Sunday, March 8, 2009

Introducing the Newest Members of the Weekly Crisis - Eric Rupe & Matt Ampersand!

I mentioned a little while back that there would be changes coming to the blog in the near future and I'm here today to let you all know about them. In an effort to bring more original and unique content to the blog, I've asked Eric Rupe and Matt Ampersand to join me here as fellow bloggers at the Weekly Crisis.

Eric is a long time follower of the Weekly Crisis and has dabbled in comic book blogging before. His first blog was The Comic Catalog, a weekly review blog much like my own. When the costs of weekly comics became too much, he made the switch to trades and started a new blog with more trade and editorial based content and it was known as At The Edge of the Omniverse. Eric will be writing random articles as well as heading up a new column called Trade Waiting, which will spotlight various reviews of the trades Eric has been picking up.

Matt is another long time follower and commenter on the Weekly Crisis and I became aware of his blogging abilities shortly after he started his own blog, Ampersand Comics, which his sounding board for all things comics. He will be primarily handling opinion and editorial pieces and, in fact, will be posting one later today in celebration of International Women's Day with a piece on strong women in comics.

Both Matt and Eric are experienced bloggers who's opinions I admired so much I invited them to combine their efforts me at the Weekly Crisis, they agreed and that's why I'm here telling you about it today.

One thing I'd like to make crystal clear is that this isn't going to change the focus of the blog. We are not becoming Newsarama or IGN Comics or CBR. This is still very much the same blog you've been reading all along and I will personally still be pumping out my previews, reviews, top 10's and moments of the week every week. Matt and Eric will simply be supplementing my posts with their own in an effort to give you more of what you already love about the blog.

In closing, I'd just like to have everyone join me in welcoming the newest members of the Weekly Crisis, Eric and Matt!

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Mike I said...

I'm glad to hear you are expanding while still maintaining your same identity. I look forward to seeing what Eric and Matt have to say. Cheers!

Andrenn said...

This sounds very cool. I look forward to the new content.

Anonymous said...

are you guys going to review the same comic and give different opinions/scores...or straight up they are doing one thing and kirk is doing another?

Kirk Warren said...

@anonymous - While we may do somethign like that in the future, for the time being, I'll be doing the weekly reviews, same as always. I'm sure there will be the eventual group review or discussion on major events and so on, but, for now, I'll be doing my thing and they'll be doing theirs.

kcgadiyar said...

I loved Matt's Secret Invasion Vs Final Crisis series at his blog. Look forward to seeing posts from him.

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