Friday, February 6, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/04/09

Over a month since the last dose of the Comic Book Moments of the Week and I'm sure everyone has gone through their withdrawal symptoms and, like a good dealer, I'm back with an extra large dose of momenty goodness to reel you guys back in.

Also, if you emailed me while I was away and I didn't get back to you, I was barely checking my email during that time and it's probably been buried under the diluge of email I had backed up over the past month. Feel free to drop me a line again if it was important and I should get back to you within a day or so this time around and apologies.

And one last thing before letting you get to the moments. I'll be posting my TMC - The Monthly Crisis magazine on the weekend, so be sure to stop by to give that a whirl. If you've no clue what I'm talking about, check out my first post back where I posted a few sample pages. TMC was originally going to be a fake magazine for my Best of 2008 awards back at New Years, but I've retooled it and included reviews from the past month I was away and some fun extras as well. I'll be posting free download links to a pdf and a zip file of jpgs, so be sure to stop by and give it a whirl.

Hit the jump for the moments!


I think I'm just so used to seeing the heavy on the white space style covers that Aja used to do that I was just shocked at the composition of this one. Very un-Iron Fist, at least compared to the rest of the series, but in a good way.


With Martian Manhunter and Kal-L already confirmed as Black Lanterns, is this telling us they're getting a Superboy to join the ranks as well? And goddamn you DC for putting this as a backup in whatever the hell Adventure Comics #0 was supposed to be.


Wow, and I was betting on Mysterio or some crackpot villain as the Spider-tracer villain. Who knew it was a bunch of policemen?

Lily Hollister is Menace? Don't know if want...


Just needed a picture of Deadpool with a pinkie to his lip during the crossed out money sections of the letter to be perfect.

Not a fan of the new Deadpool, but the upcoming Thunderbolts arc has a lot of promise and might make me buy a Way written book.


I need a mohawk. And a cape.

Superboy Prime is the ultimate fanboy in comic book form. I would love to see Johns write a pre-Crisis, pre-powers version of him just trolling message boards after reading Superman comics.

How does Superman heal from that? I imagine there's super healing and all that, but I've never actually seen something like that happent o him before. Does he just go all Wolverine on it and regen in a few minutes?

No idea what they need his hair for. Maybe cloning a new Alexander Luthor? They could have just taken it from a comb instead of pointing out the guy is balding. No manners, these 31st century people.

It's awesome that Prime is still terrified of Kid Flash after what happened in Infinite Crisis.


It's about time Tony and Maria hooked up.

What the hell, Fraction and Mr Tracer Artist Person? Is there any reason for a female Iron Man armour to have breasts, hair, smaller frame/chasis and freaking high heels? The only thing they left out of this was the goddamn metal purse to hit badguys with.


Another Iron Fist? Not sure if we need to tap that well again after Orson, but I am intrigued for the first time since Fraction and Brubaker left.

SECRET SIX #6 Ragdoll's sister, Alex, who was the mysterious Junior character that has been plaguing the Secret Six since the series began. Yes, her name is Alex. God, I love this book.
After escaping Junior, the team is betrayed by Deadshot in a rather gruesome way. Scandal should be immortal and Jeanette is a banshee, as her origin pointed out this issue, so I'm guessing she's immortal, too, and the bullets shouldn't affect them too much. Not sure how getting run over impacts Catman and Ragdoll though.


Everyone knows Call of Duty is required for tactical training. Standard SHIELD protocol.

And here's the shock ending with Fury telling us that SHIELD, and the entire government, has been taken over by Hydra for an undisclosed amount of time. Almost reminds me of the GI Joe comic a few years back where Cobra Commander became the president. This series could have a lot of potential and I can't wait to see where Hickman goes with it.

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wicked juan said...

I loved Secret Warriors and Agents of Atlas this week. It's nice to see some good new titles come out of the mess that was Secret Invasion.

I especially liked that Bendis didn't write any dialogue for Secret Warriors. :)

Matt Ampersand said...

Kirk, I lol'd hard at the "metal purse" comment. Just letting you know.

Also, the tracing was really obvious in this issue of Iron Man. Pepper's assistant looks exactly like Edward Norton.

Franco said...

nice, love the iron fist cover

Andrenn said...

Kind of sucks that Lilly is Menace, I'd have hoped for a better reveal then her of all people.

The Thunderbolts/Deadpool crossover looks interesting. Not too sure how it will go though.

Tony and Maria, eh? Well it was that or one of their heads explode from sexual frustration.

Somehow I found the Phobos moment in SW much better then the "epic reveal" at the end.

Anonymous said...

Great to have you back Kirk. Really missed the motw!! Looking forward to the magazine. Do we access it through this site?

Kirk Warren said...

@anonymous - It'll be a download from mediafire or rapidshare.

Deicide The Everliving said...

Kirk, in Secret Warriors #1, the government is NOT under Hydra control. Fury points that he expected Hydra to find the base and loot it, but the fact that HAMMER was sent to capture the base proved that Hydra influence has not reached the upper levels of the government.

Kirk Warren said...

@Decide - What I meant is they have contact with the President and are thus in high ranking positions of the government, which is effectively putting them in some form of control, but, no, they dont outright control it either.

Deicide The Everliving said...

You didn't get it? Hydra knew about the base since the beginning. What Nick told the president to verify if the government would act or if it would stay idle and do nothing.

Fury's words:

"Kid, Hydra was ALWAYS gonna show up in Texas.

What I had to know was: does Hydra control reach the highest levels of the current US government?

If HAMMER showed up, I would know it didn't -- I'd know the current administration was clean."

And HAMMER did showed up. Ergo, the current administration is clean. At least at the highest levels.

Kirk Warren said...

Hmm, maybe you're right, the way I was reading it was if HAMMER was teh only one that showed up, it meant the government was clean, as he only told the president about it. I assumed Hydra was leaked the information about the impending raid by HAMMER and was quickly cleaning it out.

Kirk Warren said...

Oh, and also because the computer screen shows links to the us government from hydra with the FBI, NSA, Dept of Finance, etc

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kon-El is going to be a Black Lantern. I think Johns answered a question at a con panel that he would be, but I think he was screwing around. There have been clues pointing at the Kryptonian Nightwing as being Connor.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - I've also heard rumours he's the reason the Legion is getting Lex Luthor's hair in Legion of 3 Worlds - so they can reclone Conner.

Anonymous said...


You have just brought great joy and hope into my heart.

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