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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/11/09

Time for the weekly installment of the Comic Book Moments of the Week. Thor dominates this week's edition with a few healthy helpings of Batman and Green Lantern Corps filling out the ranks.

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Nothing else stood out as much as this Marko Djurdjevic wraparound that accompanied Thor #600 this week.


Nice reference to Batman's uncredited co-creator, Bill Finger. Screw Bob Kane, the hack that used ghostwriters and artists throughout his career and sold the rights to Batman with the demand that he be the only one credited as the creator of Batman.

That car is awesome. Where's my toy version at?

We need to have Alfred as the Joker made canon. This was my favourite eulogy from this issue. Not sure how any, if Gaiman continues with them next issue, will top how "the butler did it".

Loved the, "I'm the goddamn Riddler", line. Nice All Star Batman reference.

Any guesses as to who the woman is? She says Batman isn't dead yet, so I'm not sure what to make of it. Leslie Thompkins? Talia? Catwoman? Martha Wayne?


You can check the full meeting between these two on CBR or various other websites with previews, but I just wanted to highlight at least one page of the confrontation. Kirk draws an amazing Doom and I hope he shows up more in this storyarc, even if only to mock Dracula some more.

It'd be interesting if Dracula and his vampire army ended up serving Doom, adding to his recent acquisition of the entire Asgardian population, thanks to Loki. Combined with Namor's Atlantean honour guard, which joined up with Doom back in the summer of last year, and Doom has quite the army at his disposal.

Vampire blood rockets. The world is now a better place with this idea in the collective consciousness.


I found it hilarious Mongul's arm is just flying around on its own, killing and destroying everything it is path.

Did it mention what the penalty for defying the new law forbidding inter-Lantern relationships was? I imagine these two will be caught eventually, but no idea what the Guardians will do. Expel Kyle, who single handedly rebuilt the Corps?

Sucks we'll have to wait another month for the actual fight between these two. Was surprised to see they remembered to draw Mongul's eye missing and his arm even has the yellow construct glow on it showing how it's held in place after being cut off a few issues back.


Whole mess of hints and speculation from this one page at the end of Nightwing. Is that Robin or Damian in the Batman costume up top? The costume is really baggy on whoever is wearing it, so I assume it's one of them wearing Bruce's costume. Also, it looks like Dick is training Damian in the Batcave with Talia looking on. Did Talia move on to Dick with Bruce dead?

And looks like Batgirl is back up in the top panel, which implies many of the rumours about Barbara not being Oracle anymore might be true. Finally, I wonder if the third evil Batman from Morrison's run is the one with the gun to Nightwing's head or if it's Jason Todd in a Batman costume, as this one isn't nearly as baggy on the assailant as the one in the uppermost panel.

THOR #600

Loved this opening image, so just sharing it with everyone.

Seems Bor was worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Makes sense, but I wasn't expecting it to happen, so caught me off guard.

This was awesome when I first read it, but...

The more I sit on it, the more it feels like pandering to fans. There's literally no reason for the Dark Avengers or even the real Avengers to show up here as no one is currently in Thor's Odinforce power range (maybe Sentry, depends on who's writing) and all Thor was doing was calling his friends to die to Bor if they had shown up.

Add in the fact Sentry and Ares, the only two heavy hitters on the Dark Avengers that could have made a difference, aren't in this issue for some reason and it's like the Thor vs Iron Man fight from earlier in the series. This one lacks the political soapboxing the Iron Man fight had, but still only seems to pander to fans looking for fights and kind of undersells these new Dark Avengers, who've not even had a major outing in their own book yet.

Every one of them were taken out in the span of a panel and Thor simply threw Norman Osborn through a building in a Team Rocket-esque "bad guy shows, gets taken out instantly so we can get back to the main show" battle.

Ah well, it was still enjoyable, but just don't think about it too much.

Beautiful page marred by that huge sound effect at the bottom. This issue, in particular, had a lot of instances of overly large sound effects for some reason.

While Coipel did an amazing job on the rest of the issue, I think his Doom falls short of the bar set by Leonard Kirk's version in Captain Britain & MI13 this week. Still, the fact all of Asgard is moving to Latveria to seek refuge with Dr Doom is moment worthy enough on its own.
I couldn't post the entire Mini Marvels (believe, I wanted to), but I think "Zombie Thor" is probably the best part of this one. They should just give Chris Giarrusso a monthly Mini Marvels already.

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Bill said...

That can't be Talia, she never calls him Bruce, does she? And I'm not sure it makes too much sense to have Catwoman at the funeral and also with Bruce. I figure... Martha or someone like Julie Madison (since there are lots of old school references anyway).

