Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #12 Review

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Art by Wesley Craig

This issue was surprisingly better than the previous outing. Unfortunately, it still felt like Abnett and Lanning phoned this entire storyarc in while they focused on War of Kings and Nova. I'd like to believe the real reason for the subpar offerings the past few months is entirely due to the fact that Cosmo and Rocket Raccoon haven't been appearing.

In fact, where every other issue in the series weaved in and out of subplots between the various members of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the current arc has been nothing but Drax and Phyla off on a dream adventure or being dead or something, making for some very dull adventures in comparison. And I actually like Drax and Phyla, so this isn't complaining about not seeing my favourite characters or anything. Just an uncharacteristically bad writing decision on DnA's part.

As I said, though, this issue is much better than the last one. For that, I'm thankful. But where the last issue was just piontless exposition and characters spouting off about their origins or general existentialism over their current dream states, this issue just piled on pointless action sequences and a really random guest appearance by Quasar before wrapping up the whole 'search for Moondragon' story with the unexplained return of said Moondragon.

Basically, Phyla gets fed to the Dragon of the Moon, Quasar and Drax beat up Maelstrom for a bit and then, without any reason or explanation, Phyla, in the new costume featured on the cover, cuts her way out of the dragon with her formerly dead girlfriend in tow. They then wake up on Titan, yell at Mentor for killing them and then Moondragon walks out of a cloning chamber alive and well.

In regards to Phyla's new costume, she apparently made a deal with the Dragon of the Moon for the safe return of Moondragon and is now the avatar of death. Based on Maelstrom's final words to his boss, Lord Oblivion, I'm unsure if this was all a ruse on Oblivion's part and Phyla now serves him or if it really was the Dragon of the Moon. Also, is that a reference to Thanos' old role as death's avatar? Will Drax be ripping her heart out anytime soon?

Verdict - Check It. This issue was far better than last month's issue, but just barely makes a passing grade to Check It status.

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