Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Captain Britain And MI13 #10 Review

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Leonard Kirk

Honestly? I think this issue is worth picking up for the Dr Doom and Dracula interactions alone.

However, for those looking for more reason than Doom and Dracula verbally sparring on the Moon (what other medium, besides comics, allows someone to describe something as awesome as that?), this issue delivered in spades, especially considering this is a 'prologue' issue leading into the Dracula arc.

One of my favourite parts of this issue (and there were many great moments) was the character interactions between the various team members of MI13. Whether it just be Captain Britain and Pete Wisdom in the local pub or Blade and Spitfire's playful relationship or even the first hints of trouble for the Black Knight and Faiza Hussain, Paul Cornell writes each scene with such care that it's hard not to care about these characters. Add Leonard Kirk's beautiful art to the mix and there's a reason I chose this series as my Best New Series for 2008.

Speaking of Faiza Hussain, I believe the reason they brought up the racism and border disputes in Dracula and Doom's conversation is mainly to setup a conflict with Faiza later in the arc. Dracula in the Marvel Universe is based on Vlad Tepes (Doom even calls him Tepes), who was in constant conflict with the Ottoman Empire and killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Muslims during that time. Seeing as Faiza is a Muslim character and I can't think of any other reason to bring up the racism discussion in the Doom conversation, I can only imagine she'll be the focus of some of Dracula's hatred during this arc.

Verdict - Must Read. If you've been looking for an excuse to jump into this series, by all means, do so now. This is a great jumping on point with some down time between characters to help ease you in as well as some great building blocks for the next storyarc being put in place.

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