Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 10/15/08

Final Crisis is ramping up with a slew of tie-ins for this week. With the relatively lower number of tie-ins, you'd think they'd spread them out over each week instead of always bunching them up like this, but what do I know about marketing? I just buy the things.

Speaking of Final Crisis, I have Rage of the Red Lanterns listed, but I'm a little fuzzy on whether or not it's coming out this week. DC lists it, but Diamond doesn't and the Green Lantern issue last week listed it for upcoming, too, so I'm just sticking it here in case it comes out. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know, please.

It's a pretty hefty week for comics with a much fuller slate of books set for release, but I'll let you see for yourself after the jump.

Written by Dan Slott
Art by John Romita Jr


Some jobs a man just has to do with his own two hands! For the first time in a loooong time, it's the one, true GREEN GOBLIN versus the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN! And whoever walks away from this one still has to face... HARRY OSBORN?! Just what is HARRY up to?! Plus: ANTI-VENOM goes toe-to-toe with a classic villain from Spidey's past! This one’s got it all (including more pages!), Spider-Fans, and when it’s over, your eyes are gonna need a vacation!

Kirk Says: I'm a sucker for Green Goblin vs Spider-Man, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this more than previous issues, but this storyline has failed to impress me and I'll be dropping Amazing Spider-Man after this one.

Written by Warren Ellis
Art by Simone Bianchi

Big action. Big Science. And a big mystery to solve! The superstar team of Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi take the X-Men to the "Second Stage"! "Messiah CompleX" pulled the X-Men team together, "Divided We Stand" tore them apart. Now the X-Men are back to business -- with a new look, a new base of operations, and a mission that will take them into mind-bending and previously uncharted territory -- one that will test them -- and their leader Cyclops -- to their very core. You won’t believe your eyes.

Kirk Says: For whatever reason, Ellis hasn't been putting out his best work on Astonishing X-Men. Maybe he's simply phoning it in to pay the bills, as he is always bashing mainstream comics and anyone that does them, but I'm hoping this issue will finally wow me like just about every other thing Ellis has done. If not, I'm probably going to drop the title and grab it in trades.

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Leonard Kirk

“Hell Comes To Birmingham”
As the team is rocked by confusion in their ranks, they're called into battle on their first official mission. All hell has broken loose in Birmingham and MI 13 agent Captain Midlands in the middle of it. It's super heroes vs. the supernatural, full on. What has Dr. Plokta offered the residents in return for their immortal souls? And why are the Mindless Ones starting their assualt from Birmingham? The team lost one member in their first adventure… can they all survive this? Part 1 (of 4)

Kirk Says: Quick prediction concerning last month's cliffhanger - I'm betting the good doctor lady magically heals Spitfire's stake through the chest, courtesy of new member, Blade.

Regardless of what happens, I can't wait to read it. This title is going to be my new Iron Fist or Blue Beetle, before both suffered creative team changes, that I end up praising every other month. Check it out if you haven't yet. You won't regret it.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by George PĂ©rez and Scott Koblish

Geoff Johns and George Perez continue crafting the Crisis of the 31st Century! As Superboy-Prime leads the Legion of Super-Villains against everything and everyone inspired by the legacy of Superman, the Legion of Super-Heroes are forced to call for help from beyond their world. Meanwhile, contingency plans are created by Brainiac 5 as he attempts to overcome Colu's devastating betrayal, Dawnstar and Wildfire pull off a startling rescue, but at a horrible cost to the universe, and Saturn Girl uncovers the source of the Legion's troubles.

Kirk Says: While the first issue was okay, all it did was recap Legion history and introduce everyone to the main characters. Here's hoping we don't get bogged down in Legion contunity and actually see some story this time around.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Shane Davis and Sandra Hope

The prelude to "The Blackest Night" begins here! They come from a place of great anger and hatred. They are the Red Lanterns and they will have their revenge against the greatest Green Lantern - Sinestro. That is, unless the Guardians have theirs first.

Kirk Says: Not sure if this one is coming out, as Diamond doesn't have it listed as of time of writing, but DC's site has it set to come out and it was listed at the back of last week's Green Lantern as coming out this week, so I'm sticking the solicit here to be safe.

To be honest, as good as Johns' Green Lantern is and as much as I'm looking forward to this storyline, this issue is going to fall short of the book of the week, which is next on the preview list...

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Scott Kolins

Captain Cold and the Rogues only want one thing – revenge. But with the Secret Society hitting the Rogues where it hurts, that revenge is being kept at an arm's length. Not to mention, the subject of their revenge is now under Libra's protection. It's do or die time for the Rogues as this villainous mini-series concludes! Plus, what's up with...Barry Allen?

Kirk Says: This is the book I'm looking forward to most this week. Issue two was simply amazing and gave me a newfound appreciation of the Rogues. Can't wait to see how this one plays out.

