Friday, February 20, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/18/09

I've tracked down all the major happenings from this week's comics for another edition of the Comic Book Moments of the Week. It was a toss up between Dark Avengers and X-Factor for my moment of the week, but the big reveal at the end of X-Factor has prompted me to start reading that title again, which gives it the edge over DA's head popping good times.

Hit the jump for the momenty goodness.


This is the Mike Choi variant cover for Dark Avengers #2. While little more than a pin-up (what covers aren't these days?), I just really liked this cover. It manages to capture exactly who Moonstone is with how she manipulates people through the use of the dangling puppets in the background.


This is from the Origins and Omens back up, but the only thing I wanted to know about is what the hell happened in that top panel? What happened to the guy with his head blown off? Is that an "origin" or an "omen" of things to come? Don't recall ever hearing of anything like that and that's quite the graphic image for a mainstream Batman-related title.


Uh, Hydra and SHIELD? Is that referencing Secret Warriors or did Norman just go and recruit a bunch of random Hydra guys for no reason?

Sentry's "throw people into the Sun" gimmick should be retired in favour of "rip people's heads off".


Magus (see my first choice from my 5 Potential Mystery Villains for Annihilation: Conquest if you want more information on who Magus is) confirmed for War of Kings? The purple glow and the "eye shadow" could only be referencing Magus. Add Magus' connection to the Universal Church of Truth and I can't imagine anyone other than him being in this new cocoon. I suppose they could bait and switch and make the current Adam the actual Magus and this new cocoon be the real Adam Warlock, but that's a bit too convoluted for my tastes.


Not sure who the new guy is supposed to be, but the charred corpses in the second page are his wife and baby daughter, both fried by the feedback of his electricity. He obviously blames Invincible.


I think this is an obvious fake out about Superwoman not being Kryptonian. Her mask had lead lining to prevent people from seeing who she was. I imagine the entire suit is lined with it, too.


Okay, Layla Miller is back and all grown up. The art actually resembles human beings again, too. I might have to start reading X-Factor again.

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Rawnzilla said...

Might want to put a spoiler warning in the header. that x-factor one is a doozy.

Matt Ampersand said...

The villain from Invincible is a new one as far as I know, introduced in this article.

Anonymous said...

Kirk Warren said...

@Rawnzilla & Anonymous - This isn't nearly as big a spoiler as you make it out to be (we all knew Layla was coming back eventually. It was just a matter of time) and I even mention X-Factor's reveal in the preamble. This is also on just about every major message board and sometimes in the title of those posts.

And in all honesty, I was pretty much done with X-Factor after they reduced it to artwork resembling stuff I did in grade 5 and the whole Secret Invasion tie-in arc was painful to read for me.

This reveal actually makes me WANT to read the book again and I'm sure anyone who was a fan of the book pre-Messiah Complex will be more than happy to return to the book upon seeing or hearing about Layla's return.

I know if I heard "something happened" in X-Factor #40, I wouldn't really care all that much. Tell me Layla is finally back and I want to go buy the issue now. Hiding that reveal is stupid and goes against the desire to increase sales.

Finally, these moments are two days after comics are released. If you are coming looking for reviews or clicking on a post about Comic Book Moments of the Week, which starts by talking about X-Factor's big reveal, I think it's safe to say you want to know what it was about and know full well going in what to expect.

Anonymous said...

The Barbara Gordon page is... worrying. I don't want her to be Batgirl again (that would be somewhat degrading, especially with some newbie lookalike being the BatWOMAN). Is she going to be some kind of Lantern??? wtf?
And is that blown up dude Calculator or something?

Eric Rupe said...

Kirk, if you are interested in getting back into X-Factor you should start with #39. Its the beginning of what PAD said would be an attempt to get X-Factor into the Top 10. Also, that's when they got an artist with a style to similar to the pre-MC issues.

IslandLiberal said...

The Barbara Gordon page is... worrying. I don't want her to be Batgirl again (that would be somewhat degrading, especially with some newbie lookalike being the BatWOMAN). Is she going to be some kind of Lantern??? wtf?

Based on solicits, etc., it's pretty clear they're making her Batgirl again, which is really dumb, but then, nothing at DC must be different than it was in 1978 now.

Ethereal said...

I think I'll start reading X-Factor, again. I was interested in starting it, and then MC started and I heard nothing but bad reviews from it so I just forgot about it. But I had heard the writer talking about he wanted the book to be good again (along with his "spoilers/solicits" rant. New artist sounds good, especially when I see layla now.

Ethereal said...

Sorry, just wanted to add that, although I haven't read the newest GotG yet, the "purple character" could also be Ego, who has shown up in Nova, and was hinted at as being a character to watch out for at a past Con. Not that I don't mind Magus, but it's a little hard to think about Magus when there's so much unknown about Adam.

Bill said...

Can't be Calculator, that's too mundane a computer setup, I think.

Max said...

Babs as Batgirl again? I guess John Cleese was right, it was just a flesh wound... Lately it's like a race between DC and Marvel about who can make the worst character change (Batman, OMD, Emma Frost...). Something for a future Top 10, Kirk?

Anonymous said...

... and the put so much effort into establishing her as Oracle.
What is this "darkness" the blue dude is going on about?? Something to do with Anti-Life? Or that Brainiac virus she had once?
There is so much change going on in DC. New Nightwing, new Batman, new new Batgirl too?

Kirk Warren said...

The darkness seems to be referencing that the strong willed Oracle we've known that didn't need to be Batgirl to justify her life and was happy, despite her being crippled, has actually been harbouring all this anger over the years and wants to be Batgirl again and hates her current life.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... not sure how I feel about that. Her harboring anger seems kinda... sudden. She hasn't shown resentment about her condition since the Oracle origin story in Batman Chronicles.

If they have to make her Batgirl again, they could at least do it properly. Abandoning Misfit and breaking up the team for her own personal reasons were COMPLETELY out of character. And now this anger thing... DC, I hope you know what you're doing. Don't mess up what is arguably your most realistic inspirational character.

The Blacklight said...

Ripping heads is correct!
Me and Captain Codebro reviewed this comic this week, editing isn't quite done but it will be up by tomorrow, take a look. More to come.

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