Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wolverine #71 Review

Written by Mark Millar
Art by Steve McNiven

While I enjoyed this issue, it felt very disjoint and it was almost as if we took a big jump from the buildup stage of our story to the climax, sort of like we went from A to D in one go.

For instance, this issue started with Logan and Hawkeye being chased by a Venom symbiote controlled T-Rex, beautifully rendered by Steve McNiven. It was the typical exciting and 'widescreen movie' scene writing Millar often employs and worked extremely well in the whole 'cross country tour' we've been following up until now.

From here, Black Bolt shows up, kills the T-Rex, our heroes get teleported to Emma Frost's home, we find out Black Bolt is basically her lackey and there's some back and forth chatter between Emma and our dynamic duo before they get sent off on their merry little way. Kind of interesting, but I couldn't figure out what if there was even a point to the whole thing or not.

Continuing after their chat with Emma, the duo trek across the country and proceed to the final delivery location of their mystery package, which turned out to be a large batch of a modified Super Solider formula that was supposed to go towards creating a new team of Avengers to take back the world since the villains had grown old and complacent after seizing power. From here, the buyers of the product reveal themselves as government agents and promptly kill Hawkeye and pump Logan full of bullets, ending the issue and our heroes' journey.

As I said, this all happens so fast and none of the scenes really connected in any meaningful way to get us to this point in the story. While I did enjoy the issue, primarily on the strength of McNiven's art and my love of alternate futures, it just felt like someone told Millar it was time to finish his story and he tacked on this bit about a new Avenger team and Super Soldier formula shipment to get us to the finish line without properly setting up the events.

Verdict - Check It. While I was a little put off by the pace and jarring sequence of events in this issue, I don't think anyone that has been following the storyline will be disappointed with the purchase and I'm sure Logan is at his breaking point after the final pages of this issue, promising lots of action to finish out this story in the coming issues.

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