Monday, October 27, 2008

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 10/29/08

Looks like a very Marvel centric week of books for me this time around. However, DC looks to have the best book due out and it's the one I'm looking forward to most - Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns. Hit the jump for the full previews.

Written by Dan Slott & Chris Gage
Art by Stefano Caselli

Now that the KILL KREW knows Skrullowjacket's master plan, can they stop the TRUE purpose of the Fifty State Initiative? Plus: It's THOR GIRL vs. ULTRA GIRL! One is more than she appears to be... and the other's a Skrull. And, after fourteen issues, are we REALLY going to unmask MUTANT ZERO?!

Kirk Says: I feel this has been the weakest arc for the Initiative to date. However, it's still a solid read. Just looking forward more to what comes after the whole Skrull nonsense than what's currently going on.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Shane Davis and Sandra Hope

The prelude to "The Blackest Night" begins here! They come from a place of great anger and hatred. They are the Red Lanterns and they will have their revenge against the greatest Green Lantern - Sinestro. That is, unless the Guardians have theirs first.

Kirk Says: If this is half as good as Johns' other Final Crisis "tie-ins" (let's be honest, they have only the most marginal of associations with that event at best), then we are in for a treat.

As of right now, this is my pick of the week. Expecting big things from this one.

Written by Greg Pak & Fred van Lente
Art by Clayton Henry

LOVE AND WAR, Part 2 - What's an Atlantean/Amazon war without the Avenging Son himself? For the first time since "World War Hulk," Hercules, Prince of Power, faces off against Namor, Prince of Atlantis! Meanwhile, an infatuated Amadeus Cho dances on the edge of doom with a deadly Amazonian princess -- and loves it, baby!

Kirk Says: Why is Namor showing up everywhere these days? I thought he was teaming up with Dr Doom and keeping a low profile after faking his death and disbanding all of Atlantis in his mini-series last year. Is that being ignored until they finally figure out what they're going to do with that particular plot?

MARVEL 1985 #6
Written by Mark Millar
Art by Tommy Lee Edwards

At last—the heroes are here! The biggest, most powerful Marvel Super Heroes throw down in final conflict against the cruelest, most evil Marvel Super-Villains, with the fate of the real world in their hands. For young Toby Goodman, will this be a chance to see his comic book dreams come true? Or will he arrive too late to save his father? And—who is Clyde Wyncham…and more importantly, who does he become, and what role will he come to play in the Marvel Universe of today? Answers arrive at last in the breathtaking conclusion to Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards’ super hero epic!

Kirk Says: Conclusion? Whoa, this looks bad. Unless its oversized, I don't think we're going to get anything other than a rushed and unsatisfying ending to what has been an enjoyable series thus far.

NOVA #18
Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Wellinton Alves

The Skrulls are assaulting Project Pegasus, and only Nova - and a roster of unexpected allies - stands in their way. But whatever happens, Richard Rider's life will be changed forever! Human Rocket fans must not miss this essential issue, in which you’ll find out why Wizard says “Abnett and Lanning make space the final frontier of awesomeness!”

Kirk Says: Like the Initiative, Nova feels like it's spinning its wheels with the Secret Invasion tie-in nonsense. DnA are doing a good job working their way around the limitations of what I assume is a forced tie-in with the Super Skrull and World Mind subplots, but I'm still looking forward to when we can start moving forward with some self-contained stories.

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Doug Braithwaite

Thor and Beta Ray Bill stand against a god-killing Skrull armada, hell-bent on seeing Asgard rent asunder, and burning Broxton, Oklahoma, down to the ground. With innocent lives to save, two cities to defend, an alien army to stop, and a marauding super-Skrull scientifically engineered to destroy them…can Bill and Thor possibly survive?

Kirk Says: The first issue showed some promise. The second, while well written, was forgettable and followed the standard Secret Invasion story pattern. Here's hoping the final part shows off some of that magic Fraction worked on the Ages of Thunder one shots from earlier this year.

Written by Mike Carey
Art by Carey Nord

Emma Frost fights alone against the Skrull thought-wall and Anole goes deep behind enemy lines as the guerrilla war turns into a war of extermination. Hank McCoy searches for the secret weapon that will give the X-Men a decisive advantage: but using it may be worse than losing the war...

Kirk Says: Similar to the World War Hulk: X-Men tie-in, this Secret Invasion version has been a fun ride that showcases the numerous mutants working together to kick some badguy butt. By no means a must read book, it's far from wasted money, unlike many other SI tie-ins.

Written by James Robinson
Art by Renato Guedes and Jose Magalháes

"New Krypton" Part 2! Picking up directly from SUPERMAN: NEW KRYPTON SPECIAL #1, 100,000 Kryptonians have descended on Earth. But their introduction to the world follows a bumpy road, and humans and Kryptonians alike are wary of one another. Meanwhile, Clark must say goodbye to a long-standing member of his supporting cast while the threat behind Atlas makes his next move against the Man of Steel!

Kirk Says: Anyone know if this New Krypton event is a continuous story, jumping from Action to Superman to Supergirl and back, or if it's simply a theme, like the Manifest Destiny or Divided We Stand monikers the X-Men titles were using?

