Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Batman #682 Review

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Lee Garbett

Has nothing to do with Batman RIP and it's as if that event didn't even occur. Instead, we're treated to 22 pages of flashbacks and recaps that seem designed to put random Silver Age stories back into modern day continuity, such as the old Batwoman.

This all comes to a head when we are shown that it is merely a dream state induced on Batman during his time in Final Crisis. The New Gods are simply trying to pick apart Batman's mind and find a way to clone an army with the same mental fortitude and tenacity that he possesses.

To be frank, I feel cheated of my money. In the particular Batman RIP issues I disliked, it at least felt like I was reading a Grant Morrison story and it had all the trappings of a imaginative and planned story. This lacks any of the subtleties of his previous work and is a straight forward recap / flashback story that does nothing for me. The Final Crisis additions at the end does nothing to change this and I'm honestly shocked to see that this is actually written by Grant Morrison. It feels like some cheap tie-in book that a D-list writer is forced to write for the money grab.

Verdict - Avoid It. Nothing noteworthy happens and there's nothing here that I can even remotely see as foreshadowing or setup for future storylines that would justify a read.

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