Sunday, March 15, 2009

Comic Book Week In Review

This is simply a brief recap of noteworthy news from the past week with relevant links and some brief commentary from myself. I'll be looking to start posting these more regularly, so feel free to comment on format or make any suggestions.

Andy Diggle Taking Over for Brubaker on Daredevil?

iFanboy caught piece of info that was immediately removed from the Cup O' Joe column this week.
JQ- Uz000, the answer to your villain questions changes from time to time depending on where we are in the Marvel Universe. While Doom will always be the prototype, the standard for lack of a better term, Norman is pretty kick ass right now. But you never know who may pop up and surprise you, the Hood is kicking some major tush and we have plans for a very unexpected villain in Daredevil’s world,but this is way down the road and is a part of Andy Diggles big DD plans when he takes over the helm of the book.

Comics Blips

Comics Blips is a new site I stumbled upon recently, thanks to Rokk over at the Revolution. It's basically a Digg clone, but instead of nothing but politics, tech and xkcd comics, it's focused entirely on comic book related content. I've been using it for about two weeks now and I've noticed a marked increase in the traffic being generated from it to my blog and with the actual content people are supplying to the site. I've even come across some new blogs and articles I would have missed from my regular rotation of sites.

It's still early on in Comics Blips' development, but worth taking a look at for those interested in that type of social media site or for those that want to submit their own content to it. I've been so pleased with it, I even added a 'comic blip it!' tag to the bottom of my posts for those interested in giving a vote up to any posts I make.

More after the jump.

Collected Editions & DC's Co-Features

Collected Editions, as a trade waiter, had a very different take on the $3.99 price increase/addition of co-features to DC's upcoming comics and went so far as to ask everyone what they thought future co-features they'd like to see in other comics. Personally, I want a Grant Morrison written, Knight & Squire, co-feature in the upcoming Batman & Robin. Let him know what you'd like to see over at his blog.

When Fangirls Attack! Under New Ownership

When Fangirls Attack! put up a post stating they were looking for new ownership and promptly filled the position this week. Sad to see the old crew go, but glad to see they've found someone to pick up the torch so quickly.

NYT Graphic Books Best Seller List Updated

If you didn't hear yet, the New York Times has added a new top 10 list for 'graphic books' (aka comic book trades and graphic novels) to their listings. They've updated again this week with, no surprise, Watchmen claiming top spot in both the hardcover and paperback lists. Was happy to see Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe making a dent in the top 10 softcovers. You can check the lists out yourself by clicking here.

Jeph Loeb Superman/Batman Story for Next DCU Animated Film

No, that isn't a misprint. I heard about it over at CBR's Robot 6 (a great new blog made up of the former Blog@Newsarama team), who in turn received confirmation from Ain't It Cool News, that the next big DCU animated film is going to be based on Jeph Loeb's horrendous Superman/Batman: Public Enemies storyarc about President Luthor putting a billion dollar bounty on Superman and Batman's head.

I know Superman and Batman movies will sell better than other franchises, but there are a million better stories they could have chosen for this. Hell, I would have rathered something new and unique from Bruce Timm's team. Here's hoping they can at least keep Ed McGuinness' art style for the film.

Welcoming Eric and Matt to the Weekly Crisis

Finally, if you missed the news, I added some new blood to the Weekly Crisis in the form of Eric Rupe and Matt Ampersand last week. Each has made several posts since then and you can see a list of them below:



You can look forward to more from each of them every week here at the Weekly Crisis.

I'll be attempting to post these 'week in review' link posts every week as a way of spotlighting noteworthy news or other blog entries I enjoy. If you have any suggestions or noteworthy news you think is worth spotlighting, feel free to contact me at any time or give me a shout on Twitter.

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Sebastian said...

Knight and Squire! I dug out my Morrison/JLA Classified story and I fell in love all over again. I love those kids.

Matt Ampersand said...

I have enjoyed greatly the little I have read from Diggle. Daredevil does sound like a good book for him, though I am sad to hear that Brubaker is leaving the title.

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