Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mighty Avengers #19 Review

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Steve Kurth

What the hell is wrong with me? I went over this in the previews, but I keep buying these Secret Invasion tie-ins and, every time I do, I tell myself, "No more tie-ins for SI.", yet I find myself always with a new one on the pile every other week. As soon as I read these, I'm immediately filled with regret over the purchase and this issue was no different.

I originally decided to get this issue based on the solicit's promise of a shocking revelation for the future of the Mighty Avengers team. Add the fact Noh-Var was in this issue along with Captain Marvel and I figured he'd be taking over the mantle of Captain Marvel, just as the Illuminati confronted him about in their mini-series, or maybe joining up with the Mighty team or, at the very least, something to make his inclusion in this event worthwhile.

What I got was another, "this is something you know happened, but I have 22 pages to fill, so you get a bunch of filler fleshing out a pointless plot thread that could have been summed up with a one panel flashback in any other title", story.

Yes, you read right. Nothing happens in this issue. We get some pointless scenes of Marvel and Noh-Var prior to their appearance in the last issue of Secret Invasion, where we saw Marvel crashing into a parking lot and Noh-Var just conveniently flying by at the time. It was a throw away scene there and, as this issue is all about the build up to that throw away scene, it makes this a complete throw away issue with no purpose or direction or redeeming qualities. Even the art was less than stellar.

Verdict - Avoid It. Unless, like me, you like flushing money down the toilet for some reason, just avoid this. You read everything this issue had to offer in the page or two it took up in the last issue of the Secret Invasion series.

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