Sunday, November 2, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/29/08

Final Crisis continues to dominate my Moments of the Week with Rage of the Red Lanterns making up the bulk of the moments this week. Other books on display are Incredible Hercules, Joker, Superman and several others. Hit the jump for the moments.


Let's kick things off with a group shot of the Red Lantern Corps. I didn't notice at the time, but Rage Cat is hiding behind Atrocitus' shoulder in this shot.

The only thing that could have made this scene better was if Sinestro started twirling his mustache.

And now, the much talked about Rage Cat with scan and lolcats text courtesy of

And capping off the Rage of the Red Lanterns special was the debut of the first Blue Lantern, Saint Walker, seen here saving Hal and boosting his ring power levels up to 200%. I know this is the first Blue Lantern, but has anyone seen Saint Walker before, sans ring, or is this is first appearance, too?


Ahaha, I hope this puts to rest the whole, "Cho's the 7th smartest human, who are the first six", forum debates.

Best. Image. EVER! Cho's getting his mack on and Herc approves, much to Cho's chagrin.

Not sure what to make of this. Can you just shoot gods in the head to kill them these days? First time I've ever seen Poseidon in the Marvel Universe, too.


I liked how Jonny Jonny completely misinterprets the Joker's intentions with this scene. Seems a lot of readers did, too, since they obviously didn't notice Batman in the shadows, whom Joker is flipping off, which I'll talk about more in the next moment.

Okay, Joker, for some odd reason, wasn't rated as a mature readers title, yet they get away with skinning a man alive, turning a Saturday morning cartoon creation, Harley, into a stripper, having Joker popping pills and raping women all issue long and, yet, as the last moment showed, they couldn't depict him flipping the bird at Batman nor have any swearing in the issue? Some of the beliefs in North American society are completely backwards when you can show a man skinned alive, yet you have to shade his nether regions out. Same for half the stuff that slipped by in this non-mature readers title.


Words cannot describe this. Just read it and proceed to face-palm.

NOVA #18

I honestly wasn't expecting this at all. I had heard rumours of the Nova Corps returning in the future, but didn't know it was coming this soon. Are these survivors or did Worldmind send out for some recruits or what?


Didn't know Lobo was gone and what's it mean by "the real Lobo's back"?

THOR #11

Ahhh, I want an endless supply of mead!


Really enjoyed this scene with Krypto showing up to comfort Martha.

Looks like Doomsday's been hitting the cardio. He's really slimmed down and is back to his first appearance look, which is far superior to the look he's been sporting for the past few years. I predict the Kryptonians all punch him into submission in the span of a few pages, but should be interesting to see what happens next month.


There were a lot of great dialogue moments in this issue, but, being a Bendis book, they took up half a page with word balloons. In the end, I decided on this funny closing statement from Peter after MJ starts saying she likes him having a new villain and that she'll help.


I've got a soft spot for Domino and she was great in this issue. Hope she sticks around on the team.



Reader, Rawnzilla, was rocking a Green Lantern costume for Halloween this year.

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Cat said...

Man....I really should start reading herc...looks pretty good....just never a big fan of his.

Rawnzilla said...

I thought you were going to post me in the moments of the week! :(

DemonBoy said...

The only previous appearance of Saint Walker is in the War of Light double page spread VanSciver did in Green Lantern #25. Sort of near the bottom if I remember right. They didn't name him until now though. Awesome issue.

Ampersand said...

I guess by "Real Lobo" they mean he is not going to be his previous pacifist self?

Naymlap said...

I think you should use Herc as your new Banner.

Andrenn said...

Whoo for cats that use poor grammar. silly evil kitties.

Rich said...

I'm not reading JLA and have no idea what that scene was about... but now I'm really not reading JLA.

Huzzah for Herc!

Black Ice said...

"Some of the beliefs in North American society are completely backwards when you can show a man skinned alive, yet you have to shade his nether regions out."

Kirk, I'm giving you first crack at a demotivator to go with that quote.

Great reviews.

Thok said...

The page with the Brown Bomber is McDuffie trying to be jokingly ironic. Go read the Wikipedia's article on Black Lightning. Then come back and reread the page, remembering that this is an alternative universe, where Justice League characters are replaced by alternative versions of those characters.

Given McDuffie's own history with African American superheroes, it's clear the Brown Bomber is supposed to be very much tongue in cheek and that McDuffie is the only person who could legitimately get away with doing this.

Anonymous said...

Man, i am fairly certain that that panel of herc giving cho the thumbs up is the greatest panel in the history of comics.

Dru said...

I was totally hoping you'd give a shout out to the fact that one of those new Novas are totally EVE from Wall-E.

Randallw said...

This may be of some interest.

Rawnzilla said...

Haha, awesome! Thanks Kirk!

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