Monday, February 23, 2009

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 02/25/09

Whole mess of books coming out this week with Marvel making up the brunt of my pull list. Green Lantern is probably my most anticipated issue with Nova and Incredible Hercules taking up the number two and three spots.

In Weekly Crisis news, I was a part of the first podcast for Between the Panels, a new site dedicated to comic book related podcasts. It was my first time doing a podcast, so I was pretty nervous going into it, but it ended up being a lot of fun. It starts out a little slow, with most of us discussing the books we'd been reading that week, but quickly goes into an in-depth discussion about Grant Morrison's recently wrapped up, Final Crisis. You can find the link to the podcast on their site. Just hit the subscribe button on the sidebar and it will take you to the free download on the iTunes Store.

Anyways, enjoy the previews and I'll catch you guys later.

Written by Chris Gage
Art by Humberto Ramos

"The Initiative Disassembled" continues as Counter-Force--the original New Warriors--return to join the battle against Ragnarok! But will they save Camp Hammond--or destroy it? Be here as events set in motion in our very first issue rocket towards their devastating conclusion...we're not kidding when we say the Initiative will never be the same!

Kirk Says: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the last issue of Avengers: The Initiative. I was almost positive I'd be dropping the book coming out of Secret Invasion and was quite pleased that I gave it a second chance last month.

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Butch Guice

The New Captain America in the hands of the enemy in China! His secret past as the Winter Soldier in danger of coming to light! And what are his old Invaders teammate the Sub-Mariner and the Black Widow doing while Bucky Barnes faces his darkest past? By the best-selling Eisner, Harvey and Eagle award-winning writer, Ed Brubaker, and the red-hot artist, Steve Epting.

Kirk Says: It's Captain America. There's not much else I can really say besides that. Great book who's consistently high quality releases seem to downplay just how good it really it is.

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Bryan Hitch

Dear Readers, you have our word that nothing this lame happens inside this very special Christmas issue. Yours sincerely, Mark and Bryan. Part 1 (of 2).

Kirk Says: Not sure if I'm going to be picking this issue up or not. Might just switch to trades for it, but, if it looks good on the shelf, I'll pick this up.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert

A "Faces of Evil"issue! The War of Light ignites as the first bizarre battle with the Red Lanterns comes to a blood-fueled conclusion. But what unexpected fate has befallen Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lanterns, and what new Green Lantern law is unveiled?

Plus, the Guardians of the Orange Light reveal themselves!

Kirk Says: Been dying to see what happens next with Red Lantern Hal Jordan since that cliffhanger splash page last month and now they're teasing Orange Lanterns? Are the Orange Guardians the Dominators? All I can say is it's a good time to be a Green Lantern reader.

Written by Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak
Art by Rodney Buchemi

A special DOUBLE-SIZED issue that is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers! Proudly presenting, for the first time in Marvel continuity ... the ORIGIN OF HERCULES! How did the young man who becomes the Lion of Olympus learn of his divine heritage? In what battle did he earn the title "Prince of Power?" And, most importantly, why does the goddess HERA hate him so, now that her DARK REIGN begins to fall across New Olympus? PLUS: In the aftermath of the Skrull invasion, AMADEUS CHO goes on "The Quest for Kirby!"

Kirk Says: They've never revealed Hercules' "origin" in the Marvel Universe before? Did not know that. Guess he just showed up and said, "hey, I'm Hercules.", and that was that.

This has been one of Marvel's unsung heroes since WWH ended and this might be a good jumping on point for those that haven't given it a shot yet.

Written by Geoff Johns and Jerry Ordway
Art by Jerry Ordway

lack Adam and Isis" part 2 and featuring an "Origins and Omens" backup! The Justice Society faces off against a fully powered Black Adam and his wife, Isis, for control of the Rock of Eternity. But when Mary Marvel enters the fray, will she side with the Justice Society or join the Black Marvel family?

Kirk Says: Here's hoping for a better showing from Johns and his Black Adam story this month.

Written by Brian Bendis
Art by Billy Tan

Celebrate this very special milestone issue as the new roster of New Avengers deal with the shocking news of the existence
of the Dark Avengers the only way they can... by taking them head on. But what is waiting for them is the stuff the DARK REIGN is made of.

Kirk Says: New Avengers was one of the few books to impress me the first go around in the new Dark Reign era. If this milestone issue doesn't bring the goods, I'll be putting this book on the chopping block.

