Saturday, March 21, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/18/09

Got tied up with other things last night and couldn't get the Moments of the Week out on time. To make up for it, I got up early to post them for everyone to muse over their morning coffee.

For my Moment of the Week, I'm going to have to pick X-Force's ending. Loved the build up to it with Leper Queen's monologue and the death, whether you agree with it or not, has a lot of story telling potential and fallout that should come out of it that I'd like to see explored.

My Anti-Moment of the Week has to be everything Jeph Loeb, specifically Ultimatum's Blob and Yellowjacket/Giant Man/Hank Pym/whatever he's calling himself these days.

Catch all the moments on the flip side.


The conclusion to Character Assassination saw Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin lending a hand to help stop Menace. Kind of anti-climactic to have a random serum unseen until that point take out the villain, but if Harry tried to become a hero version of Green Goblin alla Normie in the MC2 Spider-Girl universe, I'd be impressed.


I think the image of the new Azrael is supposed to be dramatic, but he has the body frame of a little girl, wears work boots and looks like a fanboy in a homemade Jedi costume.


Mmm, hamburgers. Just what the shrink ordered.

I loved Bullseye's reaction to Venom's cries for help.


Here's a shot of the Invincible Army Angstrom Levy is using to, uh, frame the real Invincible and cause everyone to stop trusting him? I only skimmed the issue (trade waiting this series for the time being), so that's the only motivation I could pick up for Levy's use of these guys to destroy Earth. I like the Ultraman and Viltrimite costume versions of Mark here. The one with the 80's porn 'stache is pretty awesome, too.

I'm not even sure who that is killing an evil Invincible. I think it might be Pitt, but pretty gruesome, nonetheless.

RIP Rex Splode, The Immortal, Darkwing, Dupli-Kate (maybe?), and bunch of other people. From what I can tell, Kirkman looks to be killing off most of his supporting cast. Not sure why. I imagine anyone left is going to bite the dust come Conquest, too. Maybe going to move the series into a space adventure for the future fight against the Viltrimites?

Just a cool image of the surviving evil Invincibles standing over the ruins of several major cities.


This scene shows that Superwoman is actually a Kryptonian and just using a special suit to block out the gold kryptonite of Reactron. Anyone know who the soldier with her is? Is he just a grunt or someone I should recognize/clue to who Superwoman is?


I thought Blob couldn't be cut by Wolverine's adamantium claws? How do you bite his head off with normal teeth? Why would he even do that? Oh, wait, Jeph Loeb. Gotcha.

Why would the Madrox suicide bombers even bother climbing up on him and going out to see to blow up if their target was the Triskelion? Oh, Jeph Loeb again. Gotcha.


Don't read this, but seems Magneto is back for real this time.


Just a cool scene from Old Man Logan with Black Bolt vs a Venom T-Rex.

Another dead Giant Man. Do they plan these things to coincide? Good thing Mighty Avengers didn't come out this week...

Hawkeye didn't see this one coming...


I liked Ruby Summers from the brief bit we saw of her in the Layla Miller special. Good to see her back along with Layla. Not sure what they needed Madrox in the future for, should be fun finding out.


Boom-Boom died in this week's X-Force. The Leper Queen's dialogue on the preceding couple of pages really made the scene for me. Personally, I don't mind the death, as no one cared about Tabitha outside of her Nextwave appearances, myself included, and it should lead to lots of interesting conflicts between the characters going forward.

Specifically, Wolverine is pissed at Cyclops' for not letting them save her, Warpath, Rahne and Domino were all teammates with her at one point and Cable, whom the team is attempting to intercept in the future, should have some interesting reactions to the death and his father's involvement in it.

Now, if Yost and Kyle completely ignore this and just write it off as another random death, then I'll be a little pissed off over it.

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Anonymous said...

I know I've had a lot to drink, but the whole "Hawkeye didn't see this one coming" pun had me in stitches.

Bill said...

Be glad you didn't waste time/money on Ultimate X-Men #100. Last issue of a long running series is half dedicated to a character who (I think) has barely appeared before. That doesn't make any sense does it? Not that the book hasn't sucked for like 30 issues.... (there's a chance I may have just double-posted this, but I'm tired)

Matt Ampersand said...

Wow, this sure was a grim week. Just how many people died this Wednesday?

Matt Ampersand said...

You know, thinking about it in that Ultimatum scene, if the Madroxes were packing that kind of explosive power, they didn't really need to get close to the Triskellion at all, did they? Oh wait, Jeph Loeb. Right.

I really hope you didn't buy this issue, though.

Klep said...

I haven't read everything the man has written, but is Loeb at all capable of writing a story that wasn't already set up for him without random, meaningless deaths?

Johnny said...

he sure can klep. he also has stories where he retells other peoples stories with a sappy love letter super imposed on it. he also has the ability to get a super star artist to draw merry go round revolving door guest star appearances for 12 issues with high profile heroes and there rogues gallery all wrapped in a murder mystery where he gives a bunch of clues to the murderer before doing a 180 in the other direction to reveal some completely random person as the killer. sometimes he'll even make it two different and out of leftfield and unrelated killers too. if the ending is guessed online, hell delay the comic and make up a new person on the spot for the reveal, too.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one cared about Boom Bomm and I'd prefered Nightcrawler, Beast, Jerklossus, Rogue or any iconic and overexploited X-Man to be killed instead of her

Randallw said...

She's not really dead. Forbush man is just messing with peoples minds to get back at her.

BobofBentleigh said...

lol at 'oh right, jeph loeb'
i've re-read his run on Wolverine, it just highlights how hackneyed his writing really is, and Ultimatum was just terrible...

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