amazons. I'm almost tempted to swap it into the banner image.

If funny images aren't enough to get you to buy a comic, it's probably a good thing that Incredible Hercules is one of Marvel's best titles at the moment and this issue continues that success.

First off, while we do get the promised Namor vs Herc fight, it's not as cliched as one might suspect and ends rather comically as Namora breaks the two up fairly quickly and explains the situation to Namor, who chastises Herc for not telling him sooner. Ah, Namor, clearly this isn't your fault. You're a simple fish person and never lose your cool.

From here, we find out Namor is looking for Poseidon, his god of worship, who has been kidnapped by the Amazons. They all team up to find both Poseidon and Cho, who's busy 'impressing' the Amazons with his intelligence, which leads to the aforementioned Herc thumbs up scene and Cho's "get lost, I'm trying to score here" sneer back at him.

One of the sadder moments of the issue dealt with Hercules flashback to his brief time with Hippolyta and the startling realization she was killed when Herc finds her head on a pike while looking for a way into the Amazon compound.

The issue ends with Namor, Herc and Namora converging on the captured Poseidon, who a random Amazon has chained up and a gun to his head. She threatens to kill the god if they step any closer,but I'm at a loss as to what Poseidon's power levels are or how it's possible to do this to a god like him. We'll have to wait and see next issue.

Verdict - Must Read. Lot of fun to read, great flashbacks fleshing out Herc's past and progressed the current plot. Can't ask for much more.

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