Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/03/08

A day late and a dollar short (technically more than a day, but I was hoping to get them up yesterday), but here's the Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/03/08! Going to try and put up a review of Final Crisis #4 later tonight and, time permitting, one or two others. Enjoy the moments for now!


See next image for comments.

The reason for these two images is for the simple fact Marcos Martin is my new favourite Spider-Man artist. I haven't enjoyed an artist's rendtion of Spider-Man this much since John Romita Jr's first, non-blocky, run back during the Stern era. In fact, Martin is one of the few artists that seems to capture that original Ditko and Romita Sr style while simultaneously invigorating it with his own unique feel.

Martin's Spider-Man isn't some muscle bound 90's abomination and he doesn't have his legs and arms made of rubber and wrapped around his head like other gross exaggerations. While these are two rather 'average' scenes in a Spider-Man comic, I just can't get over how 'amazing' his Spider-Man looks. The great use of perspective in the first image combined with the raw power that explodes out of the second image are just fantastic and I wanted to show off more of his work to everyone.


While it's probably true the bat isn't what inspired Bruce's crusade, I'm sure glad we didn't end up with a moth or the green Power Ranger from the last panel.

I don't even want to try and figure out how this fits in with continuity or if it's just chalked up to Darkseid's goons magically knowing about Silver Age continuity and trying to break down Batman's mind with it. Some things are better off left forgotten.


I couldn't find the next page, but Mr Terrific actually asks KC Superman if he actually punched a lightning bolt, which he responds with the matter of fact reply of yes, as if it's no big deal.

While I don't particularly mind Jay being turned into this Kingdom Come version, I'm not sure why it needed to happen other than to invoke the nostolgia, rather than story based need, for Kingdom Come. Maybe we'll find out more next issue.

What Gog giveth, Gog taketh away!


For those out of the loop, we've got Namor, White Queen, Dr Doom, Norman Osborn, Loki and The Hood making up this evil Illuminati grouping. As others have said online, the Hood gets in on his current status as opposed to his actual character quality, which makes it rather dubious. However, the whole Dormammu in the cape deal at least justifies his presence enough for me.

Emma Frost is another matter of contention as she hasn't been a bad guy in like 20 years. Was really hoping this was the new, evil White Queen that has been floating around, one Opul Lun Sat-Yr-9. Would have made sense to me, seeing as she's the actual White Queen of the Hellfire Club now, as opposed to a 'good guy' and X-Men member on Norman's evil team.

This wasn't in SI #8, but I lumped in here anyways. I believe it's from the current Wizard, but someone will have to confirm that. Some speculation on my own part, as I haven't seen what others have written about this online yet, but here's who I think everyone is:
  • Captain Marvel (female) - Moonstone
  • Black Suit Spider-Man - Venom (assuming it's just reduced size / mass / mouth closed up)
  • Captain America Iron Man (note the colours / star on chest) - Norman Osborn?
  • 'Hawkeye' - Bullseye
  • Brown Suit Wolverine - Daken
The rest are obvious, with maybe Ronin as someone new, seeing as Mockingbird returned and I assumed Clint would go back to his Hawkeye duds after that. Maybe Echo back in the suit? Either that or Clint stays in it.


Just liked this splashpage. Didn't pick this up, but I imagine someone is reading it out there.

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nu said...

I was going to thank you for the power ranger nod, but then I realized I possted that comment on another website.

haha. I guess its just that great minds think alike...

Randallw said...

They're the Dark Avengers. The leader is Iron Patriot. Ever since I got my free copy of the previews for Dark Reign I've been wondering who they all are really. Your stuff makers sense, that Osborn (who could be Iron Patriot) replaced the Avengers with the Thunderbolts.

In that Dark Reign special. Namor really doesn't come off well. He looks like some drunk soccer Hooligan who can't think straight and hasn't shaved "Hi, I'm Namor", "Yes, we've met" "huh?". The Hood, whom I'm unfamiliar with, comes off as some nutcase, maybe he is, standing around on the table pointing guns at people, then sticking it in his mouth."I'm thge Hood. Respect my Authoritah, or I'll shoot you. Nuh, I won't do that. But then again...I might"

Randallw said...

oh, Emma Frost is there for the following reason. She askes why she's there, she's not a criminal, and Osborn points out she's the leader of a minority recently weakened,and getting weaker. Doesn't she have a responsibility to work with others to ensure her peoples survival?

Also she's dreaming.

Randallw (sorry, again) said...

A thousand apologies for going on. I just realised I am working from a Dark Reign special. I just noticed you must have a panel from the Secret Invasion end. the Dark Reign special confused me by having Secret Invasion on the cover. Also the art is not the same as your example.

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I think that image of the two Avenger teams is from the free Dark Reign Preview that Marvel released last week.

And I kind of like the snake suit. However, I also like the Power Rangers...

Salieri said...

The two Avengers teams are from the wraparound cover to "New Avengers #50".

I'm going to speculate that the Iron Patriot is in fact NOT Osborn, because that'd be incredibly obvious; Bendis has said we'll find out who everyone is in the first issue of "Dark Avengers", so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Kirk Warren said...

@Randallw - I think, after catching up on some previews and news, that it may just be War Machine, as he looks to be in conflict with Tony in Invincible and is teamed (I think) with Ares in the former Director of SHIELD book he took over. Maybe he steps up as the new Iron Patriot?

And yes, the Namor in Dark Reign was terrible. Both the art and writing of him was way off the mark.

And was Emma actually dreaming? I took it as a passage of time and she was having a nightmare / guilt over teaming / not ratting these guys out to Cyclops and everyone else.

Randallw said...

I really took it to mean she was at the meeting psychically, or at least magically. Only two members of the group who could do that would be Doom or Loki.

Anonymous said...

that may have been the worst writing/art i have ever seen on a character, Namor fans are probably throwing up as we speak

Randallw said...

You want to see terrible art? Look out for the recent What-if: House of M issue. Now tell me, are you aware of the woman who is addicted to plastic surgery, such that her face looks pulled back and she has no navel? hmm. Eveyone in the damn comic looks like that. It's horrible. I am seriously considering swearing off such one shots. The writers and artists are B-grade talent that can't get their own series. I swear someone comes up with interesting idea and then just passes them off to the pool of "talent" with no idea.

J. McNair said...

Bonus points to the Marcos Martin: Spidey looks like he's WEARING tights, not having them magically glued to his skin.

A few carefully considered lines with superb inking make all the difference.

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