Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week in Review - Grant Morrison, Wednesday Comics, Wildstorm & More

Cup O' Joe

This week, Joe Quesada confirms that Andy Diggle will be taking over Daredevil with issue #501. Dark Reign will last through the end of the year but there will be no big follow up event and instead all events will be in the style of something like Planet Hulk. Also, Venom will be getting his own Dark Reign limited series called The Sinister Spider-Man while Carnage and Anti-Venom will be showing up sometime before the winter.

Grant Morrison Conquers The Internet

Grant Morrison has been spamming the internet with a bunch of interviews lately and, thankfully, revealing a lot about his future plans.

On MySpace and CBR, he talks about the new Seaguy mini starting in April, another one about Final Crisis and the modern comics industry at Comic Foundry, talking about Batman and Robin, and at he discusses a large variety of subjects including his some of his though process behind Final Crisis. The article also has the new cover for the Final Crisis hardcover but it is a massive spoiler. I definitely recommend the two industry articles, at Wired and Comic Foundry, for fans of his work and they should be must reads for people who were turned off by Final Crisis and Batman R.I.P. since they are about how he works as a writer.

On Batman and Robin, Morrison is mostly going to be using new villains, some of which appeared in Batman #666, and is saying on the title till at least the end up 2010. For other DC works, in 2010 he's planning to release a multiverse and at some point is doing a Earth-4, Charlton character books (whose Captain Atom was seen in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond) in the stylistic vein of Watchmen. It will probably be something on an anti-Watchmen book given Morrison's outlook as a writer.

For his Vertigo work, he is doing a "world in a wardrobe" story called Joe the Barbarian with art by Sean Murphy, a manga inspired title called The New Bible with Camilla D'Errico, and possible a graphic novel with Rian Hughes.

More after the jump.

DC Reboots

Brian Cronin has a list of all DC reboots since Crisis on Infinite Earths and it is just staggering. Definitely worth a look if you are interested in DC.

Sales Charts With Numbers

ICv.2 has the February sales numbers. Only three books with sales over 100,000 units, one which is the Obama variant issue reprintings for Amazing Spider-Man, number one on the chart. Not counting the Obama issue, the first part of Neil Gaiman's What Ever Happened to The Caped Crusader is the top selling issue for the month.

The numbers really brings home just how much Marvel and DC need events to generate sales right now. Also, so far, all of Marvel's $3.99 "important" books (Thor, Dark Avengers, New Avengers, and Hulk) are all in the top but New Avengers and Thor are both anniversary issues with $4.99 price tags.

The Digital Revolution Begins

Spider-Girl is one of the first series to go digital from Marvel or DC. The often canceled and low selling series will be moved online as part of Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited and then be printed in Amazing Spider-Man Family two weeks later.

This is the perfect solution for low selling books like Spider-Girl. It takes a way a lot of the production costs but I don't know why Marvel just didn't go online only. I seriously doubt Amazing Spider-Man Family will last that long so it seems like they are going out of their way to please print-only fans or store owners. I think going digital only since it would have been a good test of just how well a series could do as an online only comic. A missed opportunity by Marvel in my opinion.

At, David Brothers covers some of the digital comic options out there. More interesting, though, are some experimental digital comics linked to in the comments section.

Wednesday Comics

DC's newest weekly comic lasting for only 12 issues and will be oversized (14" x 20"). It will have a series of newspaper style strips involving a variety of creators. Some projects include Brian Azzarello and Edward Risso on a Batman tale, Neil Gaiman and Michael Allred on Metamorpho, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner doing a Supergirl tale, plus Joe Kubert is contributing a Sgt. Rock tale.

After The Watchmen

Collection Editions has some interesting thoughts on superhero pairs and specifically the Nite-Owl/Rorschach combo. Definitely worth a read.

Stan "The Man" Lee Nicknames

At his blog, Paul Cornell is asking readers to come up with Stan Lee inspired nicknames for current writers in the comic book industry.

March Madness!

At Comics Should Be Good, Brian Cronin offers a up a comic book version of March Madness.

Ultimatum #3 Absurdity

J. Caleb Mozzocco provide a quick run through of some of the more idiotic things that happen in the latest issue Ultimatum. He only skimmed it, so I'm sure there more that Loeb does in his effort to ruin the Ultimate Universe.

At, Gavok begins his parody of Ultimatum #3 (parts one and two).

Trade Collections

Chris Marshall provides a complete as possible list of all trades coming out this summer. Haven't gone through it all yet, it's divided up by week, but Timothy Callahan provides his list of top 20 trades to purchase based on the list.

Wolverine Really Is Everywhere

The Washington Post provides an early look at the covers for Wolverine Art Appreciation month coming up in April at Marvel. No, I am not making this up.

Wolverine is also getting the 100 covers treatment from The Hero Initiative. Around 100 of the best comic book artists will each produce a cover featuring Wolverine for the project and they will be released in a single collection.

Wildstorm Round Up

A bunch of delayed Wildstorm books will be coming out at some point this year. Grant Morrison's and Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.S. will be put out as a graphic novel and won't be solicited until it is completed. No word on how this will affect All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder. Morrison's Authority work will also be out at some point with art by Keith Giffen and a variety of other artists. They are also launching a bunch of new creator owned books as well.

Vertigo Launches

Vertigo is launching three new ongoings this year - The Unwritten, by Mike Carey and Peter Gross, Greek Street, written by Peter Milligan, and Sweet Tooth, by Jeff Lemire.

More Liberty Comics

Image is putting out a new Liberty Comics one-shot as well as launching the Liberty Series to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Comics plus charity, everyone wins!

New York Times Best Sellers

This week's list is out and once again Watchmen, Alan Moore and Naruto continue to dominate. Other high selling books including the hardcovers for All Star Superman Vol 2, Batman, R.I.P., and Joker while Wolverine Origin (the mini, not ongoing), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, The Walking Dead Vol 1 and Scott Pilgrim Vol 5 do well in trades.

Also in stark contrast to the monthly, Direct Market numbers, Marvel only has one book listed in either the hardcover or paperback lists while DC has nine included the top five hardcovers for the week.

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Andrenn said...

Nice comments, I myself am interested in Sinister Spider-man.

othermarlo said...

Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 do well in trades.

It's vol. 5, not 6.

Eric Rupe said...

othermarlo - Thanks. It has been fixed.

Chris Marshall said...

Thanks for the link to the Collected Comics Library Release List. Dates are subject to change and is constantly being updated.
Chris Marshall

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