Monday, November 24, 2008

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 11/26/08

Guess there's some explaining to do. Apologies for the lack of updates, but I just hit a brickwall and needed time off. I just couldn't keep up and found myself up to all hours of the night finishing off reviews and other posts over the past couple weeks and couldn't handle it anymore.

I'll be doing my best to get things back to normal, but there will be days when posts slip and I'll try to limit those as much as I can. I might start looking for someone to help me with the site in the coming weeks to help alleviate some of these problems I've been having, so please bear with me during these posting blackouts of late.

To kick off my return to posting this week, I've got a huge selection of books I'll be picking up on Wednesday and I'm pumped about Thor: Man of War. Fraction and Zircher put out two of the best books this year with their previous Thor one shots and this looks to be the concluding chapter of these one-shots and I can't wait to read it.

We've also got the conclusion to Batman: RIP and a new Captain America, among several other prominent books, including Superman, Nova and a JSA one shot. With so many good books coming out this week, it looks like a good time to be a comic fan, regardless of what books you read.

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea

This is it – "Batman R.I.P." concludes here! The final, heartrending confrontation between Bruce Wayne and Jezebel Jet. The final fate of The Dark Knight. And the horrifying and shocking truth behind the Black Glove. With The Joker, the Club of Villains, Robin, Damian, plus an ending you'll never see coming – this one has it all!

Kirk Says: After several issues of disappointment, I was quite pleased with what Morrison brought to the last issue. Now, the question remains, what kind of ending can we expect? Will all the non-sensical plot elements finally come together or are we walking into a train wreck?

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Luke Ross

Part two of this smashing three-parter pits Bucky Barnes, the new Captain America, against his own past as the Winter Soldier, and one of Steve Rogers deadliest foes... as the remnants of the Cold War creep into the states, searching for a secret weapon that only Cap can stop them from getting their hands on. But is that really what's happening, or is it all a trap? Find out here - by Brubaker and Luke Ross!

Kirk Says: Does Batroc really count as "one of Steve Rogers deadliest foes"? Sure, he kicked ass last issue, but, come on, it's Batroc the Leaper. He's always rated up there with Paste Pot Pete and the Gibbon. I think it's a testament to Brubaker and co that they've managed to make Batroc so awesome in the span of a few pages.

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Paul Pelletier

A new story-arc! A new line-up! And Star-Lord…missing! The shocking revelations made at the end of their Secret Invasion adventure have ripped the team apart! Is there anyone left to continue the task of guarding the galaxy? Who are the new additions to the team? Is this issue going to be packed full of shocks and surprises? This is DnA and what do you think? A new chapter begins here, so this is your chance to join the title that has raving: “It's witty, it's fun, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite monthly titles from Marvel.”

Kirk Says: Yay, no more Secret Invasion tie-ins! While they did a good job with them, I'm very much looking forward to this book getting back on track and doing its own thing again.

Written by Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak
Art by Clayton Henry

"LOVE & WAR (Part 3)"
We know you've all been there, guys. We know it stinks. Your best bud gets a new girlfriend, and suddenly you never see him any more. And when you're Hercules, your BFF is Amadeus Cho, and his new girlfriend is a psychopathic Amazonian princess who wants to destroy the world as we know it with an ancient Atlantean artifact... Well. That really stinks. Guest-Starring Namor the Sub-Mariner!

Kirk Says: This is a book you should probably be reading. It's quickly become one of my favourite and most anticipated books each month.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Fernando Pasarin

Gog rewards those he deems fit. Starman has regained his sanity, Sandman his sleep, Dr. Mid-Nite his sight, Damage his pride and Citizen Steel…? What "wish" will the indestructible hero be granted? And more importantly, what drawbacks do these wishes come with? Plus, Starman's true mission is revealed!

Kirk Says: Hmm, will this issue actually deal with any of the issues brought up in the solicit or not? You can never tell these days. Sounds like this could have all the answers to the lingering questions with Gog and what he's been doing.

On the other hand, I can see none of these being addressed as we run around in circles for 22 pages.