I ask mainly because I don't care for Robinson's Superman and don't want to buy it unless it's "important" to the story. I'll give this issue a shot based on the strength of the New Krypton lead-ins and premise, but I hope I'm not getting burned on this one.

THOR #11
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Olivier Coipel

As Thor ventures further beyond the walls of the Shining City into Midgard, the sinister Loki begins to tip her deceitful hand. In spite of her promise to reform since being restored to life by the God of Thunder, Loki’s insidious moves against Balder, Thor, and the rest of Asgard start bearing poisonous fruit. The reinvented THOR builds to unbelievable heights, by writer J. Michael Straczynski (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Olivier Coipel (HOUSE OF M)!

Kirk Says: This book still comes out? Was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see it again...

Thankfully, Thor's story is much like All-Star Superman. It's not reliant on some earth-shattering premise or stunning cliffhanger that ends up robbed of its oomph by the time a delayed issue finally hits the stands. Thor's story has been character driven and mostly restricted to self-contained issues, making each one, regardless of when it comes out, almost independant of the previous offerings, yet builds on them at the same time.

This gives it a timeless quality that makes it easy to get back into for me, unlike a delay on a major event book, which usually relies on the hype of every new issue a lot more.

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by David Lafuente

The relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane is one of the most iconic and popular romances in all of comics -- and in this very special issue by series writer Brian Michael Bendis (SECRET INVASION), and red-hot artist David Lafuente [HELLCAT], that relationship delves into an area never before seen in any Spider-Man comic! Destined to be one of the most controversial issues of the year!

Kirk Says: I loved Lafuente's art on the Hellcat mini-series. Curious to see how he does with something more mainstream like Ultimate Spider-Man.

So, any bets on what happens here? This is the big "sex" issue and whether or not Peter and MJ "do it" or not. Considering Marvel's stance on 616 Peter "30 year old virgin who was married to a smoking hot red head" Parker, I'm guessing they don't. If Peter's lucky, maybe he'll get to first and a half base. "Under the shirt, over the bra.", for you non-Clone High fans.

Written by Craig Kyle & Chris Yost
Art by Mike Choi

The Vanisher now possesses the one thing that can kill every mutant on the planet. Guess who just made X-Force’s hit list? The hunt begins in Japan, but Wolverine and his team aren't the only ones after him. And in an attempt to make peace with the blood on his hands, Warpath goes to visit his brother’s grave...but what he finds when he arrives means the killing has just begun. Part 2 (OF 4)

Kirk Says: I'm still a little confused on this Legacy Virus beign stolen premise. Didn't Colossus die (he got better) to create a cure for it? Wasn't that the whole point of him dying?

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Yonatan said...

New Krypton is happening Sinestro Corps War style. Jumping through Superman, Action Comics and Supergirl. They put the "shield numbers" on the covers to tell you which issues to read first

Ethereal said...

Busy week, I like it. Alot of Marvel, but some quality reads at DC.

I'm picking up alot less than this, skipping the majority of the Secret Invasion stuff.

I am picking up some of the best books though; Nova, X-Force and of course Marvel 1985, which I agree with you totally on.

over at DC I'm picking up Rage of the Red Lanterns, Superman (Which I'm hoping is better than the Special, as it was very lackluster), and the Legion, which is going to end at issue 50 :(. Is anyone picking up "Joker"? I'd be interested to see if the description is true or not.

Andrenn said...

I was considering coming back to Initiative after SI...but with Gage left on his own with this series, Slott and Caselli moving on, it's a sinking ship just waiting for the holes to show up.

Ultimate Spider-man Annual has me interested enough to pick it up. While I hope Marvel doesn't go with either the cheap way of breaking these two up, I also hope this doesn't become a ton of sex jokes and off screen chuckles. It worked with the 616 so much.

Just a note, the big epic "everything changes...yet again" issue of Spawn comes out this week. I'll be getting it, of course...while excited, I'm a tad skeptical. But still, we've got an insane shake up so it should be interesting. I look forward to your reviews, Kirk.

Quantum Joe said...

Did anyone read Robinson's Jimmy Olsen Special a couple of weeks ago? I know, 5 bucks, but I couldn't resist. Damn good stuff. I was avoiding his Superman, but between Jimmy and New Krypton, I have to grab this week's Superman.

Oh and Rage of the Red Lanterns is gonna be EPIC. The Newsarama preview is evidence alone. I'm getting antsy waiting for tomorrow.

Dave said...

D'Oh! Now I have to go and pick up Final Crisis: Rage of the red Lanterns - completist that I am. I was hoping I wouldn't have to...

I am looking forward to the Ultimate Spider-Man Annual. My vote is no they won't do it. Now, having said that, watch Bendis have them do it. I just can't see him doing that and then trying to keep going forward. Not only is it a life altering thing - like, oh, say getting bit by a radioactive spider - but it changes the whole focus and direction of the book. I'd rather this version move a little slower and more carefully than the mainstream version. That's just me.

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