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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/08/09

Back again this week with your hefty helping of momenty goodness with the Comic Book Moments of the Week. Some highlights include a new chalkboard with lots of fun hints from Booster Gold, Morph being Morph in Exiles and some odd references in Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk.

However, my Moment of the Week has to be the Ragdoll Dreams short at the end of Secret Six, which I've provided below in all its glory.

Anti-Moment of the Week, or Moment of the Weak if you will, has to be various scenes from Battle for the Cowl, such as the .

Hit the jump for your moments of the week.

All New Savage She-Hulk #1

I honestly thought this was an April Fool's joke. Who knew they'd actually release it.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition

Okay, the trailers for this game looked pretty awesome, but a freaking batarang in the collectors edition? I think I have to buy it just on principle now.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #2

No, I didn't leave out any panels here. Damian goes from a flying dropkick, which connected, to being backhanded through the air into a metal pipe. Yes, that's the leader of the League of Assassins getting pimp slapped.

This scene reminds me of Hot Fuzz where they talk about flying through the air firing two guns at once. Except this time it features Jason Todd and it's not funny. It's also odd that Damian and Nightwing are just standing there while the gun toting maniac is flying around like this. They dodge bullets all the time, yet here he takes a slug square in the chest. Not even a flesh wound and didn't bother to try and turn or dodge in the slightest.

Well, at least the art is spectacular for this series. Definitely Tony Daniel's best work. However, I'm wondering where the police, army, national guard, JLA, JSA or whoever are during all this. Typically, they don't let city's get firebombed like this without making a fuss.

I'm pretty sure Jason Todd has been beaten with a crowbar in every single storyarc he's been in since he came back. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I am, however, confused over his facemask. That thing shattered (not cracked or fell off) after one hit from a crowbar. Was it supposed to protect him from anything? Did he just spend all his money on guns and skimped on the faceplate with some cheap plastic thing?

So, ya, Tim Drake's got a meter long batarang stuck in him. There's no way he should be alive after this, but I'm sure next month it'll be revealed to be a flesh wound that barely cut him.

Booster Gold #19

Havent' noticed one of these chalkboards showing up in a while. Let's see what we've got:

  • Batman and Robin aren't Batman and Robin - Obviously in reference to Grant Morrison's Batman & Robin title, which looks to be Nightwing and Damian as the dynamic duo.
  • He is coming back - This being comics, this could be anyone. Bruce Wayne? Barry Allen? Ted Kord? Jesus?
  • The Immortals will fight side by side - Vandal and Scandal Savage?
  • The Equation is out there - Oracle: The Cure, no doubt.
  • Keep Vigilante away from the Titans - Deathtrap storyline in Titans and Teen Titans. I think the blackboard was a misprint though. It should read, "Keep EVERYONE away from the Titans". No one should subject themselves to that book.

Captain Britain and MI13 #12

It's a magic dreadnought battleship that will invade England from the Moon and will house an army of vampires led by Dracula, himself. I'd call it the SS More Powerful Than Superman, Batman & Spider-Man Combined.

That skull Dracula is destroying was the last hope to stop the vampire invasion of England. God save the Queen.

Dark Reign: Hawkeye #1

Wait a minute. What the hell is this? Is Norman Osborn actually a good guy now? He didn't give a flying pumpkin bomb about the Thunderbolts or serving his country or the accolades the Tbolts were getting with the marketing blitz and television spots and so on and now we're supposed to accept he actually wants to protect people?

Ouch. However, pen isn't in far enough to kill her.

Exiles #1

I love Blink's expression here. Probably the only one that knows this is Morph playing God.

To quote Clone High, "Say whhhhhaaaaaattttt?". Not sure how that quote applies here other than Gandhi showing up, but Clone High is always relevant, regardless of what we're talking about.

Took me a second viewing before I even noticed Wolverine's body strapped on the front and his head on a spike.

Green Lantern #39

There's your Orange Lantern Corps - an army of constructs. I hope it's explained why they're strong enough to tear the Controllers apart like this. If, for some reason, everyone else *coughHalJordancough* just walks over these constructs, I'll be a tad disappointed with Johns.

Marvel Zombies 4 #1

A werewolf biting the heads off vampire piranha people? It's more likely than you think.

Secret Six #8

I'll just leave this here.

