Saturday, February 28, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/25/09

Seems the current big news going around the internent, and cause of slight delay to this week's moments, was due to Scans_Daily being suspended. I usually get a lot of my scans from there, among other places, so it was a tad disappointing to see it go down. I actually never saw them ever post entire issues of comics either and it has me a little leary that my own blog might get "suspended" for posting these moments every week.

I know these moments and the scans I found on sites like S_D and so on were a huge motivator for me picking up or trying new books, despite claims that they lower sales. I know this won't stop more sites with weekly scans from popping up and it doesn't even address the real piracy from torrent sites, so I doubt this will have any longterm affects, making the move even more puzzling.

Well, let's hope the closing of S_D was an isolated incident and I'll be able to keep hosting these Comic Book Moments of the Week every week for you guys. Hit the jump, etc, etc.


I have to admit this is a great cover. I know it fooled me into buying the book.


Just thought I'd share this funny little image of Marvel promoting DC's upcoming Wonder Woman animated feature. I know the movie was amazing (go preorder it now!), but, come on, this is like Nintendo advertising for Sony or Microsoft.


Clor, who was listed as Ragnarok in the opening pages of this issue, just up and leaves with the promise of confronting the real Thor in the future. Will he be showing up in JMS's Thor title? Maybe Loki will manipulate him into doing her bidding or frame the real Thor with something the clone did.


No, I'm not accusing Hitch of ripping off Pacheco. I just wanted to show off two covers paying homage to the Norman Rockwell Christmas dinner painting both are based on.


Did DC really need to waste time on a checklist as absurd as this? Green Lantern stories are going to be in Green Lantern books? Who would have guessed?

Apparently, being a Red Lantern isn't all it's cracked up to be. You have to deal with the whole no blood or heart thing and, on top of that, are pretty much a puppet consumed by rage and forced to serve Atrocitus.

Seeing as we found out what makes the Red Lanterns unique in the previous moment, it seems fair we find out what makes the "strongest light" unique, too. Seems Blue Lanterns are completely useless without a Green Lantern around.

So, Hal just became a Green and Blue Lantern. Does that make him an Aqua Lantern? Turquoise?

Scar names Agent Orange as Larfleeze in the opening panel. The next couple panels seem to imply that Atrocitus will be leading his Red Lantern army to the Blue Lantern homeworld for some payback. And the final panel shows the Star Sapphires choosing Carol Ferris as a Star Sapphire.

In case the last moment didn't make it clear enough, he's a confirmation from later in the issue that Carol is, indeed, a Star Sapphire. Based on the group shots of any Star Sapphires I see, the only requirement is 36DD or larger breasts and looking like a porn star.

Talked about this in the reviews this week, but let's go over it again, for posterity's sake.

The pink corpse-like woman with John Stewert is his supposedly dead wife, Katma Tui. Is she a Black Lantern candidate?

Sinestro and Hal look to be teaming up in the future against what appear to be silouhettes of Saint Walker, the first Blue Lantern. It'll probably be something completely different, but they do look very similar in shape in my eyes. Could be White Martians, too, but that makes even less sense.

The three people in handcuffs are magic using Green Lanterns - Alan Scott (not technically a GL), Mordru and Torquemada. It looks as if the Guardians will be banning magic as one of their laws.

Finally, is Scar playing with Green Lantern pogs? I'd so buy those.


Best origin ever.

Herc looks badass without the beard and baseball-level use of steroids. They should move him back towards this look.


That mix between a rat and an actually supposed to be Black Adam.

This might have had some impact if we had any kind of build up or follow up on Mary's swearing never to say the word again at the end of Final Crisis. As it is, it's just lazy writing. Also, that costume should never be used again, especially when you advertise Alex Ross covers with her in the Black Adam family Mary costume from Countdown.


Here's just one example of Billy Tan's lazy artwork from New Avengers #50. There are a good 7 or 8 pages like this in the comic, but this one, in particular, warrants attention for the fact that Captain America is too busy checking out Ms Marvel's and Mockingbird's asses to pay attention to the television. Also, why is Ms Marvel bent at the waste to view a 60" television screen? Trying to seduce Bucky or just adjusting her g-string?


Couldn't find a reason for the Savage Hulk's return in Skaar #8 and I'm not reading it either, so my best guess is that either Jeph Loeb has gone insane and is infecting all of Marvel's books or this is a dream / Old Power illusion by Skaar's mommy.


