Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thor #11 Review

THOR #11
Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Art by Olivier Coipel

While many people were impressed by the Captain America tribute found in this issue, I found it unnecessary and much preferred the Loki and Baldur scenes in Asgard to it.

That's not to say the tribute was bad, but, at this point in time and with a new Captain America already out, combined with the numerous tributes we've seen throughout the past year, it almost feels like he's beating a dead horse, much like what Thor, himself, was trying to do to stop the media from exploiting Cap's death in this very issue.

However, it's hard to fault JMS for this as it is one of the better takes on Steve Rogers' death and much better than his strawman political diatrab against Iron Man over the Civil War debacle in earlier issues.

For me, though, the best parts of this issue dealt with Loki and Baldur as they watch the other Asgardians partake in a friendly game of capture the flag, red vs blue style. It served to further Loki's machinations (love that word, just say say it out loud, it's no wonder villains monologue) as he continues to manipulate Baldur while Thor is away.

Loki's bait this time dealt with the very war games the gods were playing. Playing devil's advocate, as usual, she discussed how Thor has turned Asgard into a gilded cage and, with the death of one of the Asgardians during a drunken brawl, sowed more discontent in the easily manipulated Baldur's mind. He's not going to be at Thor's throat anytime soon or challenging for the crown, but it's clear Loki has planted the seeds for this sort of situation in the future.

Verdict - Must Read. Thor continues to impress and, while some may find the slow pace tedious or the lack of action disconcerting, I'll take an Asgardian drama over random hammer smashings any day.

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