Friday, April 17, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/15/09

Fairly light reading week for me, but the Moments of the Week ended up filling up quite nicely. My MotW was a tie between the Punisher's gearing up for an assault on the Hood's Masters of Evil and Cyclops' making fun of Jamie Madrox's uselessness in X-Factor.

Anti-Moment was probably the explaination of Spider-Man's deal with Mephisto and how it works/doesn't make a lick of sense, especially after the unmasking in New Avengers, in this week's Amazing Spider-Man.

Action Comics #876

Just liked the way Barrows laid this sequence out. Shows off how sadistic Ursa is, too.

Here we see Ursa calling Chris Kent a Phantom Zone mutant. Not sure what that means, but this panel also shows off his telekinetic powers, which, combined with his aging problem, is probably the extent of his 'mutant powers'.

Amazing Spider-Man #591

Bendis and the Spider Brain Trust couldn't pick up a phone or email each other about this whole Spidey unmasking deal? Spider-Man mocking the possibility of revealing his identity to the Avengers in this issue while saying the heck with it and unmasking a week or two ago in New Avengers just shouldn't happen.

I don't see how Jonah being the mayor of New York has any effect on Spider-Man. The police are already hounding his every move and Norman Osborn runs the world with his HAMMER and Dark Avengers team. Mayor doesn't even have the ability to really add to this grief and doesn't have the same amount of freedom to persecute Spider-Man as JJ did with the Bugle.

Captain America #49

Just a funny conversation similar to the one I had with someone the other day about what to call "Bad Cap".

This was the dream Sharon Carter had at the end of the issue. The next page is her waking up in a cold sweat wondering if it was Steve Rogers she saw and if that is even possible.

DC Nation

What are those two giant orbs on the right? The ones with the S on them. Oh, Supergirl's boobs. I knew there was a reason Hal added the jailbait to the team.

Green Lantern Corps #35

Only reason I chose this moment is because I'm a fan of Lyssa Drak's twisted character and was happy to see more of her. I wonder what ever happened to the Book of Parallax. It wasn't a construct of her ring (or didn't look like it). Maybe it'll tell her where Parallax was hidden at the end of Sinestro Corps War and they'll go about freeing it. Maybe Sinestro will stick Parallax in his daughter if they free it.

Oh, and Vice holding up the torn off arms of that random Sinestro Corps members is a fun visual, too.

Check the bottom right of this image. That female Green Lantern is Alpha Lantern Kraken, the same character that was possessed by Granny Goodness in Final Crisis. Artist mistake or is she no longer an Alpha Lantern? Is that even possible? Also, just assumed she was dead post-Final Crisis.

Okay, that is the best Sinestro Corps member ever. It's their very own Midgardsomr. Although, I'd imagine a creature that big would exert some crazy gravity on the planet just by being near it. Ah, comic book physics.

Sinestro's mystery daughter is revealed as Soranik Natu. Does that mean Sinestro's last name is Sinestro Natu or is that the mother's name? Or is it like Asian cultures and Soranik is the family name since everyone calls her Natu?

Aso, never noticed the Hitler-like armband on Sinestro's uniform before.

Punisher #4

Okay, the Punisher with an Iron Man repulsor, Captain America-like shield and Ant-Man helmet is the definition of overpowered. Oh, and he has Hawkeye's bow and arrows. Must have run out of bullets.

Uncanny X-Men #508
I'm not even going to try and explain this to you. Just see Psylocke's Wikipedia entry for the nonsense about her being a British person in an Asian ninja body and all the craziness about Kwannon/Revanche. They want to put Psylocke back in the non-ninja body. Why? Probably just to piss off Chris Claremont.

X-Factor #42

In case you are wondering, future Cyclops is making fun of Madrox's apparent uselessness and it's funny because it's true.

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colonel-green said...

"Sinestro's mystery daughter is revealed as Soranik Natu. Does that mean Sinestro's last name is Sinestro Natu or is that the mother's name? Or is it like Asian cultures and Soranik is the family name since everyone calls her Natu?"

It doesn't seem that Soranik knows about this (for example, her reaction to meeting him back in #14), so there wouldn't likely be any name connection.

Eric Rupe said...

Let's see.....

Jameson as mayor is like Luthor as president. Sounds like a good idea but is in fact really stupid. There is absolutely to Jameson.

Lyssa Drak is probably my favorite Sinestro Corps member so her showing up again is definitely welcome.

Now I kind of want to check out the Punisher because of that pic, just crazy awesome. Its probably the best way to use the Punisher in the regular MU since he actually kill any of the villains.

AdamW said...

I'd love to know how the creators are gonna try to rationalize how the Fantastic Four got their memories of Spidey's identity back after he unmasked, but the New Avengers didn't remember any of it when they found out he was Peter again. Or maybe they'll just pretend like there was never a screw up and blame the readers for thinking about it too much.

Klep said...

The Spidey stuff just makes me ill. It's both inconsistent and incoherent and it makes me hate the people responsible. It's not even just about the moronic and wholesale replacement of 20 years of continuity and complete regression of his character anymore. They're also being lazy and sloppy with it.

