Friday, March 6, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/04/09

Meant to get some more reviews out yesterday, but plans changed and attempted to go see the Watchmen midnight showing. Who knew you needed to buy tickets beforehand or risk shows being sold out? Most likely going to see it tomorrow, so I'll post some impressions if I do.

Anyways, I won't keep you guys too long, so hit the jump for the Comic Book Moments of the Week.


Loved both of these covers, so ended up letting them share the Cover of the Week award. Mockingbird's new costume in the right image is a huge improvement over the previous one, but I loved the colouring on the first one and the fact Hawkeye wasn't wearing the ridiculous Ronin costume (why does he even wear it still?).

As an aside, would you rather the Cover of the Week stick with the MotW or break it off into a separate post?


When I saw a scan of this page (didn't buy this issue), I immediately saved it. While not what most would consider a 'moment', I just fell in love with the colouring and silhouette work on the image. Looks a lot like Jim Steranko's old Captain America work, to be honest.

From what I've read, Kingpin isn't actually dead here. Despite katana typically being about 70cm (~25 inches) and the fact these should be pretty damn deep inside Mr Fisk there, it seems they were stabbed into him in a such a way as to only injure him and render him immobile while Lady Bullseye spoke to him. The dead woman is a random woman Fisk met that was helping him lead a 'normal life' after being exiled from America.


Broken Worlds is some kind of compilation book that features follow ups to defunct alternate realities. In this case, it was a continuation of the Future Imperfect storyline that first introduced the Maestro. Hulk is shown pouring Rick Jones' ashes (he died helping Hulk fight Maestro) on Captain America's shield and flinging it off into obscurity. I'm guessing Marve/Hulk fans will argue Hulk didn't actually kill anyone here either or that it doesn't count since it was out of continuity.


Interesting bit of foreshadowing for the Secret Warriors team.

Hickman is drawing on all the major players from Hydra's past for his storyline. Pictured is Kraken, Madame Hydra and The Hive. Off-panel was Wolverine's old flame, Viper and Baron Strucker.

And the final member of this new iteration of Hydra is Gorgon, first introduced and subsequently killed in Mark Millar's Wolverine: Enemy of the State. He has a crapload of powers, including super strength, limited psychic abilities, a healing factor, genius level intellect and can even turn people to stone by looking at them. I believe the main reason for bringing him back is that he developed a major hate on for Nick Fury during that arc when Fury killed his girlfriend at the time.


Got a major Superman: Red Son vibe when I turned to this page. Wasn't expecting him to join the military guild. Should make for some interesting stories for the next year.


They ended this issue with the question, "Who the hell is Ultimate She-Hulk?". Might have cared, what, three years ago, but it looks like Carol Danvers hulked out to me.


Couldn't really find a definitive "moment" for the huge fight sequence that took place throughout this issue, so settled on this closing shot of Black Bolt and Medusa swearing vengence on the Shi'ar.

For those interested in what they need to be reading to keep up with War of Kings, here's a copy of the checklist. Looks like there's just War of Kings: Ascension miniseries (solicits list it mostly following Darkhawk in the Negative Zone with Annihilus'(!?!) army) and Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, two books you should be reading anyways. Pretty light weight for an event and everything is being written by Abnett and Lanning, too.

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Anonymous said...

me want more DC...
slightly OT, for some reason marvel really isn't doing anything for me anymore. i find it hard to get excited about any current storylines.

Andrenn said...

Watchmen was an incredible flick, Kirk, I just posted my review of it in my blog.

Awesome moment choices, I'm still sticking to waiting for War of Kings in collection but it looks epic.

Anonymous said...

(I was 'Air' previously)

Nice choices Kirk - makes for a good break/distraction from my third consecutive weekend at work...and just made me duck out to the comic store in town to pick up secret warriors (so these scans made a purchase!) War of Kings looks promising, but given I haven't got the trades for Conquest yet, I think I should hold off to trades for it as well.

good to hear positive stuff on Watchmen Andrenn, I look forward to your review - can't wait to see it, cheap tuesday can't come soon enough!

Randallw said...

Last I saw Gorgon he was a pile of gravel so I can't see how he came back. Not that I mind since I liked him.

Kirk Warren said...

@Anonymous - Just wasnt much DC this week that was moment worthy (note that doesnt mean they were bad, Secret Six was great, as was Gotham Gazette and Superman WoNK).

@Andrenn - I'm going to see Watchmen in a couple of hours, so I'll let you know what I think later.

Also, why am I just now finding out about your blog??? I would have linked to it long ago if I had known.

@Anon/Air - Conquest isnt required for War of Kings. You could consider them unrelated for all intents and purposes.

@Randallw - Ya, he was turned to stone and shattered by Wolverine. They used the Hand's resurrection temple (like they did with Elektra and so on) to bring him back.

Randallw said...

You know, knowing your archenemies have something like a resurection temple should lead to the natural requirement to put the remains somewhere, or perhaps melting the rock in a furnace, or don't they need the body. Talk about your revolving door, though Gorgon is a mutant afterall. What did SHIELD do, dump the gravel at the tip? This is why HAMMER is better :)

His girlfriend, that was Struckers wife wasn't it? (I only got the impression she was married to some supervillain) She was something like 30-40 years older than him.

Kirk Warren said...

@Randall - Ya, it was Strucker's wife. They hooked up and 'killed' Strucker in that arc, although it was all revealed as a ruse later.

And I just went with Hydra having moles in SHIELD as the reason for them aquiring the remains so easily.

As for HAMMER, in Dark Avengers #2, Norman's speech says everyone is made up of old SHIELD, Hydra and AIM people, so I wouldnt put too much faith in them.

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