NOVA #19
Written by Dan Abnett
Art by Wellinton Alves

Could it be…the return of the Nova Corps? After last issue’s jaw-dropping cliff-hanger, will things ever be the same for Richard Rider? What is the Worldmind up to, and what will it mean for the future of the Human Rocket and the Nova Corps itself?! Cosmic fans will not want to miss this status-quo-changing chapter of the series Ain't It Cool News calls "Brilliant. Just brilliant."

Kirk Says: Any guesses on where these guys came from? Worldmind activate them? Survivors? Shouldn't Worldmind have known there were survivors based on how much Novaforce was being used by Richard?

Written by James Robinson
Art by Renato Guedes and Wilson Magalháes

Following closely on the stirring events of SUPERGIRL #35, "New Krypton" part 6 sees the unrest between the Kryptonians and humankind rapidly spin out of control. Superman knows it's only a matter of time before widespread violence breaks out between the two cultures. But deep in the heart of the U.S. military, a deadly new Squad K is being organized. Its mission: clean up the "Kryptonian problem" before it gets out of hand!

Kirk Says: I didn't read Supergirl #35. Anyone care to tell me what the 'stirring events' were? I wish they had gone with a Green Lantern / GLC style of telling where the books had their own stories and shared the same overall theme. Guess that wouldn't increase sales on other books enough though.

Written by Matt Fraction
Art by Clay Mann

For countless millennia, over and again has the mighty, thunderous, impetuous, petulant god Thor raged and rebelled against the leadership of his father and lord, the all-powerful Odin. The capricious tantrums of a selfish titan, spoiled by his own power. But…ODIN HAS HAD ENOUGH! And so as the cycle is repeated in all ages, Thor must ultimately face the fullest wrath of the enraged All-Father! Witness the final and the most epic, earth-shattering, sky-scorching battle ever unleashed by the THOR: AGES OF THUNDER and THOR: REIGN OF BLOOD creative team of Matt Fraction and Patrick Zircher!

Kirk Says: Book of the week. Calling it now.

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Stuart Immonen

An unwelcome caller pays a visit to the Parker household in the form of Eddie Brock, the former host to the sinister Venom symbiote! Blaming Peter for his loss of the symbiote, Eddie will stop at nothing to regain it. As the situation comes unglued with the untimely arrival of Gwen Stacy, it’s Ultimate Venom versus Ultimate Carnage as War of the Symbiotes comes to its crashing conclusion! Plus: More on the mysterious Beetle and his mission for the “master”!

Kirk Says: It's Ultimate Spider-Man. It's always good, but rarely much to really talk about either. Victim of its own consistency I suppose.

Written by Chris Yost & Craig Kyle
Art by Mike Choi

As Warpath fights for his life and very soul in the American Southwest, Wolverine gets lucky in Japan. Because you demanded it, DOMINO joins X-Force as they continue to hunt down the . Vanisher has begrudgingly led the team right to the abandoned labs of recently deceased MISTER SINISTER, but X-Force's enemies are right on their heels. PLUS: What's happening to Wolfsbane? Part 3 (of 4)

Kirk Says: That cover really grabs me for some reason. Looking forward to some more Domino action. Miss her since she hasn't been around much after Cable / Deadpool ended.

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The Dude said...

hey man, just came across your blog by chance, amazing stuff and honestly just the kind of thing I was looking for!
Thanks for the info, good to hear fair views on issues without much bias (except for Thor, but I'll give you that given whats in the ish!)
Personally Im looking forward the most to:
- Batman (really feel this will end well, theres always doubt but im hopeful..)
- Captain America (Brubaker has truly created a masterwork with this run!)
- Guardians of the Galaxy (hands down one of the most fun series in a long while)
- Incredible Herc (this title rules)
- Thor (as you said, this team has done killer work on these Thor one-shots!)
- X-Force (great series and love having Domino back!)

