Thursday, February 19, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Review

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Brad Walker

While I usually love Guardians of the Galaxy, I found this issue simply went through the motions as Abnett and Lanning wrapped up the Prison 42 arc, gave control to Blastaar and then had the GotG team save both Starlord and Jack Flag.

The story simply goes from point A to point B with no real deviation from what you could expect and I feel like this storyarc was wrapped up this way so we could move on to the War of Kings event. My brief two line description above is all you really need to know about what happened in this issue and having the dialogue and pictures to go along with the explanation wouldn't really add much to the experience.

Now, what I've written so far makes it sound like this comic is absolutely horrible. That's just not true. The issue is simply forgettable. I read it, put it down and nothing from the issue stands out in my mind or left me wanting more. I liked it and there wasn't anything inherently wrong with the issue, but, like I said, it was forgettable, which is probably not the best reaction a 22 page, $2.99 comic book should be and something typically unheard of for this title.

In fact, the only really noteworthy thing to happen is that Jack Flag looks to be joining the increasingly large cast, of which we didn't even see anything from Drax or Quasar this issue, and only those enamoured by his recent Thunderbolts appearance will probably care for.

Verdict - Check It. I don't want to give the book an Avoid It because I do love this title and stuff does happen in this issue - it's just completely predictable and felt like the writers were finishing up their chores moreso than telling us some thrilling prison break adventure. Hopefully things pick up next month.

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