Kirk Warren said...

@Bill - well, it doesnt really matter if they are at the funeral or not (his mother and father are there in the opening scenes off to the side) because there are multiple versions of each person showing up (Joker from Killing Joke in beach shirt in opening, Joker from animated series with Harley and other Joker getting out of car, for one example).

I was mostly just throwing out names. One i left out, as this is Gaiman, was Death of the Endless, but I doubt it'll be her talking to Batman.

Deicide The Everliving said...

I really disliked the Dark Avengers in Thor #600 as well. When I read the tuesday review in Comics Bulletin (one day before release of the comic), I got the impression that the Dark Avengers would HELP Thor, and actually liked the idea that these villains are serious about playing heroes (at least when the cameras are around them).

When they actually tried to fight Thor AND Bor, it became the most retarded idea possible. A wasted opportunity. I'd love to see them actually help Thor.

Tiago José "Deicide" Galvão Moreira

Matt Ampersand said...

I could see Thor calling the Avengers to help him by removing civilians from the scene, so he could concentrate on the fight and not having to worry about accidentally killing someone. But to fight Bor? Only Sentry and Ares could probably put up with him and for some reason they are not anywhere around. And for my no-prize: I'm going to say that Ares was dealing with War Machine at the time, as seen in that series (I have no explanation for Sentry, though)

Andrenn said...

Batman looked pretty damn good I must say. While I wasn't expecting much I must say from those few scans alone I am very impressed.

Thor looks good too, might have to check it out if I can.

I like that Omens page, I hope Dick/Talia don't hook up but, eh, may happen.

Max said...

Maybe the woman is Silver St. Cloud? Then again I haven't read the issue yet...

Ethereal said...

I liked the Batman issue, so many old-school references with costumes and scenes. I loved it. For the question regarding the woman in the background, why hasn't Renee Montoya or Zatanna been mentioned? They'd both know better than the majority of the others mentioned..

Thor was great, the Dark Avengers thing didn't bother me as I laughed at the "Blasphemy!" comment.

I don't know if the splash page in Nightwing is of the future, or his version of the past. The past makes sense as it could be a slightly jagged version of "facing his demons", can't really say. Note: If it is the future, I have a feeling that I'm going to be very pissed off seeing everyone trying to wear a batman suit thinking they can pull it off.

GLC was great, as usual. With all the "origins and Omens" things coming through in other comics, Blackest Night is shaping up to be great.

Anonymous said...

Alfred turning into Joker from a Killing Joke was before the coolest reference in this book. Morrison and Gaiman are knockin these "the life of batman" issues out of the park and i have never loved batman or appreciated him more than i do now

Salier said...

Another thing about that 'Omega Sanction' theory occurs in tat each death is eerily similar to one that Bruce has recently experienced; in the Catwoman version, he is in the same position as Darkseid - weak, sitting down - and received the bullet in the opposite shoulder. In the Alfred version, the situation is a reverse of the beginning of Grant Morrison's run - rather than a pretend Batman shooting a villain in the face, it's a pretend villain shooting Batman in the face.

Salieri said...

Also, notice the GLC artistic crew subtly places the shadows just under the lightstorm created by that kiss - indicating that this romance will contribute to the Blackest Night...

Air said...

Vampire rockets - awesome.

And Kirk, just let me join the legions to welcome you back - thanks for more moments of the week!

Anonymous said...

The Batman/Alfred moment from The Outsiders Special this week was awesome...did you catch it Kirk?

Kirk Warren said...

@anonymous - I actually didnt see anything on the Outsiders special this week. Didnt notice any scans or anyone talking about it or anything, so just assumed nothing major happened.

Anonymous said...

just kind of a cool prep-time batman moment where he leaves alfred a message but it had some good emotion to the scene...def check it out if you can

Anonymous said...

There were some very good comics this week. My faves being Batman and Thor.
Beautiful book Gaiman, Kubert Hanna and Sinclair put out. There was this great mood permeating throughout the issue. Loved the cars bit and when Alfred turned into Joker?? FUCK!!! That was inspired.

Thor had a good couple of moments as well. Kirk's right in that it doesn't work if you think about it too much, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I think it illustrates how he's withdrawn to himself so much and in this time that he reaches out for help, he finds THEM. I think this plays very well with his exile. I think it could be very easy to call Thor an idiot for falling for Loki's plan (at least all of the Asgardians) but I loved what he said just before he left, how he'll return and kick ass. I love Thor.

Thanks for doing a a great job Kirk. It's good to have you back.

aaron said...

I'm a week late reading this, but I just wanted to assure you that one of your readers both a) got, and b) laughed out loud at the Team Rocket joke.

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