Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Request for Comments - Best of 2008 Awards

It's coming on the end of the year and I've been working on the year end awards again. If you weren't here last year or want a reminder as to what I'm talking about, check out last year's Best of 2007 post.

The purpose of this request for comments post is to simply ask what you guys would like to see in this year's edition. Here's a few quick questions I was looking for some input on, but feel free to comment on whatever you'd like to see:

  • How do you like the format?
  • Do you like the one big page where you scroll down, like I used last year?
  • Should each award get its own post?
  • Would a table of contents so you can quickly jump down to the award you want to know about help?
  • Do you want the awards broken up into multiple pages where you hit 'Next' to continue reading?

  • Are you happy with the awards given out in 2007?
  • Are there any new awards I should add?
  • Any that should be removed?

Also, I'm still pouring through the Moments of the Week for the past year and it's been a lot more difficult to narrow down the biggest moment of the year as there was no Death of Captain America or Sinestro Corps War that sticks out in my mind, so feel free to drop any suggestions for your Moment of the Year.

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Nick Marino said...

* How do you like the format?

Format from last year is great.

* Do you like the one big page where you scroll down, like I used last year?

Yes! I hate click thru to multiple pages.

* Should each award get its own post?


* Would a table of contents so you can quickly jump down to the award you want to know about help?

Sure, good idea.

* Do you want the awards broken up into multiple pages where you hit 'Next' to continue reading?


* Are you happy with the awards given out in 2007?

Yeah, it was a near perfect list of awards.

* Are there any new awards I should add?

Maybe add best inker, colorist, and letterer. I'm really into that stuff so I pay attention. But I would only do it if it's easy for you to decide who you want to give the awards to. Also, best editor (based upon the sheer volume of good books that come out under their watch) would be good.

* Any that should be removed?

Best non-superhero comic is just so-so. I mean, why does it need it's own category? If the comic is the best, it should be the best regardless of superheroes or not, right?

Ampersand said...

* How do you like the format?
The format is fine.

* Do you like the one big page where you scroll down, like I used last year?

* Should each award get its own post?
If it is easier for you to write that way, i wouldn't mind it at all.

* Would a table of contents so you can quickly jump down to the award you want to know about help?
Yes, that would be useful.

* Do you want the awards broken up into multiple pages where you hit 'Next' to continue reading?
No. I think that would be unnecessary.

* Are you happy with the awards given out in 2007?
Yes, very fair and balanced (and not in the Fox News way).

* Are there any new awards I should add?
Maybe if you want to go negative you could add stuff like "Worst Artist", "Worst Writer", etc.

* Any that should be removed?
No, the more the merrier.

Andrenn said...

I think the old format was perfect, don't change a thing. I myself hate IGN's "next" page thing. I enjoy scrolling down much more.

I guess if I could think of one award was cover of the year. You had cover artist, but I don't recall cover in general. Outside of that, all the awards last year where great.

I look forward to seeing yours, Kirk, I'm doing something similar with my blog.

The Dangster said...

I think Dini's Detective Comic's is the Comic book moment of the year.

Lazaraki said...

I prefer the scroll down style, dont do it like igns. Your list last year was perfect, maybe you should add more categories like :

Best Non-American comic

Artist/Writer etc. to watch out for..

inker, colorist, and letterer maybe

best manga (some people may care!)

dont add "worst" categories its not that nice

BJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BJ said...

Last year's was most excellent.

Maybe you could have a Most Improved (or best comeback) Comic/Character of the Year Award?

Possibly also Best New Character (although that might be a stretch).

max said...

Keep the format from last year, it was great. Especially the one big page thing.
My suggestions for new awards:
Breakout talent of the year
Funniest moment of the year
Dumbest/worst moment of the year
Best cliffhanger
Worst/Most overrated writer and artist

abc said...

Everything from last year was great. Looking forwared to it...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Where are you?

Anonymous said...

I think one of the biggest moments of the year was Kirk no longer workin on this site...things arent looking too good for 09

Barry said...

This was one of my favorite comics blogs... a shame it seems to be kaput. Sigh.

pat said...

kirk please give us all a message, you built up a huge fanbase over the past year and now you are no where to be found, hope all is well!

Daniel Woburn said...

Kirk mate, just wanted to say it's been my absolute pleasure to visit your site over the past year. It's a shame you've no longer got the time/energy to keep it going, but hey, real life's gotta come calling sometime. I think I speak for everyone who visits here when I say thank you, you've entertained many a moment of boring life for us. If ever you feel like getting this thing going full-steam again, we'll all be here, anxiously awaiting your thoughts and comments on 09's comics! See you in the funny books, Daniel Woburn

Bill said...

Really could've used a place to rant about the awfulness of that Ultimate Hulk annual... but oh well. Hope things are ok, Kirk.

Lando said...

Worst moment of the year: Red Hulk (everything after the first appearance). Total barnacles.

Anonymous said...

RIP Weekly Crisis.

Anonymous said...

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