Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #3 Review

Written by Terry Moore
Art by Craig Rousseau

The solicit made this issue out to have some kind of big secret about MJ revealed to the school and I'm still trying to figure out what it was. I know I shouldn't give solicits much thought, but if they promise something, I usually pay attention to see if it's followed up on and nothing really happened in that regard.

However, disregarding the solicit, this issue continued to impress with the new SMLMJ series. It's a little hard to speak about just what these issues are about, as they are a lot like a Seinfeld episode - they're about nothing in particular.

In fact, this issue is mostly just Liz and MJ talking with a few cameos by Flash and Peter as the two girls discuss everyday things. It's the fact this kind of story is set in the Spider-Man universe with so many familiar characters that really allows us to get into the heads and lives of these characters so easily and this issue is full of believable dialogue and is just entertaining drama.

As the supporting cast and Peter Parker side of Spider-Man has always interested me more than the actual super-villain of the week fights, I have no problem with this kind of story, but I can see why some might not enjoy this type of book.

Verdict - Check It. A much slower pace than previous issues and very little interaction with Peter, but a solid issue, nonetheless.

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