Spiderman is just about my favorite Marvel character, and I should be loving his book. Instead I just want to avoid it. They need to get rid of the Spidey brain trust and replace it with someone competent. Editorial decisions about the direction of a character are one thing, agree or disagree with them. Not planning out major parts of a character's story ahead of time (like Harry being alive) and failing to keep on top of what's going on with a character in other books is just inexcusable.

I can't believe the same publisher that puts out Captain America is responsible for this drek.

othermarlo said...

So Action Comics is now a Vertigo title? *Yawn*

wirehead4ever said...

I'm glad I only read New Avengers and my only Spidey fix is Ultimate Spider-man. And while the whole inconsistency with New Avengers and Amazing Spider-man isn't good, I don't blame Bendis for getting sick of the whole thing and just wanting to write a cool scene, or at least I thought it was cool.

Anonymous said...

Good catch on Kraken, I didn't even notice that. I'm going to go with artist mistake as the reason for this apperance just because I can't see as good a writer as Tomasi intentionally opening up the whole "what happened to the New Gods after Final Crisis?" can of worms right in the middle of the build-up to Blackest Night. If he had, it would have been a clear shot of Granny slipping out of the scicells during the riot to search out other surviving New Gods (Dessad? Libra?) and seeking to exploit the Blackest Night in Darkseid's name.

As for Spider-Man, it was almost physically painfully to read. Say what you will about DC and Didio, but at least when they make a massive screw-up trying to "update" one their characters, they realize it and try to remeady it. Example, look at Captain Marvel/Shazam. That hack Winick and the "Trials of Shazam" almost single-handlely destroyed any potential the Marvel family had in the wake of "52." DC, realizing what a disaster it was and the fan outrage, sought out to correct it. And you know what? In just three issues of "JSA" Geoff Johns managed to not only restore the orginal wizard Shazam, but also set up what seems to be a big event for the whole Shazam mythos on the horizon.

Marvel however, despite all signs pointing to the "Brand New Day" Spider-Man being the biggest mistake in the history of comics, continue to plow ahead and shove this down our throats, all the while making the effects of the Mephisto deal all the more confusing. At this point I'm not even sure if the master character fix-it guy Geoff Johns could repair even a fraction this mess of a title.

Anonymous said...

That DC Nation page is ridiculous! Couldn't they have at least used Batwoman, you know, somebody that is supposed to be over 18?

Kevin said...

I think having Jonah as mayor of New York City should add some great stuff to Spider-Man as the Spider-Brain Trust can't always use Norman in their stories but they sure can use Jonah in all the Spider-Man stories. Also it should be fun to see how Jonah tries to fix up the New York economy as he was on the other side of things asking those in power how they would fix the economy.

Steven said...

Up until this story, have they given any indication that Peter remembered how things used to be?

Also, why do I get the feeling MJ was calling Peter to tell him she was getting married?

It is all stupider than a daytime soap opera. And the most ridiculous part of the whole Brand New Day thing is that there hasn't really been anything about the stories that was so essential that the same stories couldn't have been told with married Spidey.

The only good thing it did was rid Spider-Man of the powers JMS gave him. Although, I suppose he still has them, he just doesn't remember. Which makes no sense, since "all the prior stories happened", which means how doesn't he have all those extra abilities.

Sorry, starting to rant.... It just makes no sense.

Bill said...

I like how that DC nation page, it's not just boobs, but four guys staring at them.

Matt Ampersand said...

Haha, Claremont is going to be so pissed when he learns some other writer is using Psylocke.

mugiwara said...

I like the fact that they reveal piece after piece that ost of the BND changes including the remasking, have nothing to do with Mephisto. It adds some mystery in the story. But I'm certainly desapointed that Slott didn't reveal anything here that hasn't allready been guessed by readers or explained in interviews.
I'm also worrying that MJ could return in Peter's life. There would be no point to get rid of the boring redhead who ruined years of Spidey story, just to let her come back 2 years later.
There is at least the JJJ as mayor surprise, which has a lot of comedy potential.

Randallw said...

Ah I'm beginning to understand why when Claremont took over Exiles (and stuffed it up completely/ruined it/brought it to a shuddering halt) Psylocke turned up...and was going on about Slaymaster all the time. Before that I had no real knowledge of Claremont and I still can't for the life of me figure out why he was given writing duties on Exiles. Sorry, New Exiles :(

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I'd hardly call the people currently running Spidey's life a "brain trust", since they're not showing a lot of it with all these inconsitencies. It's like trying to figure out what the SHRA actually says from one writer to the next. Haven't they heard of bibles (small b) and continuity editors? The Legion of Superheroes rule book had a full write up in the 80's!

Salieri said...

Oh, Cyke...still dressed in your giant blue condom AND looking like a really bad Cable fanboy...

Also, SPACE HITLER! With the armband and floppy haircut and EVERYTHING!

Salieri said...

Oh, and of course he's not going to approve of her new boyfriend, seeing as he BURNED A GIANT GL SYMBOL INTO THE SKIN OF HIS BACK.

Oh, Kyle, you sure know hot to pick 'em.

The Dangster said...

he's been space hitler for awhile. Ivan Reis avoids the look though. Ethan Van Schiver started the look on the GL covers he shortens Sinestro's mustache for maximum effect.

Hoylus said...

How can Spider-man be so glib about revealing his identity in one book and outright refuse in another? - "it's maaaaagiiiiiiiic!"

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