I demand more Ragdoll Dreams. In fact, I'd pay the extra dollar for an 8 page backup of this in every issue of Secret Six.

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #4

There was a bunch of talk about how this issue was constantly taking jabs at Bendis and his so-called Bendis-speak. Well, here's three panels I found with the characters making fun of it. You decide if it's a shot at Bendis for his comments about writers and late books or just playful ribbing.

This Civil War "joke" might have been relevant 3 or 4 years ago when this issue was originally slated to come out.

War of Kings: Ascension #1

When you find out that Talon and the Raptors are actually the badguys of the universe later in the issue, it makes me wonder if Abnett and Lanning are setting them up as the Sinestro Corps or other analogue to the Nova Corps with this little jab at Nova and the corps.

Wolverine: Weapon X #1

Yes, they shoved a grenade down his throat and sent him off to blow his friends up. And it was glorious.

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Naymlap said...

I thought the Osborn rant was just a follow-up on a similar rant he made during Ellis' Thunderbolts run. He was going on about how he's Earth's greatest hero because he does the things the Powers don't have the will to do but need to be done.
It's good to see that he still has delusions of grandeur. Norman Osborn: Marvel's Greatest Martyr.

Deicide The Everliving said...

To me, Norman Osborn's speech to Hawkeye/Bulleye was perfect to illustrate his character. He's not a good guy, but he sees himself as one and loves the power and the reckognition he finally achieved.

Remember when he became the Goblin in Thunderbolts? (Of course you remember, it was your "moment of the year"). He was all the time talking about how he's a hero and has to do everything himself.

Osborn's a megalomaniac. As long as people support him, he'll do anything to maintain his position. Even save people, if that's what he needs to do.

Tiago José "Deicide" Galvão Moreira

Andrenn said...

There was one moment in Battle for the Cowl #2 that I personally liked and that was Jason Todd telling off Dick about burying Batman. That was a nice moment for me. But that is about it.

Philip...Tan's...beautiful Lantern.

Salieri said...

Norman is either a much more cautious version of Nixon - not even admitting that he's a corrupt bad guy to his mass-murdering employee - or that speech is similar to the ones he made in Ellis' T-Bolts where he wanted Penance off the team or wanted Moonstone as its leader again; he just doesn't want anything threatening his level of competence.

This isn't really new to the character. In the 1990s-200s, he came back from the dead and bought the Daily Bugle and donated to charities and made tearfelt speeches about how much he missed his son and loved his grandson and wanted his name exonerated, etc.

Anyway. I'm looking forward to young, blonde mother coming back as a vengeful anti-hero. Maybe her grand-daughter'll grow up to be Domino, or something.

Eric Rupe said...

The Immortals Fight Side by Side might be referring to Blackest Night since the Guardians and a lot of their counter parts in the other corps are immortal.

mugiwara said...

Wow. I think it's the first time since... er... ever that Exile's Jar Jar Morph make me laugh instead of making me want to kill him.
A God joke and a Hitler joke in only one issue: awesome.

Matt Ampersand said...

I'm a little confused by Blink's expression in that moment (which I hadn't noticed at first). I thought Parker had said that it was going to be a Blink from a different reality. I guess she could still know who Morph is, but how would she have recognized it was him and none of the others did?

IslandLiberal said...

" but how would she have recognized it was him and none of the others did?"

Because she's the same Blink as before, and she's in on it:

- her expression
- we don't see her "die"
- she only speaks when the plot needs to be moved along
- she gets the Tallus
- she has no reaction to the transportation, which she fobs off as being a side-effect of her powers.

Zdenko said...

For some reason, I really think Black Mask is Jason Todd. I mean think about it, the Fake Batman never really says that he's Jason...

Matt Ampersand said...

IslandLiberal, you are right. I just looked up an interview with Jeff Parker and he confirmed it.

Kirk Warren said...

Re: Osborn's speech - I only really pointed it out because it stuck out as different from every other 'altruistic' moment he's had. Other times he was mind controlled by psychics or off his meds or whatever and, even then, was still quite insane / evil oriented. here, it's a deep seeded anti-hero/good guy mentality to me where he's acting like he's Captain America drawing a line in the sand as if he's better than Bullseye and some people's hero.