about some stuff you said, here's my thoughts (if you're interested, else just go by, np):
- youre dead right about Batroc, cant believe he's supposed to be this cool suddenly! :D
- Ive been loving this entire JSA run and all its done, but its been progressing slower and slower since the whole Gog thing began. i hope they give at least SOME answers this issue, even if not all. But something needs to be given to keep interest up, yknow?
- To the best of my knowledge, the New Krypton event is a short crossover of the 3 super-titles to allow them to become independant yet part of a common stream like you illustrate using the GL titles. At least thats what is being stated by the writer(s)..
- its good to see Domino back, she is an underused member of the MarvelU but at the same time I would worry about what would happen if they mainstreamed her so dont complain much. Its killer to see her come back to a bad-ass title like X-Force and to see Deadpool and Cable get their own new solo outings again.
Interesting time to be in comics right now.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

nice to have you back! look forward to the posts when you have the time. thanks for all your efforts.

Lord FUBMAN said...

THis is the first time i've every posted to any comic blog. Came upon this site about 2 months back and always check on it. So well done and like to get the info you provide. Had to say as I know you've had some probs lately getting it out on time. Just wanted you to know that youre MOTW are the best thing out there and people do appreciate the work man. Thanks!

Andrenn said...

Glad to see you back, Kirk.

I'm almost Dreading Batman this week, post-RIP is starting to sound a lot better then what we've been getting. Though with any luck, Morrison will impress me and it will have been worth the wait.

Thor: Man of War looks awesome, can't wait to see these stories all collected in one edition.

I'm back on Ultimate Spider-man, so yay! Looks pretty good, but Ultimatum already spoiled the story.

great previews Kirk, I look forward to your reviews.

Div said...

Good to have you back Kirk. Take it easy bruv.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

The end of the Batman R.I.P. storyline is just around the corner. I don't know what to say about this plotline. I hasn't made much sense. Well, Morrison hasn't made much sense for the entire year.

I'm really looking forward to this Batman issue, but I'm almost sure I'll be disappointed. Too bad, uh?

Anonymous said...

i have yet to be disappointed by any of Morrisons run on Batman, i cant wait to see what they do with Bruce Wayne for the forseeable future at DC

andrewsaltz said...


Rawnzilla said...

I'm glad to hear you're alright, Kirk. If you need me to write anything for your site as a guest post, just send me an e-mail or a message on twitter.

Max said...

Great to have you back, Kirk.

IslandLiberal said...

There's an avalanche of great stuff this week: Cap, Daredevil, Incredible Herc (probably my #1 book now), Wonder Woman, X-Force, etc.

Jason D. Manger said...

I can't wait for the end of R.I.P., hopefully Morrison does not let us down :-)

Quantum said...

In Supergirl, they basically fixed her. Inconsistent characterization, thinking she was supposed to kill Superman, those crystal spikes and whatever were all retconned. Put it all down to prolonged Kryptonite poisoning. Apparently her ship flew through a K-radiation cloud on its way to Earth. Zor-El put Supergirl in a machine that pulled the radiation out of her body. Oh and I believe I saw her mother get struck by a stray bolt of radiation, so that might come up.

This is part of the writers wanting the characters to have consistent characterizations across the titles, I believe. I read something like that at least. You know how Johns' Action Comics Supergirl is better than in her own title? Well, now she'll be acting like that in her own book.

It was a pretty good issue, considering it's Sterling Gates's third or fourth comic ever.

SamSam said...

hey Kirk, i've never ever written on any comics blog, forum or anything - but i'm writing in yours right now, must mean yours is pretty good,eh?

in all seriousness i stumbled onto your blog about four months ago and check it whenever i get on the internet. although i don't always agree with all the views you have i love reading your blogs because they are exactly that - your views. in this age of house writing styles and anonymous authorship its really nice to put a personality behind your reviews; i love morrison's work and think final crisis is amazing, but i still relish seeing your views on the book to counterpoint my own.

sorry if this reads like a big ramble (ive had slightly too much coffee...), but i just wanted to say that people really do appreciate the work you put in. i understand that life gets in the way, so don't worry yourself if you miss a week or two, anything at all is more than we wold have if you never blogged at all :-D


Anonymous said...

hurry and come back so we can talk about Batman #681...

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