Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #3 Review

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by George Pérez and Scott Koblish

Where Final Crisis suffered from too many obscure characters with seemingly little to no explanation for being in the story, Legion of Three Worlds suffers from having far too many Legionairres and Johns trying his best to explain every single one of their appearances and histories, causing the story, what little there is between the massive fight sequences, to crawl at a snail's pace.

Furthermore, there are just way too many characters in this story. Let me rephrase that, Johns is trying to micro manage far too many characters. These battles literally consist of hundreds of characters, yet it felt like Johns was trying to tell me who every single one of them was, what their backstory is, what their motivation is and so on to the point I just stopped caring and my eyes started glazing over as I watched random person get killed or someone else get knocked down. I just couldn't associate with anyone outside of Superboy Prime, Superman, the Brainiacs and the one or two other characters I have a stronger grasp of and could pick out of a crowd.

Does this mean the issue was bad? I don't think so, as I did enjoy it, on a fundamental level, but I know I shouldn't be casually flipping through certain sections, glancing for dialogue that mattered as random people I don't care about died either. At the least, these should have been interesting or shocking, but the deaths just became so, I don't know, immaterial, as if they didn't even add anything to the story and had no place being in the issue. In fact, many scenes felt unnecessary or aimed at the more die hard Legion fans as opposed to being necessary to the story.

In the end, the only things you need to know are Sodam Yat came back after a nice scene with fellow Daximite, Mon-El, Superman and Superboy fought for all of two panels, where Superboy blew a hole in Superman's hand, and, at the very end of the issue, after some painfully dull explanations over the course of several pages, Kid Flash, Bart Allen, returned to the land of the living and Superboy Prime is still terrified of him after what happened in Infinite Crisis. I assume Kid Flash was plucked from the time stream and that is why he is a child again.

Verdict - Check It. The scenes that were impressive were extremely well done, but most of the book felt forced or aimed at a very niche audience of Legion fans with encylopedic knowledge of the teams, even with the numerous attempts by Johns to cue us in on who's who.

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