Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/26/08

It's been too long since a Moments of the Week posting, so I put together a quick one for you guys for last week's books. I'll post some previews later today for tomorrow's books. Enjoy the MotW.


I really wanted to post the whole sequence leading up to this splashpage, but there were just too many pages to do that. However, I think this page is good enough on its own to justify showing it on its own.

Just another awesome splashpage from this month's Batman.


Still not sure who this badguy from Bucky's past is supposed to be. Any ideas or is it actually a new character? He looked roughly the same in the present day scene he appeared in.

Poor White Tiger, she had that mini-series, a random cameo here and there and now she's dead. Although, it seems like Lady Bullseye was implying the Hand was intending to resurrect her, probably like they did with Elektra.


Okay, lots of interesting tidbits in this scene. We've got hints at the War of Kings, a mysetrious 'error', the 'doom of the future tense' and even the possibility of Moondragon still being alive. Now, how many of these are actually linked together or are Abnett and Lanning setting up several different plots for future storylines?

Looking kind of badass there Blastaar. I wonder if he'll be one of the 'kings' for the upcoming War of Kings.


Who didn't see this development coming along?

NOVA #19

I just find the fact she's a member of the same species as Fin Fang Foom hilarious. Maybe a cameo is in order for our favourite giant talking lizard?


Looks like Cyclops isn't following the Geneva Protocols in the slightest. Since when is it okay, in any twisted sense of logic, to use biological warfare to commit genocide? With everything that's happened with him of late, Cyclops is now nominated for Best Villain of 2008.


Just one of several incredible pages from Thor: Man of War.


With a body count as high as The Walking Dead has, it's a wonder Kirkman can still surprise me with these shocking deaths.

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Ampersand said...

I really hope that Maggie makes it somehow, like if she just hanged herself and he's able to get her down before she dies (if she didn't die of a snapped neck already).

Naymlap said...

The Cap villain is new and they haven't really revealed who he is. Bru said so in an interview.

Guy_Gardner said...

that Captain America villain reminds me of the Crimson Cowl...but the last one was a chick...that looks more like a dude

Alan said...

"Lady Bullseye was implying the Hand was intending to resurrect her, probably like they did with Elektra."

You mean as a Skrull?! Don't see that one happening.

Christine said...

Alan: I think he meant the time she was resurrected twenty years ago... ;)

drawmein said...

I'm willing to bet Maggie is still alive too. First thing I noticed were the leaves falling from the tree. But then again, wouldn't he have heard the noise from the jump?


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