Monday, February 16, 2009

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 02/18/09

Really light week for me this time around. Unless something random catches my eye at the shop, it looks like I'll only be getting two titles - Dark Avengers #2 and Guardians of the Galaxy #10. Maybe I'll grab a trade or something to sate my comic book hunger. Hit the jump for the previews and feel free to suggest some books I could give a shot this week since there isn't all that much on my pull list.

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Mike Deodato

The Dark Avengers have made themselves known to the world and as the world takes them in, Morgana le Fey comes looking for blood!! Once you learn who the Dark Avengers are you'll see why this is the buzz book of the year!! The Dark Reign is here!!

Kirk Says: I was quite surprised at the surprisingly un-Bendis-like first issue and I'm hoping he can keep up the momentum built in that opening salvo. Based on the scans floating around of the Sentry doing some very Void-like things to Morgana, I think it's a safe bet that he'll be able to keep that momentum going.

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Brad Walker

The drums of battle thunder in the Negative Zone – building to WAR OF KINGS! Rocket Raccoon and the Guardians face down Blastaar’s barbarian horde as Star-Lord fights for his life in 42, the besieged Initiative prison! And if our cosmic misfits fall – Earth is next! Penciler Brad Walker (Action Comics) joins the fun for another episode of the series that calls “right on par with Marvel's very best titles.”

Kirk Says: Not much to say about this one other than it's Guardians of the Galaxy and that's about the only reason I need to pick it up as long as DnA are on the title.

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Ethereal said...

Not picking up Dark Avengers, don't like Bendis (Blasphemy?!). I am picking up Guardians though, and Moon Knight. I highly suggest Moon Knight to anyone who isn't reading it already. Very good stuff.

I'm also trying out The Outsiders, with Tomasi writing it now. The special was alright as an opener. I'm also picking up Supergirl, which hasn't been amazing by any means, but is something I can't stop myself from since Gates started.

Robin's last issue is also this week, so I'm looking forward to reviews of that.

Andrenn said...

I noticed the scan of Sentry ripping of Le Fay's head as well, pretty sure it doesn't kill her, with her being on the cover to #3 and the scan being dubbed as page #19 of 2.

No Invincible for you, Kirk? You dropped the book? If so that's a shame as it's been really great and 60 is looking to be awesome next month.

Anonymous said...

light week for me too...looks like Outsiders, Justice League and the last issue of Robin

Patrick Hulman said...

i miss pelletier on gog. last months book the art was so uneven. hopefully with walker doing all the pencils this month it'll be better.

Quantum said...

What, no love for Ghost Rider?

Rawnzilla said...

No $3.99 Dark Avengers for me, no thank you.

Daniel Woburn said...

how come you haven't been reading any of the Noir stuff from Marvel? Spider-Man: Noir #3 hits this week, and while the writing has been good (if a bit contrived) the art is really something.

Kirk Warren said...

@Ethereal - I was reading Moon Knight when it first launched, but lost interest when it was delayed all the time. Never really got back into it after that first arc or two.

@Andrenn - I decided to move Invincible over to trades. I still like the book, but just don't feel the need to read it month to month anymore. Maybe if the story picks up again (it's been dragging for a bit, waiting on his father's return), I'll switch back to singles.

@Patrick Hulman - Pelletier is a great artist. Wish he was doing the art all the time. Agreed ont he last issue's art.

@Quantum - See, I love Jason Aaron's work on Scalped and random projects, like his Get Mystqiue! arc, but I've never bothered to give his Ghost Rider a shot. I still have the whole 90's prejudice against Ghost Rider books. If youve read 90s comics with him in it, youll know what I mean by this. So, despite hearing nothing but good about the series and being a fan of Aaron's, I've still held off on picking up GR. Maybe I'll scout out one of the earlier trades when Aaron came on board and give it a shot.

@rawnzilla - Well, prices are not looking good for any Marvel comics come May. While Joe Q is saying only 4 books are $3.99, over half the line is at that price point in the May solicits. So, I dont think there's any reason to bother dodging books at that price point as it looks like we'll be seeing every book at that level come summer time events.

@Daniel Woburn - I flipped through a few of the Noir books, but none of them are really catching my eye. I like the look of the character designs, but, from a story standpoint, they just aren't up my alley for whatever reason.

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