Bruce Willis (upper right corner) is going to be appearing in the Superman titles? I'd probably keep buying the Superman-less titles if that were true.

Also, is Sodam Yat coming back from the future to fight with Mon-El in the Superman titles or is that supposed to be from Legion of Three Worlds?


Glad to see Songbird still kicking around the title and the promise of a more active role in the future is nice. Wonder if she'll form a new team (maybe a new Redeemers?) or go join up with the Avengers? Be neat if she hooked up with Zemo to fight back (I can dream, can't I? And, yes, I started and ended a sentence with the word, "I". That's just how awesome I am.) with a New Thunderbolts team composed of a revived / not dead Swordsman, Radioactive Man, Techno and the newest fugitive, Doc Samson.


Wow, Blue Beetle's last issue hit this week and they've already replaced his current girlfriend with Wonder Girl. I love DC. /sarcasm

Looks like the depowered Kid Devil bites the dust in the future, too. And is that Martian Girl shown pregnant and shaded out?


Poor Daredevil, I'm sorry, but I couldn't care less at this point. His Ultimate incarnation never carried much weight in my eyes and was only seen a handful of times. With all the random deaths, I guess they'll be doing a full reboot with Ultimate Comics?


I don't read Origins, but I was told this is the first time Romulus' face had been shown on panel, so seemed noteworthy.


I actually spliced together the relevant panels for this (it was spread over two pages). One of the funnier scenes this week.

This was our cliffhanger for X-Force. I can see X-23 surviving this inferno, as she has a healing factor, but can Angel / Archangel survive it? I can't recall if he's "immortal" like Wolverine and X-23 with their healing factors or not.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was a little hesitant in continuing my Superman books, especially with this new weekly thing they have going on between the now four titles. But the new Superman was jammed with Legion references, so Geoff Johns' Silver Age fascination will continue even though he is off of the book. I am pretty excited.

Matt Ampersand said...

Ultimate Daredevil never really differed enough from his 616 counterpart to be interesting. All that he had going for him was that he was more "willing to do what was needed", but nothing else.

I hadn't heard about the scans_daily thing until I read Peter David's blog entry about it.

Eric Rupe said...

Actually Romulus has made a full appearance in the stand alone issue Jason Aaron did with Howard Chaykin, Wolverine #56 I believe.

Salieri said...

Rose, stab WG. Please please please. Stab. Her.

Christine said...

Interesting about scans_daily. I hadn't heard about it. I can sort of understand it though. They did get awfully close to posting entire issues that went far beyond fair use (like half issues that, combined with public previews, would give you something like 75%).

I don't think I've ever posted more than the equivalent of two pages from any single issue on my site, and I'm even more careful with anything current. You want to provide a sample that encourages people to read more, not post so much that it replaces having to buy the issue.

Most posts on scans_daily was in the former category, however, so you'd think that just issuing a warning telling them to post smaller portions of current issues would have been the much better way to go.

humie said...

haha green lantern pogs. alf is back! in pog form!

Kevin said...

I wondering the same thing since I post my own weekly post were I put up a few pages or panels from comics I get that week with comments about what I thought of those pages/panels. I usually use this post to highlight the art of an issue since the bulk of my reviews are about the writing of an issue than the art.

Randallw said...

In regard to those ads, a few weeks ago I got my comics and was reading them when I noticed that the back page for 2 or 3 of the Marvel ones were an ad for The Dark Knight DVDs. Seemed to me Marvel doesn't let competition get in the way of making money off said competitions ad campaign.

The Dangster said...

I dont think that's Jamie in the Secrets and Origins for Teen Titans. His suit is gray and his mouth is showing. They alluded to Hector being the Black Beetle.

Kirk Warren said...

@The Dangster - Hmm, I'm not sure. I saw scans of the greyish coloured Blue Beetle and know about Hector getting that scarab at the end of the issue, but I think that's just a faded / washed out colouring of the panel and is still Jaime. But you could be right as well. Wish it was a little clearer.

Anonymous said...

I too am sad to hear about S_D as I frequently used them to discover new titles, and find older stuff. Pretty much everything I buy these days is though seeing on S_D. With them gone, is there another site that people post on like S_D?


Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - you can find a replacement scans_daily here. You can also just keep checking here each week for my Moments of the Week! =p

scottyquick said...

Wow, they killed off an alternate universe version of Daredevil who'd been seen 10 times over the 10 years that the universe was in publication! Stop being so new and daring Marvel!

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