While he can have a moment like that, the fact it's with Bullseye, who even incredulously calls him on it, and doesn't even bat an eye or sinister smirk as if he really did have alterior motivations for putting on the act. It just seemed way off base for the freaking Green Goblin of all people to take this moral stand.

@Zdenko - He knows Dick, Tim and Damian by name, his monologues are very much in line with Todd's earlier pre-Countdown appearances, his actions are similar to his pre-Countdown appearances (he's even done something similar when he ripped off Nightwing's costume and killed villains all the time), he claims Dick was the first Robin and he was picked next and, my biggest reason, Daniel just isn't a capable enough writer to try and pull some elaborate mystery reveal at the end. It's also been confirmed that Jason Todd is a gun-toting Batman in #3's solicit. So, unless we get some random 2nd gun toting Batman, it's got to be Todd as Batman.

I'm still going with Hush as Black Mask, due to my reasons in the review - he was mysteriously taken out of solicits and never mentioned again in relation to this event he was supposed to be invovled in and then Black Mask was tagged in as the mystery villain uniting villains.

@Eric - Good call on the Guardians. Didn't even cross my mind. Maybe the Zamarons and Controllers join up with them for Blackest Night.

Anonymous said...

I think Hush is definitely either the evil Batman or Black Mask... he's pretty much the only major character that hasn't yet been featured that was on the BFTC teaser. He'd know the Bat-clan by name. I'm wondering what he'll be doing with Damien, as the teaser shows them together. Could the hints towards Dick being Batman be a ruse, with the Batman in 'Batman and Robin' being Hush???
This would all of course be much more exciting if BFTC was at all readable. Characterizations and just general plotlines seem forced and simplistic.
I'm worried that Tim really is dead, though. I mean, Red Robin could very well be Jason Todd (he's been dead, so him not believing Bruce is really dead might make sense?).

Anonymous said...

Whoops, looks like Kirk already covered that! Maybe I should read other comments before I post my own!

Klep said...

@Kirk Osborn's speech about the people he's helping, it's about him. It's about his recognition. He doesn't give a damn about anyone else. He just sees his position as a means to an end, that end being the respect from everyone he has always felt was his due. If that means he has to pretend to care about people, he's ok with that. It's still the same old megalomania and opportunism we've come to expect from Osborn, just expressed in a way more befitting his current circumstances.

He's not really saying he's better than Bullseye, at least not in a good-evil way (he obviously thinks he's better than everyone). He's too sociopathic and self-absorbed for that. He's just pissed off that Bullseye might screw up this great thing he's got going. That's something he won't tolerate.

Frankly, I'm very excited to see what he does when it all comes crashing down. It should be epic.

Randallw said...

I was confused about Blink in exiles. She was the only member of the team whose origin/death wasn't covered leading me to think she's the original as a mole (I occasionally need things spelled out for me). I didn't notice her glare at Morph which I think pretty much proves she's the original. Also there's some moment, I couldn't find it again, which I found suspicious. Blink seemed to know something she shouldn't if she's the original. Back at the start of the series she once had to ask who the Hulk was, that's how backwards her reality is...actually I think I remember it now. The Age of Apocalypse is so bad I didn't thinks she'd know who God was. Also I thought it was Moses.

Also for some reason I got the impression Black Panther is actually Peter Parker. He just seemed more laid back and inquisitive rather than T'Challa who should be ordering everyone about since he's a Royal Supremacist.

I'd also like an answer to a question, sorry if I appear slow. Is Forge calling Morph a fiend for implying they should kill Ghandi, or is he actually saying Ghandi was a Fiend on his world?

Kirk Warren said...

He didn't know who Hitler was or why they should kill him as a baby, so Morph used Gandhi, who was the Hitler of his world.

Matt Ampersand said...

Randallw, Peter Parker as Black Panther? That sounds deliciously crazy. I was thinking more along the lines of this being a teenager T'Challa.

Randallw said...

You're probably right. Maybe he'll turn out to be 14. I just remember when Sasquatch was on the team and turned human, then everyone stared at her.

"Ok, is it it because I'm black, or because I'm a woman?"
"I have no idea who you are"

Bill said...

@Kirk: "Daniel just isn't a capable enough writer to try and pull some elaborate mystery reveal at the end."

That never stopped Jeph Loeb.

scottyquick said...

Damn it, Daniels, when I said 'Have Jason stick his 'batarang' in Tim' I figured you'd know what I mean.

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