Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week in Review - Tony Daniel Blames CBR, McDuffie Hates Writing JLA & More

  • Early last week, Rokk had a great post on the potential of Grant Morrison's upcoming "Watchmen 2" / Charlton characters book. Worth a read if you missed it the first time around.
  • Project Rooftop announced the winners of the Batman 2.0 contest, which features various submissions for redesigned Batman costumes.

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A note to the good guys and the bad guys,

No trouble from DC, so I can stop that before it gets any legs right there. But the good folks at CBR have helped me come to the conclusion that I should keep more to myself. Thank them for my permanent radio silence from here on out.

For the record - Jason, Tim and Dick each had their own suit designed by me for BFTC. That's what was shown, and before I could correct it and put the right images up, people ran with it and made it into something it wasn't.

I would hope that the good folks didn't mean to be malicious in posting something I almost immediately took down because I realized it was the wrong image. So for my own good I'm going silent. No more blogs. No more correspondence.

Over and out. For good.

Thanks to everyone who's visited my blog and supported me. Almost half a million since it began. Maybe when I'm old, drunk and senile I'll do something again.

Tony S Daniel

  • Based on the following message board postings, Dwayne McDuffie hates writing JLA and was quite displeased with how DC went back on the deaths of Hawkman and Hawkgirl from Final Crisis and gave him short notice to 'fix' his recent Justice League issue's mourning scene at their grave (see recent Moments of the Week for this scene). Relevant text is below.
    "I wrote a scene set at their gravesite that I recently had to quickly rewrite into something not very good." - Dwayne McDuffie
    "Do you actually enjoy writing JLA? It just seems to be constant editorial rewrites and bad art." - Random Fan
    "No, I don't." - Dwayne McDuffie

  • Brought to my attention via, new designs for Renee Montoya/The Question have surfaced. While nothing drastic has changed, the one noteable is the loss of her ponytail, which she lopped off in favour of an easier to manage look. Interestingly enough, this change marks both of DC's lesbian detectives as opting to switch from the long, wavy hair to a more manageable and/or 'butch' look.

    See the recent previews of Detective Comics for Batwoman's similar short haircut, which also shows that her trademark long red hair is actually a wig attached to her costume's cowl.
  • The Beat has started an experimental column where they'll be looking outside of the typical Marvel and DC sales numbers for a focus on Indie comi sales. Always nice to see non-Big 2 titles getting some attention, so I'm glad to see The Beat taking the initiative on this one.
  • Found via Robot 6, looks like the new creative team, as announced on G4's Attack of the Show, will be Kathryn Immonen (Hellcat) and Sara Pichelli (NYX)
  • Are comics too sexual for children? One mother claims that Amazing Spider-Man: Revelations is too "sexual" for her 6 year old to read. The only thing sexual in it was MJ standing for a bikini photo shoot and in her nightgown. Not sure how that's much worse than what passes for most costumes these days...

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Anonymous said...

I must say I can't blame the poor guy for saying he's not enjoying the JLA; writing that book right now must be the most painful experience... I'm pissed Hawkman and Hawkgirl didn't die in the end, if only because the Kendra/Red Arrow nonsense didn't seem to be going anywhere. Final Crisis built up a Hawk reunion and now it seems we're left with nada.

Also, I already miss Renee's ponytail, and I really really REALLY hope the new Batman (well, at least until Bruce comes back in time for the next Bat movie) is Dick. Anyone else and I'm dropping the book.

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