Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 04/22/09

There were a whole mess of moments for this week's Moments of the Week, but I'll be damned if I can think of what they were. Whenever I try to think of them, the last page from Amazing Spider-Man keeps popping up and causes temporary blindness and nausia followed by short term memory loss. Hit the jump to view the horrid visage in all it's glory.

Amazing Spider-Man #592

Oh god, my eyes, they burn. Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP.

In other news, it reminded me of another eye gouging piece of work from an old issue of Deadpool, back from when Deadpool used to be funny, which you can see below.

Oh yes, that's Uncle Ben and Aunt May. Old. And naked. Let the battle between it and the Amazing Spider-Man image above compete for which will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life.

Avengers: The Initiative #23

Ahahaha, this was my favourite scene this week for the simple fact Norman Osborn, who was revealed to be behind the entire Clone Saga in Spider-Man, is shutting down Camp Hammond and pinning the use of immoral cloning experiments on Tony Stark and the Initiative program.

Anyone know who the statue was of? I can't even recall a statue being seen at Camp Hammond, but was thinking maybe Goliath. However, that doesn't look anything like him. Almost looks like Quicksilver, but that doesn't make any sense.

Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum #1

Part 1 of 2.

This is one of the more messed up origin stories I've read. There was a cool scene at the end where he paints a Joker-like face on. Was quite creepy, but couldn't find an image of it.

This is the plans for a new Arkham Asylum. I believe the ciruclar device in the bottom right, which is probably just the various cells and wings of this new building, is actually an advanced revolving door to make it easier for villains to come and go as they please.

Daredevil #118

Didn't see that coming, did you Matt?

Detective Comics #853

It's the little things that made this issue so good, such as Batman changing appearances in his coffin in each of the three panels above.

Probably my second favourite page of this issue. Mad Hatter's pin is my new slogan.

This is my favourite page of the issue. "Goodnight, mechanical dinosaur. Goodnight, giant penny.".

Dark Reign: Elektra #2

Why do they call her the bullet dodger? Because she dodges bullets, Avey.

Ghost Rider #34

I've got to start reading Ghost Rider. I have no clue who that is or what's going on, but that's awesome all the same.

Guardians of the Galaxy #13

This scene was made of win.

Goddamn telepaths. We all know they're always talking behind our backs or sharing their inside jokes like this. Bastards.

Black Bolt's expression makes this scene for me. It's a Rick James, "f*** your couch", type of look.

Incredible Hercules #128

Sentry is like the only Marvel character that wears a cape. Moon Knight does, too. Both are DC analogues, too. Wonder why they called them Cape Killers back in Civil War when no one wears a cape at Marvel?

I love how Herc literally beats Sentry with Venom.

That is definitely what the power of a million exploding suns probably feels like. I feel your pain, Sentry.

Hey! I have a room that looks just like that! Where'd you get the bobble head? I wants one. I needs one!

Invincible #61

This guy's name is Conquest. Just like the name of this storyline. What a coincidence! Why didn't the female Viltrumite return to check on Invincible's progress? I remember she showed up a while back, maybe the mid 30s or 40s issues?

Next time on Dragonball Z!

Kick-Ass #6

Remember kids, don't trust people like the Red Mist. The drug user is always the bad guy.

Mighty Avengers #24

Before you go off the deepend about Skrulls and this not being possible (I raged at first, too), Pietro's actually lying and Jarvis and Pym comment on it in private later. That said, Peter David should be the only one allowed to use Quicksilver. Not sure why they stuck him on the Mighty team.

New Avengers #52

Don't know enough about Madame Masque to say for sure, but didn't she used to be Tony Stark's secretary and love interest? She isn't disfigured or anything and I'm sure they've shown her face in old issues. Why are they making a big secret about what she looks like now?

Flying Squirrel #40

Before you ask, no, Supergirl doesn't have powers here. Remember kids, if you ever find yourself pavement diving, just pull on your cape and you can float to safety!

Major Lane is Superwoman. No, it doesn't make sense to me either.

Thor #601

Bill & Kelda are my one true pair.

Duct tape fixes everything, even magical uru hammers. But what fixes duct tape?

X-Force #14

They should ditch Cable and just have an X-23 and Hope series.

They could be zombies! Deadpool knows a thing or two about zombies, so I'd listen to him when he starts talking about zombies.

The guy with hamburger for a face is actually Apocalypse. He survived Stryfe and Bishop's sneak attack and called Archangel, who used to be the horseman Death for the 3 people that didn't know, to him.

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Christine said...

"Didn't see that coming, did you Matt?"

Was that supposed to be a blind joke? After your old people's porn induced eye problems, one would think you'd be more sympathetic. ;)

I will say this though that apart from the Aunt May images being somewhat unsettling, it's nice that they're showing old people having a sex life. Erectile dysfunction and arthritis doesn't have to hold people back!

Anonymous said...

the statue being torn down is Jim Hammond the original Human torch for whom the camp is named after

Kirk Warren said...

Ah, I remember now. Thanks Anon. Now why would they tear down a memorial to a war vetern? I can see the general rioting, but that's a bit much.

@Christine - Ya, but you'd think his spider sense would have warned him of something like that!

Anonymous said...

The circular layout of the new Arkham is called a panopticon:

Mike I said...

@ Kirk maybe that's why he rushed into the room? "Danger in Aunt May's room?! Better check it out!"

Rawnzilla said...

Gotta love the sound effects on those Incredible Hercules pages. "N-TU-DASUNN!"

Aloysius said...

Madame Masque is the daughter of Count Nefaria and her face was disfigured in a place crash.

Klep said...

There have been a handful of people behind the Madame Masque mask over the years (Tony has slept with several of them). There was also the time Madame Masque swapped bodies with Bethany Cabe, so who knows what the deal with this one is. Also there were some clones at one point. As far as this case goes, I barely care.

Salieri said...

Judging by the art on that page, Major Lane is also Plastic Man.

Well, sorry, Kara - guess you were completely unsalvageable as a character after all.

Andrenn said...

I also want to be reading Ghost Rider but I'm waiting for the new Heaven's On Fire mini-series.

That Thor #601 moment with that Bill guy was nice.

For me, Detective #853 overall was one great moment.

Daryl Tay said...

Haha I remember that Deadpool moment! And that Spider-Man page scares the hell out of me!

Just wanted to say I love the weekly Comic Book Moments! Favourite comic feature of all the comic stuff I read.

duckface said...

Maybe Supergirl's cape is made of the same material as Batman's (in the movies, at least)? Or something? If not, her discovery will certainly make a lasting impact on the sky-diving community...

terri said...

Madame Masque (Whitney Frost, aka Giuletta Nefaria) was once Tony's secretary in the guise of Krissy Longfellow to help him. She only switched bodies with Cabe for an issue in IM. Her bio duplicates were seen in later issues but now she's back. One of my favorite characters.

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