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Paul Pelletier

Trapped on Knowhere, the Guardians desperately race to uncover their Skrull infiltration. But why are the Skrulls in the Guardians' bizarre HQ, and what exactly are they up to? And even if the Guardians survive the danger, paranoia and intrigue, will the team itself be in one piece after all the cards are laid bare? Find out in the latest buzz-building issue of the series that Aint It Cool News calls “a damn fun comic…with highfalutin’ space action, and an anthropomorphic raccoon stealing the show.”

Kirk Says: While this Skrull storyline has been enjoyable, I just want it to end so we can get back to the Church of Universal Truths and, you know, the actual story we were just starting to get some momentum behind. This happened with the opening arcs of Nova and, while Nova managed to transcend the constant stream of tie-in issues, I would like to see this team book get to stand on its own now that the cosmic part of the Marvel Universe has proven it can stand on its own two feet.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Dale Eaglesham

"One World, Under Gog" continues! The Justice Society begins to dissolve as Gog vows to bring peace to Earth…in a way that frightens some and thrills others. But with Hawkman around, it's not going to be a simple debate. Plus, Starman reveals his concerns about the team's future to Mr. Terrific while Power Girl struggles to come to terms with her greatest desire!

Kirk Says: Wow, has this been delayed or am I imagining it was a long time ago that we last saw an issue of JSA? At the very least, it feels like it's been forever and a day since the last issue came out...

Delays aside, I'm not sure what to expect from this issue. We have our new Magog from last issue and I'm sure that will cause some conflicts, but I hope Johns doesn't resort to a quick division of the team followed by the cliched hero vs hero battle royale. The cover doesn't gbode well for that bit of wishful thinking, though.

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Steve Kurth

Before the Skrulls invaded the human race, they battled the noble Kree in a bloodwar that has lasted centuries. And in this special Secret Invasion tie-in, the lives of two of the most famous Kree, Captain Mar-Vell and Marvel Boy, will alter the events of the Invasion forever. This special issue will have very serious consequences for the future of Mighty Avengers.

Kirk Says: I must have sucker tattooed on my forehead because I don't want to buy this issue, yet I find myself picking it up based on, of all things, the solicitation about the future of the team. Add my interest in Marvel Boy to the mix and I'm curious enough to pick this up to see if he'll be joining the Mighty Avengers post-SI. My luck, this will be some filler recap of the Captain Marvel mini-series.

ROBIN #179
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Art by Freddie E. Williams II

"Search for a Hero" continues as Robin tries to save one young boy from drowning in the tidal wave of gang warfare drenching a newly anarchic Gotham City. But why does Ragman not want the boy to be saved? And why is Spoiler paying a visit to the General?

Kirk Says: Robin has had a pretty good run of things lately, stemming back to when Dixon took over and now with Fabian at the helm. Very good time to be a fan of the character.

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Jackson Guice

It all comes together in this climactic issue as we follow the twisted paths of Bruce Banner and Nick Fury as they approach their destinies. And at last--the Watchers speak! And what they have to say about the uncertain future of the Ultimate Universe is utterly terrifying. You must not miss this one!

Kirk Says: Ultimate Origins has quickly become one hell of a event and, say what you will about him, Bendis has given Loeb a great lead-in to whatever Ultimatum ends up being. Very much looking forward to this one.

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Andrenn said...

Looks like it's just Spider-man this week for me. I myself am worried that Anti-Venom bites the dust here.

Anonymous said...

hey Kirk, If you are looking for an appreication of the rogues, track down and read all geoff johns 64 issues of the flash.

Ampersand said...

I am already cringing at the idea of Loeb writing Ultimatum.

pat said...

looks like another good week on the DC front...and im excited for amazing this week

Nathan Aaron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan Aaron said...

I'm right there with you concerning Spiderman. The storyline started out rather promising, but the last two issues were a real let down (and whoever redesigned the new Scorpion costume, seriously, should retire. That thing is horrific! and NOT in a good way.) Hopefully the final part of the storyline will pick up, we'll see...

Captain Lameo said...

Over at newsarama it was posted that Rage of the Red Lanterns was pushed back to the 29th :/

Russel David said...

Big points for Origins, and the three Geoff books this week.

What's really bothering me is that Ultimatum looks to have more to do with Loeb's no-win Ultimates run (Magneto shifting Earth's axis because Wanda and Petro were killed off), then anything regarding the Ultimate Universe that was... readable. Yeah, I worry for the Ultimate Universe. At least Origins was a good last hurrah for the line.

Anonymous said...

Do comics hit shelves today or not until Thursday this week?

Kelson said...

Rogues Revenge #3 was a fantastic conclusion. I've reviewed it over at Speed Force, in case you're interested.

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