Friday, March 13, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/11/09

Ghost Rider and Green Lantern Corps dominate the Comic Book Moments of the Week this time around. One is just made of pure win that makes me want to start picking up the book while the other is an amazing fight sequence that makes me wonder how they'll top it come event time later this summer.

Before I let you jump into the moments, just thought I'd let you know that we'll have some updates for you on the weekend. Never used to really update over the weekend unless it was something particularly noteworthy, but, with the addition of Eric and Matt last week, we've got some extra content for everyone that should fill those slots as we move forward. So, if you're having trouble keeping up, make sure to hit up our RSS feed or follow along on Twitter and never miss another update.

Hit the jump for the momenty goodness.


Blatantly copying the text from my review to explain who these Phantom Zone criminals Flamebird and Nightwing are tracking down are.
  • Tor-An - Nightwing and Flamebird captured this issue
  • Jax-Ur - a rocket & missile engineer who accidentally destroyed one of Krypton's two moons and a populated moon of millions and the only criminal ever sentenced to spend all existence within the Phantom Zone, without the possibility of any kind of parole and is considered Krypton’s worst criminal.
  • Nadira (last name obscured) - a petty criminal with telekinetic powers (oh the conversations she and Superboy would have had)
  • Az-Rel - was a partner with Nadira and is a pyrokinetic
  • Quex-Ul - the only innocent person ever sentenced to the Phantom Zone. Quex-Ul was put in the Phantom Zone for killing a herd of the sacred Rondors. Rondor horns had healing properties and were therefore sacred to Kryptonians. Quex-Ul was caught at the scene of the crime and was convicted and sentenced to 25 Sun Cycles in the Phantom Zone. Superman proved his innocence and released him and Quex-Ul in turn saved Superman from exposure to Gold Kryptonite. However, this information is obviously from the Silver Age and most likely his freedom will be ignored.
  • Car-Vex - I actually know nothing about this Kryptonian. I imagine it's a new character created for this storyline.
Flamebird was revealed to be Supergirl's best friend, Thara Ak-Var (after some hair dye and a new ponytail). This moment, in particular, explains just how Chris Kent, Superman's adopted son from the Last Son storyline, became the much older Nightwing. I'm not a big fan of the hokey 'time messed up in the Phantom Zone, so he gets older' plot device, but the story was otherwise great, so I'm willing to overlook it this one time.


I want a Robin and Squire miniseries or ongoing. As Robin is a sidekick already, would that make Squire a super hero intern?

This is Tim Drake, Robin, dressed up in the classic blue and grey Batman costume. He looks a little too bulky / grown up compared to other Tim Drake impressions in my opinion, but was otherwise fine with the look.

That scared little boy is actually Batman's little brat of a son, Damian. Ya, he indiscrimently cut villains' heads off and was the head of the League of Assassins in Morrison's run, but, hey, it's "sushi time". Blah.

Solicits listed this gun-toting Batman as Jason Todd, so it's probably safe to assume this will be revealed in the next issue at some point. The only problem I have with this otherwise excellent splashpage was the Liefeld-ian guns Batman is sporting. Did he add the extra 'speed holes' to the four barrelled gun for any particular reason or is there some unwritten rule that any interpretation of Batman cannot use real guns?


These next few Ghost Rider moments are so unbelievably awesome, I don't even know where to begin. Based on my limited knowledge of the book, Jason Aaron has been fleshing out the Ghost Rider legacy, similar to what Brubaker and Fraction did with the Iron Fist legacy, and the results speek for themselves. Yes, that is a WWII German tank with flaming treads piloted by a Spirit of Vengence and, yes, it is AWESOME.

One of these gangster versions of the Spirit of Vengence is called Big G. Words cannot describe how perfect that is.

These two Ghost Riders are actually from the future. Loved the bit about the Skrull invasion. The looks of the two remind me of the mutant gangs from Dark Knight Returns or something out of Blade Runner or Heavy Metal.


Left out one or two pages, but this is the majority of the Arkillo vs Mongul fight. My favourite bits are the attention to detail, such as the random Daxam's getting dismembered after being caught in the crossfire or the reuse of the flag turned spear after Mongul was stabbed the first time.

Was happy to see Tomasi didn't kill of Arkillo here. I imagine he'll simply use his ring to make a yellow tongue with his ring to speak in the future.

Kryb's (she's the crazy Sinestro Corps member that steals babies from Green Lanterns) babies are freaky and will haunt my dreams.

