Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/05/08

With so few books released last week, it made for some light weight Moments of the Week. However, there was enough there to work with and, seeing as I've made you wait long enough for these MotW, I'll just let you judge for yourself after the jump.


I couldn't figure out a good way to show off Komodo in the last page without writing a lengthy description of the build up towards it, so I just sliced the last few pages together to give a better picture of it. Combined with the knowledge of her relationship with Hardball and her powerse made the final panel work so well.

This is the reveal of who Trauma's real father is. It's Nightmare for the non-Wikipedia / Marvel Encyclopedia users.


Just a shot of Mr Terrific being badass.


Ouch. Way to rub it in Tony.


"You're turn."

Words cannot do this justice.


Wait a second...did they spoil Final Crisis' ending? Darkseid and Granny die and Desaad ends up as Clock King's lackey? That can't be right...


I confess, I sometimes feel like Colossus here when I use Twitter. I just don't have Blindfold to tell me no one will follow me. =D

Okay, this is cute and almost made me go out and buy this issue, despite how much I disliked the previous Manifest Destiny issues. Almost.

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DemonBoy said...

I think in Terror Titans they're referring to the death of their previous bodies. We saw Boss Dark Side's "dead body" in Issue 3 (I think) and Granny's body died somewhere back in Teen Titans after being improperly teleported.

DemonBoy said...

...and after re-reading your comment you probably know this and were joking so now I look like a know-it-all. Sorry :-)

Andrenn said...

Great moments, Kirk. I think it's cool how Nightmare is Trauma's father.

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