NOVA #22
Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Andrea Di Vito

Join the Nova Corps…or suffer the consequences! Worldmind begins the mass transformation of human recruits to fill the ranks of his new Nova Corps--and brands anyone who stands against him a criminal! Richard Rider is powerless to stop the process...but he’s going to try anyway, even if it means fighting alone! New characters, razor-sharp plot twists, jaw-dropping cliffhangers…no wonder Aint It Cool News says “NOVA, more than any other series, has me chomping at the bit for the next issue.”

Kirk Says: One of the few books where I have no real idea what is coming next and that's a good thing. Will Nova get his powers back? Is the Worldmind being influenced by Ego? Is Richard just going nuts after holding the Nova Force for too long? Will my rhetorical questions ever end?

Written by Andy Diggle
Art by Roberto De La Torre

The Green Goblin vs. the President of the United States! It’s terror at 10,000 feet when Spider-Man’s fearsome foe hurls pumpkin bombs at a special target: the new President! Just what is Norman Osborn up to…and who in the world are the new Thunderbolts? A Dark Reign is falling…be there as the new team of Andy Diggle and Roberto De La Torre present “Hammer Down” Part II!

Kirk Says: It's come to my attention that the only appearance of President Obama has been in Amazing Spider-Man. That is the only book that refers to him as such, despite appearing in several other books. I'm not sure if it's just they don't want to detract from the spectacle of the appearance in ASM or what, but it's kind of funny Marvel makes no mention of his other appearances (Tbolts and Secret Warriors, maybe others).

On second thought, maybe they just don't want the press running stories about Marvel characters throwing pumpkin bombs as the new president...

Written by Chris Yost & Craig Kyle
Art by Clayton Crain

Cyclops and Wolverine struggle to deal the growing threats facing mutants while still keeping X-Force’s existence a secret from the X-Men. Warpath is out for vengeance, Wolfsbane is missing and X-23 keeps cutting off pieces of Vanisher. But worst of all? One mutant’s deadly actions will put mutantkind squarely back in the crosshairs of humanity. Things were bad before but they’re about to get a hell of lot worse.

Kirk Says: I like how Crain is back on the art again. He had a unique style that really defined the book in the opening arc. However, despite loving the continuity porn this title brings (it's a 90's X-Men readers' wet dream), I find myself losing interest in the book at times. Maybe it was just the last arc. Here's hoping this issue kicks it up a notch.

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Andrenn said...

Did you drop Ultimate Spider-man too? Kirk, man, if you did, check it out! It's been so great!

Ethereal said...

Green Lantern, JSA and Superman from DC. I'm sticking with Superman because of what happened in New Krypton oddly. I'm getting kind of frustrated with all the secret identities though between Superwoman, Nightwing and Flamebird. GL has been amazing and with everything leading up to Blackest Night I'm so happy I've stuck with this book. JSA seems to continue the Black Adam story, which might be the last, good, arc with the writing change.

Captain America, Fantastic Four, Nova, Thunderbolts and X-Force rounds out my books for the week. Cap has been amazing, as expected so nothing to really comment on there. I'm getting a little impatient with Fantastic Four though, I'm hoping they reveal these "Masters of Doom" soon. Nova has been great, and with the huge cliffhanger and leading up to War of Kings, I'm looking forward to it. As for for Thunderbolts and X-Force, well, they're both good, but both will be crossing over with Deadpool and Cable respectively. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not yet, but I can't see myself dropping either of those books.

Ethereal said...

Oh, Skaar 8 is coming out this week. Has anyone been reading this? I'm excited for Planet Skaar later this year but don't know how good the series has been. I'm almost scared to get interested in Hulk and then get dragged into reading Loeb. Ugh. Back to Incredible Hulk ASAP please (But keep Herc's title).

Quantum said...

That T-bolts cover is gorgeous.

Not reading Umbrella Academy, Kirk?

Salieri said...

I was looking forward to collecting the trade of this F4 run, Xmas story, in February. Set in Scotland, with (from the previews), an obscure Mary-Sue Scottish cousin of Reed's. And the focus of the story is a monster who eats children brought about by forced miscarriages...and his helpers are all perfectly normal humans.

At this rate, I don't think I'll even want to touch the trade...

Max said...

That Nova cover is pretty reminiscent of Planetary 25. Not that it's a bad thing, they're both nice.

Parallax207 said...

Kirk, I think the Orange Lantern guardians are the Controllers... Either way, it's definitely exciting.

Anonymous said...

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