Scar, the scarred Guardian of the Galaxy, unshackled the Red Lantern being held in the Sciencells. Looks like he'll either be taken out or cause a riot resulting in the freeing of the Sinestro Corps prisoners.

One thing I've found odd is that there hasn't been a single Alpha Lantern post-Final Crisis. Did they get decommissioned? Killed off? Shouldn't they have been escorting Sinestro back in Rage of the Red Lanterns or be seen at some point during the past few months?


Liked the flashes of the original Immortal Weapons shown that sealed the 8th City off.

And here is that original Iron Fist ready to kick the crap out of Danny. I wonder if Danny will kill him and 'take his chi', similar to what happened after Orson died before Danny 'powered up' to fight Davos.


JARVIS? Seriously? Can we just relabel this, "Iron Man Movie Comic", and move along? I've never seen such pandering and dismantling of a comic or character as I have with Iron Man post-movie.

I imagine Namor will just play both sides of the field her with his Illuminati and Cabal status, resulting in another non-fight alla the Iron Man/War Machine fight in this issue.

And will we ever get a clear idea of what the hell is up with Namor? Is he in Latveria with Doom or not? Did he disband his people and leave Atlantis or not? Why is he underwater on a thrown with the hologram tech talking to Osborn when he shouldn't be living it up in any kind of deep sea kingdom?

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Rawnzilla said...

"And will we ever get a clear idea of what the hell is up with Namor? Is he in Latveria with Doom or not? Did he disband his people and leave Atlantis or not? Why is he underwater on a thrown with the hologram tech talking to Osborn when he shouldn't be living it up in any kind of deep sea kingdom?"

Namor has been consistently inconsistent. He has had appearances in Avengers/Invaders, Incredible Hercules, Dark Reign one-shot, Uncanny X-Men Annual, Black Panther, Captain America, Hulk, and now Iron Man, and none of them relate with each other.

Kirk Warren said...

I completely forgot to mention the Cap and Hercules appearances and dont remind me about the Hulk stuff. It's just too painful to bear. I originally thought the alliance with Doom was awesome, but its like they just gave up and want to use Namor for every other story as if the whole no kingdom / move in on Doom's couch story didnt happen.

Anonymous said...

BFTC art looks pretty good!
I guess they're trying to make Damien more likeable now that he's pretty much set to be the next Robin (urghh). I hope they know what they're doing...
On another note, Poison Ivy's bikini outfit is horrendous. IMO she looked her best during that teen suicide arc in Batman Gotham Knights.

Andrenn said...

Much as I hate Jason Todd, that outfit does look cool.

I want to buy GR really bad. I've always dug the character but I've never seen a really good jumping on point. Perhaps this is it. I figure one of those 2 future Riders must be Zero Crocaine from 2099.

Matt Ampersand said...

Yeah, I have never read Ghost Rider 2099, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's one of them. And the moment I saw the bits about the Skrull invasion, I knew that part was going to make it on to MOTW.

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to mention, I was hoping the new Flamebird would turn out to be Linda Danvers!
It's a pity she's been pretty much written out of Superman continuity. I know they said that Matrix Supergirl is no longer in continuity, but does that mean Linda Supergirl is out too? Confusing.

I wonder what all this means for Bette Kane, who's gonna be in Det. Comics with Batwoman. I hope to God she isn't the next Batgirl...

Quantum said...

Neither of these GR's are from 2099. They are from thirty years in the future.

Here is GR 2099, Zero Cochrane:

The GR on the left is apparently based on Megadeth's mascot Vic Rattlehead:

note: this info came from Chris Sims of The ISB, not me.

BobofBentleigh said...

Haven't read Ghost Rider, but if it's anywhere near as good as what Brubaker and Fraction have done with Immortal Iron Fist, then I'll definitely check it out.

On the IIF note, personal fave has to be 'the harder they fall when you slice through their Achilles tendon' fight sequence, or even the morse code

Matt Ampersand said...

BobofBentleigh, you should definitely pick up Ghost Rider. Aaron is doing some wonderful things with that title.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't mind seeing Ghost Rider 2099 in the 616 continuity for good. When I read the first issue of GR2099 & saw that end page with him wielding a chainsaw, he was like Terminator & Evil Dead combined. If Chris Bachalo had stayed with the book, I'd have stuck around.

Frankly, I'd rather have the early 90's Bachalo these days instead of the modern one. He was way cooler when he was doing Shade the Changing Man than when he was drawing mutants.

Anonymous said...

@Ghost rider comic
Reminds me of Five Finger Death Punch Cover-WAR IS THE ANSWER

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