Sunday, April 5, 2009

Flash Fact - Johns Loves Barry; Reviewers Not So Much

The Flash: Rebirth #1 hit store shelves this week and quickly sold out of its first printing. Reactions from around the blogosphere seem to be mixed with most claiming the book came off good, but not great. In that vein, we've compiled a series of links to various reviews of note from around the net to gauge a general concensus on the issue and what people thought about it., a great resource for all things Flash, started off with some first impressions after his first read through before getting into a full review. Some great insight from a long time Flash fan that came to this conclusion about the first issue:
I’ve been half-dreading, half-anticipating this miniseries for nearly a year now. And while I still don’t know whether I’ll want to pick up the post-Rebirth relaunch, I definitely want to keep reading this miniseries. Geoff Johns has said that he wants to write a Flash who’s all about speed. Let’s see what he can do.

More after the jump.

CBR's Benjamin Bernie gave it 3-1/2 stars out of 5 claiming:
DC Comics has brought the same team together again for Barry Allen -- The Flash. On paper, there wouldn't appear to be too much wrong with this idea, but in the execution, the exercise proves that in a lot of ways, the Flash mythology might not be as compelling as that of the Green Lantern’s.

Over at Major Spoilers, Matthew Peterson gave it 3 out of 5 stars, mostly due to the unabashed hero worship over Barry Allen's return, stating:
This issue really overdoes it with the explanations of why Barry is “the one, true Flash,” with Jay and Wally kneeling at the altar of Saint Barry in a pretty annoying fashion, and a lot of odd sturm and drang about it all.

iFanboy's Josh Flanagan gave it his Pick of the Week with glowing recommendations, such as:
The opening pages read like a checklist, addressing everything that needed to be addressed with an efficiency and skill so sleek that I was honestly a little awestruck. It was a feat in storytelling.

Comic Book Legacy's Kevin came away disappointed with the continuity changes and the hero worship for Barry, but, overall, was still happy with the work, giving it a solid 7.85/10 score:
Geoff Johns, like always, does a fine job getting his character voices down, but a lot [of] continuity problems and having characters make Barry into a God-like figure makes the dialogue feel awkward at times.

Rokk, over at the Revolution, gave a lengthy review that touched on all the good and bad that came with the comic, giving it a solid 8.5/10 before finishing up by saying:
The Flash: Rebirth #1 is comprised of all the basic story elements that make for an exciting action and adventure super hero tale. Johns gives an enjoyable mix of strong character work, well crafted dialogue, several mysteries and a dash of action. Definitely give The Flash: Rebirth #1 a try. It is worth the cover price and I think we are in store for one hell of a ride.

The reviews generally seem to say the same thing - too much Barry hero worship, but a solid start to the storyline. Most loved Van Sciver's artwork and I don't think I found a single person that outright hated the title. However, the above links are just a small cross-section of the reviews from around the blogosphere for Flash: Rebirth #1. If you want to keep abreast of all things Flash, has collected just about every review possible for the title in a handy post they've been updating throughout the week.

So, what do you guys think? Agree with the reviews? Did the title live up to expectations? Sticking around with the miniseries or going to trade wait it? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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Andrenn said...

This series sounds interesting but if I do get it, it will be in the collection form.

Kevin said...

I didn't realize this until now when one of my commenter's pointed it out to me but because of the middle part of this issue having so much vague Flash history that it may be hard to get new readers into Barry and the Flashs.

Kelson said...

"I don't think I found a single person that outright hated the title."

I've found a few through Twitter searches, but their reviews tend to be light on details. (Not a whole lot that can fit in 140 characters.)

It was interesting watching the initial response on Twitter be wholeheartedly positive most of the day Wednesday, until mid-afternoon in California, at which point responses started getting more mixed. I figure it's because the people who posted first were the ones in the target audience -- the readers who were so excited about the book that they ran out to their comic store at lunchtime, read it immediately, and tweeted about it. Then you had people who picked it up because they were curious, or wanted to see what Geoff Johns would do, or had a bit more trepidation, and they didn't read it until that evening, or the next day, or over the weekend.

Matthew said...

Interesting - most of the people I have 'spoken' to on forums, even self-professed Flash fans, have been pretty down on Rebirth #1.

Hugo Sleestak said...

I thought the book as OK. My biggest problem was something I haven't seen anyone mention at all - the artwork. This was a situation in which a fine artist was just handed the wrong character. Barry Allen looks like some pumped-up steroidal monster who should have trouble jogging, let alone hitting sub-light speeds. He just doesn't look like a runner. The art is also so very detailed with visual weight that it actually SLOWS DOWN the fastest man alive. Me, I'd prefer someone like Amanda Conner on the book.

Anonymous said...

the speedforce idea is stuped, barry allen should have stay dead but this is dc, what did I expect.

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