Monday, November 3, 2008

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 11/05/08

Very light load this week with only four titles slated to come home on Wednesday. There are a few other titles I'm interested in, such as Absolute Sandman Vol 4 and Sandman: The Dream Hunters, but am not picking up for various reasons. I'll leave the Absolute for either a Christmas present or future purchase and, while I've read the prose Dream Hunters, I'm holding off on the sequential comic book format version due out this week in favour of a future hardcover. DC should have simply released it as a hardcover / trade like last week's Joker instead of four single issues.

Let me know if there are any releases I might have missed that you think I should be picking up. It's a light week and I could probably fit another issue or two into the pile if there are some suggestions.

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Steve Uy

One of the longest-running plotlines in Avengers: The Initiative is resolved at last! Hardball is among the Initiative's most respected and decorated graduates. He's become a celebrity hero in Las Vegas, with his true love, Komodo, serving nearby in Arizona. But all the while, he's secretly been in the pocket of the terrorist group Hydra! Now everything comes to a head as Komodo finds out the truth...Senator Woodman's evil plan comes to fruition...and Hardball must choose a side, once and for all! Also in this not-to-be-missed issue, Dan Slott returns to solo writing duties for the previously-untold origin of Trauma...and the shocking revelation of his link to a longtime Marvel character!

Kirk Says: Now this sounds like an issue of Avengers: The Initiative. Would have been nice to have Caselli do the art on it, but I think this might reaffirm my love of this book in the face of the recent, lackluster, Secret Invasion tie-ins.

Written by Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann
Art by Ryan Sook

In a world overrun by Darkseid's Anti-Life Equation and his relentless storm troopers, do you choose to RESIST? The world's only hope for survival depends on one-time JLA mascot Snapper Carr, Mr. Terrific, and Checkmate. With the aid of the villainous Cheetah, Snapper must rally the various factions of Checkmate and awaken an evil from a Crisis past. Could this actually be the end?

Kirk Says: Uh, not sure why I'm picking this up. Snapper Carr is the star of this issue? Really? It's a slow week and this might have something to do with Final Crisis (who knows with these tie-ins), so I'll give it a shot.

Written by Geoff Johns and Alex Ross
Art by Dale Eaglesham

It's the Justice Society of America vs. the Justice Society Infinity of Earth-2 with the fate of Power Girl at the center of it all! Meanwhile, Starman struggles with his returned sanity as he embarks on his true mission in our time period – one that will have vital consequences for the Crisis of the 31st century!

Kirk Says: More Starman is always a good thing.

Written by Gail Simone
Art by Nicola Scott and Doug Hazlewood

Introducing the team's newest member! The hunt is on as some of the world's most dangerous killers are getting paid ridiculous chunks of cash to bring down the Secret Six. But the Six have some tricks – and a whole lot of bullets – up their own sleeves...

Kirk Says: Secret Six is a unique read and completely different from what I was expecting, but in a good way. However, this non-traditional storytelling might turn off mainstream readers and I can see this possibly coming back to bite the book in the arse in terms of sales. Here's hoping one of my new favourite books can keep its head above water.

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Andrenn said...

No Ultimatum for you Kirk?

Quantum said...

re: FC Resist

don't be a jerk, kirk. it takes place within FC 4, like Submit did. You can see the preview on Newsarama. Probably be better, as it's Rucka returning to Checkmate. Not that I disliked Submit, mind you. I still have no idea why Black Lightning declared his name after taking out the wardogs, though.

@Andrenn according to kirk on twitter, it's just more Loeb on Ultimates 3 b.s.

Ethereal said...

Light week, I'm getting the same books as you, except for the Initiative special. No Marvel again, what gives?

As far as Ultimatum is concerned, as long as Loeb is writing, it's hard to be at all interested, even though reading about Magneto being world ruler is interesting to say the least.

Ampersand said...

I read the spoilers on Ultimatum (although the spoiler didn't specify if it was just one issue or the whole mini), and it sounded horrible. I don't know the accuracy of it, but here it is anyway.


Huge tidal wave hits New York. Sue Storm tries to stop it with her power and dies in the process. It turns out that it was Magneto who caused it, because he was angry that his children died. Reed tries to go back in time and stop Magneto from getting his powers or something. Reed, as usual, screws up and somehow all mutants are erased from the Ultimate Universe.


ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I'm also looking forward to the Justice Society issue. The build up to that storyline has been real nice.

On the other hand, Final Crisis has been a huge letdown, still, some of the tie-ins have been great like Rage of the Red Lanterns and Legion of Three Worlds. On the other hand (that makes it 3 hands), there's also Snaper Carr... :-s

nu said...

Bad news? or hints of new things to come?

Kirk Warren said...

@andrenn - No, after seeing the preview pages, it doesn't look like it's going to be worth the headaches picking it up. If, by some chance, it ends up being better than it looks, I'll go back and get it.

@quantum - I didn't think I was being a jerk over it. A story centered on Snapper Carr doesn't overly appeal to me and the only FC tie-in to date that has had anything remotely to do with FC was Submit. I didn't say it was going to be bad and I've been quite favourable to just about every FC tie-in so far.

@nu - Looks like the post-Batman RIP relaunch / renaming scheme is going to go into affect. No way they cancel titles with 50k sales without replacing them when they have several others with sub-20k sales still ongoing.

Forget what they were, but I think Robin->Red Robin and Nightwing -> Nightwing and Robin. Not sure what Birds of Prey will do, but I imagine it'll be back in some form.

about me! said...

Loeb, you better not take away ultimate kitty pryde.

nu said...

i heard awhile back that robin was being renamed batman and robin and will still be written by fabin. so that means that nightwing is being renamed red robin, or it is being canceled and this is a new book.

ive also heard new rumors thats tim drake is the big bad at the end of RIP. i dont think this is true, but it does help to lead to possible answers.

i think that nightwing will complete his kingdom come destiny and take up the mantle of red robin. tim will become the new dark knight, afterall he is the detective. so the new robin would be damien wayne, because no one would take a step down and go back to being robin.

the only problem i have here is that i am unsure as to whether or not tim could train damien. so maybe dick is batman and damien is his robin to train and tim becomes red robin. tim has been comenting that he needs a new costume.

however if tim is the bad guy then either dick or tim is batman with the other one red robin and damien as robin.

i know spoiler wont become robin because she is a girl and we know it will be a guy.

im not sure what will happen with jason todd or jean paul valley. i would like to see both of them come back in a positive way, but im not sure how or in what capacity.

i liked valley as azrael (the white and red costume he eventually go to) and with jason, red x would be cool like in the teen titans cartoon, but i did like him as red robin.

i am still unsure as to who viglante is, i could see jason taking that role, but i believe there was some random guy running around in that position.

i guess only time will tell what will happen, but in the goddamned batman we trust.

nu said...

**above i ment that if tim is the bad guy then either dick or jason will be batman with the other being red robin

sorry for any other errors. (especially grammatical or spelling)

mugiwara said...

Kirk, I know you hated the previous issues, but you should definitely give a look to the Colossus story in X-Men Manifest Destiny #3.
It's written by Yost and has lot of New X-Men and especially Rockslide goodness in!

Joumana said...

Well, I don't know if you'd be open to checking out a comic book that will only be off the press in a few days but can be read online: . I confess it is my own work, but as it's Lebanon's first superhero comic, maybe it'll pique your curiosity :) Part 2 is the volume that officially launches on December 6.
Apologies if the suggestion is inappropriate.

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